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January 2007

January 3rd, 2007 late night adventures

It is midnight and I know I should be sleeping but I have so much to do and it does not include house cleaning. Want to clean my home, I'll pay with beads? Yeah well it is worth the try.
Been taking pictures of my beads. I kinda have a light set up in my office, so I am playing to find the best way to take most of my pictures.
I finally finished my inventory on the 1st but I need to do my gas receipts and mileage (... help me).
There is something about doing inventory that makes me see how much I have in beads and supplies and then I get all depressed because it is stuff I need to use up(and I always want to buy more).
The worse part doing inventory is the counting: some beads I can weigh like silver, but semi-precious stones I do by strand of have to count loose beads.

I got a letter from a company that works for UPS saying I have an outstanding bill and that it is going to a creditor. So I am trying to call them (holidays and all) because I now remember the bill and the story goes: I order glass from the states and it was being shipped through UPS with shipping as COD. Well the day the parcel was to come to our house, it didn't. The next day I walked to our rental that we have not lived in for 3 months and found the box on the back door. Hello the address on the box clearly states our NEW address. So because the shipping/duty was to be paid at the door, it wasn't. I did call UPs about this and let them know that I did find my parcel at another house a block away. Well after that I didn't think about it and they have never sent me a bill to remind me(hey when are excepting a big parcel and it never shows all you worry about is getting the parcel). So now I get this letter on the 30th of December saying that it is going to the creditor if I do not reply to them on the 26th of December. And all I want to do is get is all sorted out so that UPS will still deliver to me. I like UPS, they may charge alot for duty but it is done then and I don't have to worry about it. FIXED it.

Now that I have ranted and been a crazy woman. I should go to bed before Quinton decides that 1am is a good time to get up and play.

January 4th, 2007,rudy gloom
Ruby Gloom is this cartoon on YTV and the song totally gets stuck in my head. I went on line to check it out and found out that Ruby Gloom was fashion apparel in the UK before it was a cartoon. So I went on ebay to look at the bags they have, and I could order and they are not cheap. I want one but I keep telling myself that I need to change my image and having this bag will not do that.
I need to get the strength and time to go shopping for some new shirts and not t-shirts but I hate shopping for clothes (I'll go shopping for beads for hours). So I guess I better suck it up and deal with it and leave Quinton with Roy for a couple of hours.

Jan 5th, 2007,sharpes and Boro beads
I put Sharpe's on the word of the day because there is an author Bernard Cornwell that wrote this very large Sharpes series of books and BBC made 15 movies based on most of these books.
The main actor is Sean Bean and I am a Sean Bean fan. The last movie, the 15th, was just filmed last year and they did a really good job of it. Roy says that it is to be the last movie BBC makes of the sharpe's series because it is so expensive to produce and I can believe it.
But we really like the movies so we have started to get some of the books and audio books.
(great to put on the ipod when there is a long trip).

Roy was nice enough to bring home a cold for Quinton and me. We have not even gotten over the last one. So I am not making beads today because it is a sinus cold and all I want to do is close my eyes.
I put away my effetre glass to play with Boro. boro beads are beautiful but you need the right torch to work with so that the beads will come out round(or the patience).
Boro is like a pyrex cup so the glass is not shocky like effetre and you can get the coolest colors from just one rod. But boro has a higher melting range, so it takes longer for me to melt the glass and it is slower to shape. Needless to say I made beads that are not perfectly round or even close. I just need to work with it for a while to remind myself why I like the glass I do work with and to see if I can get those beautiful " pop" colors.

Jan 06th, 2007 old radio shows
Roy ordered us a set of old radio shows so that we can listen to them at night. He order several series:
Dragnet : yours truly, johnny dollar: boston blackie: X minus one : the black museum and Richard Diamond. If you have never heard of them they are shows that were broadcasted on the Radio before TV was around.
When I was in my teens my mom would listen to them on 630 ched from 11pm-1am and she got me hooked. I would stay up late and listen to them and some made me laugh and some did give me nightmares(about spiders).
I am in my thirties and still enjoy listening to them on the Calgary talk show station between 11pm-1am. I even got Roy hooked on them.

I like the crime solving or mystery ones the best War of the Worlds is a little creepy too. If you ever want to here about how cigarettes were the rage too, you would have to hear them, they are funny " My doctor says they are the best menthols he has ever had” they are wrapped in a special valentine package to give to your love one" Yup they use to say that.
I hope one day Quinton will like them too. The Radio shows not the cigarettes

Jan 07th, frightfully ugly beads
the last couple of days I have been making beads for a certain special someone and I have to say the colors she asked for are not happening right now.
The beads are ugly and I mean "so ugly they are cute" but ugly in my eyes. And even some of the boro beads are made are not nice colors.
So I will keep working on the colors she asked for and God willing the colors will come to me and yell her name out.

Jan 8th, egg beater
Went to use the egg beater last night and it would not work. The Kid broke my egg beater. Good thing we are running to Red Deer tomorrow.
Either the 8th or the 9th the Red Deer college hot glass catalogue is coming out. It is the listings of the all the glass courses that will be available this summer. I plan on signing up for something with beadmaking so that I can meet more beady people.

Jan 10th. stormy weather
We went from a nice day yesterday to a bloody wind storm today. The wind was blowing so hard today that when you looked outside all you saw was white/grey and is was snowing a little but not that hard. The wind was blowing so hard that I did not want to go out today. But we did.
And Quinton was not happy about it because he could not breathe every time he wanted to look up from me smothering him. Every blow air at a dogs face and they do that thing to catch their breath, well that is what Quinton was doing.
So tomorrow I promise not to go out.

Jan 11th, weather
Yesterday night Quinton had a fever but I don't think it was because of his cold.
We went to a friend’s house in the windy weather and were there all day. Their kids got home at 3:30pm and chased Quinton around like crazy and then we had Chinese food before we left. Quinton does like Chinese food but barely ate anything because he was too busy at their house.
AND at 7:30 it was tired so we came home and he went to bed.
So needless to say his fever was the running around and no eating. Today he was back to normal and with the usual attitude.
What to do tomorrow?

jan 13th, envious
Since I had to look the word up in the dictionary for a letter I was writing a friend, I figured I would use it. She is going on vacation and it is for her that I am trying to make peachy, coral kinda beads for.
Hence my ugly beads that I have been making. Yes there are more but I have not taken pictures of them, they are that said looking.

Jan 14th. Crossing Jordan
yeah the season premier is today and I am so excited.
I got a late start on making beads today because I had to run to Red Deer. My new keyboard would get keys stuck while I was typing and it started to drive me crazy so I had to return it to get a new keyboard. This new keyboard, the keys are a little stiff but so far no keys have gotten stuck and I don't have to see thisssssssssss.
About getting beads started late, well I got home from shopping around 2pm so Roy played with Quinton while I torched and then when Quinton went to bed, I got to torch for another hour and a half(until 10pm). Roy has to stay up because he is working nights tomorrow so he will watch my kiln for me.
I think I may have made nice beads today. I have been trying to make beads with colors I do not like and have been making lots of "ugly"(in my books) beads. But today I think I got those colors to play nice and I am excited to see what they will look like come morning.
So now it is 11 pm and I am going to bed.

Jan 17th, fishy
Quinton has been making fishy faces today and it looks cute on him with those fat cheeks of his.
I signed up for some beadmaking classes. One is a 2 hour course on Electroforming, which is adding a metal on top of the bead. And that is in February, since I am going to be in Edmonton that same weekend, I figured why not.
And one is in April, so I want to be pregnant but I want to take the course. So we will see what happens: whichever comes first.
I had someone ask me to make Beads with the Rolling stone lips on them. I tried and if I get time tomorrow I will take pictures to show you what they look like so far. One looks like a vampire with the teeth going the wrong way.
Tomorrow is a busy day, the moms group we go to is doing a work out session tomorrow and then a half hour after that the handicraft group is meeting for lunch and craft.
And today was just as busy because we went swimming then for lunch with the girls and then a doctors appointment.(Quinton did not get a big nap in today).
I'm tired already.

Take care.

Jan 18th, emails
I got the funniest email today from a friend in fort mcmurray. I cannot post them here because some of them are a little naughty but they where entertaining. And I wanted to thank "my doula" for the laughs this evening.
My rolling stone beads I made. Click on image.

Jan 21st, structure

I wish I had some in my life.
I listed 2 new sets of beads last night.
It has been a kinda quiet day for us. Quinton is trying to figure out how to pull himself up on the couch and it is really funny watching try lift his leg that high.
Called some friends and family today but I am not very good at calling people so I hope they like the fact that I tried. It is hard to call people because when Quinton is having his morning nap, I am on the torch making as many beads as I can. And when he is awake he wants the phone so that he can push the buttons. Some people have well behaved babies what is my problem?

January 27th, saturday
We had our first real estate agent come through the house to give us a rough guess on what we could get if we were to sell.
Roys interview went well and the chances of him getting an offer on the job went up lots but it is what they will offer, that will decide if we move.
I still do not looking forward to moving yet again. I am starting to feel like a gypsy but with more PooP to haul around.
And houses keep going up in price so we hope that if we have to sell our house that it will sell for very similar to the price of house we will buy. But we are getting spoiled in choices because we want this house there. Yeah we like this house that much that I really don't want to give it up.

I had a friend stop by today to pick up the bracelets she ordered and I was ever so glad to see her. She is a soft spoken person with a strong energy and I really admire her and all the things she says to me. We do not get together that often and we first met because she bought one of my bracelets which have now blossomed into a full collection. But she is someone I do like to hear from once in awhile.
Her energy gives me extra energy.(And I hope I am not a soul sucker to her and that I give some back)
Today I torched and made frogs and butterflies and tonight I hope I get a chance to take pictures to list them here.
Tomorrow I want to torch more and make some sets to sell and to make into bracelets.

Well there is lots of snow in Cold Lake, we really get spoiled where we are.

Tonight Roy and I left Quinton with the grandparents to see a movie. And We saw a "night at the museum"with Ben Stiller. We thought it was really good and I can't wait to get it on DVD to see it again.

I use to work at a movie theatre and we were total movie junkies. So now to see a movie it is a treat because it is not the same when you have to pay for it.

I use to be an assistant manager and one of the jobs was to screen the movie to make sure it was put together properly and to make sure there were no problems with the film.

Needless to say it was a good night and we really enjoyed getting out without the kid.


I'll be back soon. If you order anything you will have to wait a little while for it.

Jan 30th, fisher price
Well yesterday Quinton finally did one of the things we have been dreading. He took a fisher price dolly and put it in the tube of the central vac. He wanted me to pull it out but I kept telling him that the dolly was in the garbage. It wasn't, after he went to bed, Roy started the vaccum and the dolly made it to the canister. Where he dug it out and washed it off. Quinton was kinda funny about it because he came and got me to the central vac wall thingy and then kept opening it and pointing in the hole. Like mom can do anything and get my toy back.

Jan 31st, last day
I added some new beads and necklaces.

Last day to get your vote in for the January beads.
I decided I am going to try a new contest set up. It is not a permanent idea yet but I thought I would give it a try. Let me know what you think of it.

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