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may 2007

May 2nd, pictures
Added new pictures of the kid and 2 sets on new beads for sale.
Last night I had to take pictures of Quintons toys and then add them to his photo album. So this morning he is going through the album and pointing at the picture and then the actually toy in the room.

So I plan on picking some new beads for this month and they better be special beads because this is my ONE YEAR with the website month.
And I will pick a winner for april in the next couple of days.

May 3rd
Yesterday after a long walk we came home and Quinton decided to try get on the tricycle himself. Well He got 2 stitches in his chin and a mommy that spoiled him all day today.
So you can probably tell how much work I got done.

May 7th, playing in dirt with irises
This morning we transplanted my irises to the front of the house out of the garden because in the next couple of days I hope to spray the crack grass and weeds in the backyard. We have not sold the house yet but I am thinking of putting some sod in the front of the house at least so that Quinton has somewhere to play until we do move.
Last night we went to the playground with some friends and Quinton had so much fun watching the older kids and even playing with them. Some of the kids were going down the slide with him. And they all asked how Quinton got his stitches. I hope it does not go to his head and he plans on doing it again to get attention. Did I tell you Quinton is something? (POOPER)
I finally decided what beads to make to give away this month, so tonight I will make them. You will get a set of matching beads about 5 or 6 and a turtle bead that looks very similar to the bead on my main page.

And after the kid wakes up from his nap, I will get him to pull a name for the April beads.

May 9th, magical
added new bracelets for sale and I hope you like the beads I am giving away for may.

May10th, paradise
The husband came home and will be here until Sunday. After 2 weeks of not seeing him, I realize how much we miss him. Quinton was so happy, just smiling and giggling at daddy.

Just in case you did not see the sign on the main page. For the month of May and part of June all my pieces are 25% off for the one year website anniversary. Hope you find something you like.

May 14th, showtime
Hello. The husband went home yesterday, so today I added some beads and bracelets to the site.
I plan on taking more pictures of beads to set up and I am planning on adding other pieces later this week.

Saturday we went to Calgary zoo and it was surprising the things that Quinton didn't want to leave like porcupines. We stopped to look at them and he did not want to leave after that, he just wanted to watch them and probably pet them too. And he did like the giraffes too. He was not keen on monkeys which was a surprise to me considering that is his
favorite teddy bear. But it was a good day and very hot. and sunday it was cold and rainy. Nothing like the weather changing in a blink of an eye.

May 18th,trigger
Like trigger happy with the weed killer.
The last couple of days I have been spraying our dirt pile outside to hopefully kill some of the weeds.
Today have 2 showings of the house so I cleaned alot last night.
I hope today I have time to take some pictures to show you of the beads I made, really pretty and I did add a set of orphan beads on ebay this week.

May 21st, zebra...
...for the black and white beads I am to make.
Last night I spent 3 hours pricing and tagging the jewelry I made, mind you I was watching TV too so it was not a steady 3 hours of work.
Now it is midnight and I am really tired, so until tomorrow.

May 19th, detachable
Yes I had to look the word up so I am using it as the word of the day.
Added some necklaces for sale, I hope you like them.
It is raining today and we even got some hail. I don't mind because then I do not have to work in the yard scraping and shaping the mud.

Did put a set of beads on ebay for you to check out.

May 24th, flurry
Yesterday we got snow.....

And today I have pictures to take of items that are made for customers and some pieces I would like to put on the website.

May 25th
So yesterday I woke up to no internet until the afternoon and alot more snow. But on saturday it is suppose to be +18 Celius.

And that night Roy came home for the weekend. So to be honest I do not know how much time I will get on the computer. Today I plan on running to Calgary(without either of the family) to go to the bead oasis.

I have never gone to one before and I thought it would be cool to go check it out to maybe do in the future.

May 28th, incompatible in does not play well with others. (story later on about this word)

Well the husband left today to go back to Cold Lake and we did not lay any sod this weekend, it was kinda a lazy weekend for us which was nice considering I went to the bead Oasis show on friday and spent 4 hours there and I could have been there longer.
Some of the people I spoke with said last year it was in 3 conference rooms and this year it was only in 2 but there was LOTS and LOTS to look at in beads and supplies and glass making supplies. If you are doing beaded jewelry or making beads and live near here or can stay in Calgary for cheap, it is worth the time, I think. I bought way more then I planned and learned a lot.
Click on picture for more beads.

And there was glass rods too.

I am glad that I have not been to a bead show in the states yet because I would go CRAZY, like Fred Flintstone and the episode about betting "bet,bet, bet, betting" I would be "beads, beads, beads, beads". Going to a show in the states I would have to take cash only and have the husband hold the other cards.
I even bought some new glass that is the same COE as the glass I use to make beads(a different brand name). But I happened to go on one of the forums to find out how to make a certain color "pop" and found out that this new glass may not play well with the other glass I use(incompatible). So I still plan on using it but will try not mix the companys up and then I have to do some digging to find some clear for this glass because when you encase this colored glass the beads are to die for.
The beads on ebay did not sell and I am glad for a friend emailed me to ask if I could make her a bracelet with similar or those beads. And all works out well.
I am starting to do the countdown to the move day but the husband gave me bad news. I days I booked the moving company are the days he HAS to take safety training so he will not be here and he cannot do a walk through on the house in Cold Lake either. Tomorrow I will call to see if I can get the moving company to move the days around so that I am not by myself for it all.
Okay it is 10:30pm here and I am going to sign off so that I can do some jewelry for a couple of orders.
Take care

May 31st
I have several orders to do before the weekend and I am a little behind.  On the 6th I am doing a private party and the kid is going too.
And this saturday the 2nd I am having a garage sale, not any beads that I can think of but stuff I really do not want to haul to Cold Lake. 
And I am trying to arrange and price a company to come and to the final grade on our yard so that we can lay sod.
So the days are getting busy again with no one looking at the house, though.  I really want it to sell so that we are not going to be paying lots to the mortgage but I want to stay here too.  I am being torn in two, I know that once we do move to Cold Lake, it will be better and I will love the community (traditionally I hate every town we move to because of the having to move).

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