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june 2007

June 2nd, garage sale
Today is the day of the garage sale. After setting up all the stuff I would like to let go, it does not seem like very much, but it turns into alot of items for me. Whatever doesn't sell will go to the thrift store on tuesday and the money I make today will go to Quintons college fund.

Okay did not make a lot of money but from 4 boxes of stuff I am down to 1.5 boxes to take to the thrift store.
I did have a table and desk to give away but there were no takers so I guess on tuesday I will be hauling them to the dump.

JUne 4th, telus dissconnected our phone too early by mistake and they hope to be able to reconnect by tomorrow. So if you are trying to call me, we have not moved yet and hopefully by wednesday I will have a phone again.

June 6th, rainy days

Well it is raining outside and it feels like everywhere else with things to do.
We got our phone reconnected on the 5th which was nice because people were trying to get a hold of me.
I am trying to get pieces finished for clients before Monday and the moving company is coming on the 15th to start packing the house. So time is speeding up.
I will probably be taking any sales I have off the site by the being of the week and will not put them back on until we have moved to Cold Lake and have the internet going again.

Yesterday had dirt delivered before the big rain and even moved some. Poor Quinton,even though I spread him, was a mosquito buffet. He kinda looks like the elephant man right now.
Well I better go and finish my moving letter that I need to mail out.
Take care

June 12th
Okay you have ot see this (if you like the pirates of the carribean)
ANd this one war of the worlds
Well just before the down pour, the bobcat got 3/4 of the yard down. Looks like I will be shovelling dirt into the graden anyways.

Rain, rain go away so that I can get the bobcat to level my dirt and I can lay my sod before me move.
Yup did not rain sat or sunday when the guy was busy but rains sunday night and most of Monday.
Trying to finish orders I have inbetween, cleaning and showing the house and the kid. When will the madness stop???

June 13th,2007
couple more days until the move. So I took my items off that were for sale.
I did add some new gallery images to bracelets and necklaces and I did add JUNE pictures of the kid.
I will try to write on here and update more gallery images until they pack my computer up.

JUne 17th
Friday the moving company came and packed the whole house instead of part of the house.
Saturday we woke up to RAIN. We got 4 pallets of sod that morning and laid it all. 2 and a half we did in the morning while it was raining lightly and then the rest was done in the afternoon when we had a little dry spell. Sad thing is, is that we could still use 1and a half pallets to finish the whole house. But it is really not going to happen unless we can't sell this house at all. But hey, one side and the back yard is done, all that is left is the far corner behind the tree and the other side of the house. And we really did not want to do it yet because the neighbors house is fairly close and the bobcat could not get in if we put grass on our side.

Roy tells me Quinton said a bad word on Saturday. I have two swear words I use and he said one of them. So shame on me because now he is talking more and that is not a word I want him to use in public.

June 23rd,moving
I LOVE TELUS, I LOVE TELUS, I LOVE TELUS. If I say that enough times maybe they will pull their butts out of their heads and do their job.
Yesterday we got possesion of the new house and I go to check the phone and there is NO service. So go back to the inlaws and call telus to see what the problem is, well after a half hour, she tells me that the order must have been lost because all they can find is the one for JUNE 4th(the day they dissconnected us by mistake). So I tell her that day was suppose to be July 4th but the guy accidently put in June 4th and then a rep called to fix that mistake and so on and so on. (It took 3 phone calls to get June 22nd hook up which we started in MAY). So she is going to try accelerate our work order because we did order this in May which means it could be done any time in July but if we were to do this regular and wait, it would be August. august with no phone and NO internet. ILOVE TELUS, I LOVE TELUS , I LOVE TELUS, Lord help me because if there was another internet company and phone company here we would be changing. And then she tells me we cannot have the phone number the last guy gave us, well I am sorry but I am getting it because all our billing accounts and my business cards and our friends all have this new number.
I hope you are all having a better week.
The moving company is suspose to come to the house today to bring our stuff.
So right now I will not be on the site as often because I have to go to the inlaws or the library. But I will keep you posted. Telus did say that a manager will get a hold of me within 72hours.

june 29th, detour
Well we are still waiting for telus to get their acts together so that we can have a phone and internet.  They told us that they have us book for August 17th but they are trying to fast track us so that we can get it sooner, since we were intially booked for june 22nd.
So I will hold off a while longer to put my pieces for sale again since I can only get to the internet once a week right now.
I hope everyone else is having a better time.

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