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july 1-25 2006

July 1st
Canada day. Any plans?
We are just staying here hanging out in the basement trying to stay cool.
I got my voting sites up.They are on the side bar closer to the bottom, Artzee I don't know if I will ever get on but I like the top 25 because the beginning of the month you start all over again.
Go Vote for me anyways if you like my stuff and then email me that you did. I think every month I will give away beads or maybe some simple pieces of jewelry. And if more people start voting I will try bi monthly.
You can only vote once a day.
I have put some beadmaking supplies that I don't use anymore on ebay and I hope to find time to put some beads up too.
take care

July 05,2006,swimming lessons
It is another blistering hot day here. I have been making beads at night (late but not too late) before I go to bed. It is easier that way for me because Quinton is in bed and it is my time.
Quinton and I have been going to swimming lessons this week, I signed him up for "starfish" which is baby swimming. Like floating and jumping in the water and blowing bubbles. He is getting better at floating on his back, which is great because he normally holds on to me with a death grip.

July 7th
I have some ebay items ending soon.
And if the day cooperates I will take some pictures of beads and post them for you to see.

I decided for the rest of the week I am going to spend my nights making jewelry so that I have something to sell when we go to Fort McMurray. If you want to see some of the new stuff email me and I will post some images.

July 07, 2006

Yesterday I went walking with my husband and son around town. We stopped to look in this one gallery at the jewelry they had. They had these fused glass pieces (made in China) and then these bracelets and Necklace made by Mazo. They were nice pieces and they had glass beads but the $50.00 bracelet had Austin Hamilton beads in them. Yeh I can recognize those Chinese beads. And I got so tick off. yeh they bought them because they were pretty and cheap but Austin Hamilton beads are made in China and not annealed and they don't know what glass they are using.
I like buying beads from other artists to add to my collection and when I bought from them they were advertising that they were from Vancouver. So I did order a couple of different sets. When I got them they were nothing like the picture, normally the picture is never as good as the real beads well this was the other way around. They had the bead release still in them and I thought I would clean out the release before I stored them. Well out of 23 beads 3 beads did not break
3. So I emailed them and casually asked what they made their beads out of and if they were kiln annealed. And they did send back a reply saying that yes they were kiln annealed and that the beads were made out of Boro glass. Hey dummies Boro can't make these types of beads I bought.
I emailed them again to let them know what happened and they were nice enough to tell me to send my beads back and they would refund me which they did. Now I am trying to educate any bead buyer about this company because I believe, like many other bead makers that they are misrepresenting themselves.

I do have a site you can check out that someone was nice enough to put up This is one artist thoughts on the beads .
This is the petition I encourage you to sign

July 9th, 2006, hair color
Last night I decided to color my hair and I colored it BLONDE not just the usual medium blond I do. I am not sure if I am totally sold on it yet. I will have to wait until the husband comes home to see what he says. The color didn't even faze Quinton.
If I do decide to keep it I will probably have to tint my brows to so that they do not look so dark.
The things I do to torture myself.

july 11th, panic setting in

How many more days until interplay? And I have so much to do. Yeh it is weeks away but I want to bring new items, so that is what I am working on.
New beads some days, new jewelry other days and Quinton in the mix of it.
This is a picture my husband took in October

Now Quinton just goes into my bead tub and pulls out the bags of beads. I think he may be jealous.
July 13th, the things we get addicted to
Has there ever been someone you wanted to meet because you admired their work and if you got the chance to meet them even briefly you took it?
Well I got the chance not to long ago and I was all excited and after meeting the person, I found out that it was not someone I would ever want to hang around with.
Yes, I still admire their work but we are just at too different levels to ever connect. And now I don't think I want to buy any of their work(which I love to collect other artist pieces) or any other products they sell on their site.
But I have a problem with this..... I am addicted to the soap opera happening to them. I just can't stay away from their site just so that I can read the latest thing happening to them be it good or bad.
And all the forums I lurk on, nobodies talking about this person. Or any of the things they are saying. Look I haven't even mentioned their name.

Where is my self control? Why can't I just delete their site off my bookmarks? Am I so addicted to their soap opera?

July 16th, the woes of the internet service.

I have not been able to do much on the website because are internet is taking forever to open anything. Just to check emails is a long event. And the husband called to see what the issue is and it is supposedly something on our side and a tech can't get here until Friday. the torture.
So i hope to get the chance some time this week to put new stuff on the site.
July 18th, family visits

I have 3 older sisters C,K,S : C being the oldest.
Yesterday my sister K and nephew came down to visit us. We were all excited because she lives in the Peace River area so we don't get to see her very often.
What during holidays? Because it is at least a 5-6 hour drive just to my parents place and now where we live it is another 3 hours.
So when she came to see my parents and I kind of guilted her into it coming this way because the last time she saw Quinton (besides photos) was at Christmas.
Quinton took to her like a fish to water, it probably helped that she brought her puppy and my nephew.
And we talked alot, she bought some of my pieces.
It should not surprise me in the least that pieces that I have on my website sell faster in person then here.

So why am I writing this? The closest family we have is 3 hours away so it is nice to get to see some of them because they have no big expectations of us and we don't have to put on a show and we can help each other out in the simplist of ways.
I also missed her for her . Shes a truck driver and you kind of can see it because she pulls no punches and she likes what she does. And she keeps in shape for someone who sits on her butt all day. And she has a good heart because she adopted this dog that someone down her street was neglecting. And I missed her.
And her little dog Pooch.

July 20th, making beads

Every chance I got today I made beads. I even added some beads to my beads page that I have for sale. Interplay is fast approaching so I am getting more stressed because I have not had the time to make as much jewelry. So if you don't hear from me for a while you will know why.

July 24th,oranges

Yesterday went shopping and bought some oranges, while I was unpacking the groceries,Quinton was digging in one bag also. I didn't realize it at first but he pulled out the bag of oranges,chewed a whole in the bag and ate half the orange, peel and all.
Worked late last night making earrings and a couple of necklaces. Didn't get to bed until 1am and Quinton was up at 6:30 am so I am not all hear today. And we are to be getting some really good thunderstorms today. I just hope it rains.
July 25th, travel time

We drove to Red Deer today to see if I could find a type of folding screen to use when we go to interplay. You get a both of 10x10 but only one table so I definitely need more display space for my beads and jewelry.

I haven't made beads these last couple of days because there has been warning of thundershowers and then because of some power problems the news is saying there is a small chance of brown outs around Calgary and surrounding area.
Roy and I have always wanted solor panels for the house and we did find a company that installs them in the area. So for about $1000 we could get them and they would power or computers and everything we use in the basement. Wonder if I could hook my kiln up too?
Last night all I did was price and tag the pieces I have done so far and believe it or not it took me over 2 hours to do.

Tonight I have not done anything. Roy got a ps2 game and has been totally hogging the TV just so he can play. Must be nice to have the time to play games for the last 4 hours. Makes me wish sometimes that I was a man, sometimes.

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