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april 2007

April 3rd, snow
YUP lots and lots of snow. After having NO snow here on the ground for over week we are getting snow. I have to shovel the driveway today.
Quinton made me sooo sick this past weekend. Yesterday I had no voice and it is still a little gravelly today.
And it is hard being really sick when you have a kid. Because I don't have anyone here who will take care of him so that I can stay in bed.
I did drink coffee yesterday so that I had a boost to add some necklaces and a couple of bracelets to the gallery pages but then I totally crashed as soon as I was done. Hopefully today will be more productive.

April 5th, easter
Happy Easter!!
Still sick with the nasty cold but it is getting better for the both of us. I am excited because we are going home for easter and the whole family will be there.
I did add some new bracelets, necklaces for sale and in the gallery.
I hope that will tie you over for a couple of days.
Still have snow here, I found pictures from last easter and the trees had buds on them for spring leaves.

April 8th, bunny
The easter bunny has come and gone and I have eaten all the chocalate he left behind.
Finally home to nice weather and a clean house. We had dinner at my parents place which was a zoo but a good zoo. Got to see the family plus some great friends and got to play cards. YEAH!
Quinton was held by everyone and we were staying at my sisters so we left the farm at 9pm for the kid to go to bed and I did put him to bed. But at 10:30pm I thought I would go cover him and he is still up so I took him out and let him play until 11:30 at night and then he did go to bed. My ears are bothering me from my cold so I am not hearing well and last night I guess Quinton was crying (and I didn't hear him) so my sister cuddled him for a while, she still has a "mommy" mode. I think it was too much excitment and different foods for the kid. But today all is well in his world.

April 11th, barbecue
Barbecue the word I had to look up in the dictionary.

Torched a little today but I am disappointed because I am trying to make a certain bead for a client and the bead keeps breaking. I have already made 6 pendants and they have all cracked in similar places. So if there are no showing tomorrow, I am going to try a different tactic with the color.

The showings on the house have been picking up, so it is getting harder to do jewelry things around the house because I have to now clean up after myself constantly. I am not a total slob or anything but I like to leave my jewelry making space spread out all over the table and floor.

We got snow again yesterday and it was enough to have to shovel. A part of me can't wait for spring but I will have to landscape this house if we do not sell soon. The house is only a year old so we have not gotten to the yard yet.

Todays job is taking pictures for Karen and doing the bracelet for my sister. Plus the 100 other things to do.

April 18th, walkman
I am still surprised that they even use this word still.

I am home after taking the first part of a bead making course with Larry Scott. I will have the other part of the class in a couple of days. He class is very good and he has so much to share that after the first days, my brain is in overload. I am glad that I did not take his class for 4 straight days like some students are going to be doing.

I know I said I did not want to travel this month but now it looks like until May I will be travelling like mad again. We only came home now because we both have doctors app. and I really don't want to rebook them for another 3 weeks.

And the taxes need to be signed before the 30th.

April 20th, spring showers....
...bring snow storms.
Yup getting snow here since wednesday and today we are travelling again so I am a little worried about the drive.
Cleaned house today and I noticed that my spider plant is dieing.  Good thing I have family that have green thumbs because if it does completely kill over, I'll just get a new one from my sister.
Today is going to be busy with driving around and seeing the doctor before we head on the road.

April 30th, tractor
Quinton is very disappointed we do not have a tractor considering we spent a week at my parents and sisters and they both have tractors and quads for him to sit on.

Every day there, he had to go out with someone to sit on all the vehicles and pretend to drive.  So coming home today to a dirt yard(no grass) with no tractor is a great disappointment to him. But he will get over it and I did say that I would take him to the john deere dealership to try the tractors there.

So our week was good and the course with Larry Scott was EXCELLENT, if you have some experience lampworking and get a chance to take his course you should.
I have new glass that I hope to try out tonight once the kid is in bed.

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