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December 2-28th 2006

December 2nd xmas shopping
Nothing like trying to get 99% of the xmas shopping in december. I personally try to buy my presents months before because stores get crazy and in Red Deer the mall was just that.

I did order bulbs meant to give out door lighting so that I can set up my space to do bead and jewelry photos in the house. It has been harder to take pictures now that the weather is colder and the kid has whacked sleeping habits (teething).


December 6th, 2006

I added some more braclets to this site and I listed several items on ebay.
The weather has been really nice here, we are having a chinook. So I have been taking Quinton out and doing some baking.
This nice weather makes me not want to be on the computer in the basement. Go figure. We have a first birthday party to go to on friday so tomorrow I am running into Red Deer to pick up the present. Yeah I now I should have gotten it sooner but I did not know what the baby wanted or could use so yesterday I figured it out when I spoke with my friend. It is something practical and Quinton loves to play in it so I am sure the baby will too when the time comes.

December 9th, 2006 party

Last night, Quinton and I went to our last first birthday party of the year. The party was at 7pm and Quinton didn't show any signs of being sleepy when we finally left at 9:45pm. But once I got him home and turned off the light in the bedroom, he was out.

I am working on finishing my Christmas orders that I have. My sister gave me the hardest order with cat beads that have matching necklace and earrings for a mother and daughter. But yesterday I think I finally got the beads done and now I just have to make the jewelry and send them to her. Making matching cat beads for earrings is the hardest project for me to do. Do you know how many cats I have to make to match a pair?

And I am now working on Valentine theme beads to sell. That is why I put the heart bead in the December beads to giveaway.

I am also thinking of removing one of the voting sites I have on my page. What do you think?

December 11th, cranky
Quinton had a day of hissy fits yesterday. I am telling everyone that he is in his terrible 2s already.
I hope today goes better.
Ordered Roys Xmas present yesterday. Lord give me the strength to keep it a secret from him and let it arrive on time or every close to or after xmas.
Parcel to mail today. Beads to ship.
Want anything?

December 13th, baking and Dec 11th the cutest story ever

Late last night I made eggnog ice cream and today I am making cabage rolls.
Last week I made Pedishka (baked bread dumpling with cottage cheese and potatoe).
The week before Pedohe (perogies), and 3 different types of cookies.

Yeah I like baking, my tummy will attest to that but what happens is as I am baking I am eating and then I no longer crave the food.
So what do I do with the food I have in the freezer? I hope my family will like it and we are taking some of it to Roys parents house.

Quinton broke my keyboard yesterday. so I got nothing done on the computer.
Good thing he is cute or oh boy!!!

December 11th the cutest thing last night
I emailed this to my friend that I wanted to share it with you.

So last night, Sunday, Quinton's ball rolls downstairs and he goes to the gate. Well he starts shaking the gate and going "AH, AH" to me.
So I tell him "you say please( I am signing it to him) and we will go get the ball". So he comes up to me and signs "please" on my chest. Isn't that the cutest.

So yes we went for the ball and I was proud of him.

I am not constant on my sign language with Quinton but we are always working on it.

December 14th, meltdown
Yup, happens every year. I am originally not a big fan of Christmas but I work on my issues every year and it gets better. But now we leave in a couple of days to visit family and I am not ready and I am doing orders and cooking and Quinton is hanging on my pant legs to pick him up.
So tomorrow is a play day for Quinton and I. I have to drop some finished pieces for a friend at her work and while we are there, we are going to spend time and play in the toy room they have. That way Quinton has some new toys to play with.

And supper will have to be take out because I am tired of making suppers everynight for the last 2 weeks.
The eggnog ice cream was really good today after supper too.

December 15th, shots
Today is a day of traveling in the area: I have the last of my jewelry to drop off and then Quinton has to go Sundre(did I spell that right) to get the last of his flu shot. It should not be a bad drive, the weather here is starting to get cold again but the roads have been in good condition and it is only a half hour away. I just hope I can find the place giving the shots.
And then I have to pack for our christmas trip. It is amazing how much you have to pack for a kid to go visiting.

December 21st, home again
yeah it is nice to be home. We are going to open our presents today. Quinton got lots(I think it is more cloths then toys). Roy works the 23-25 so we decided to do things early this year.
I am still waiting for roys present in the mail and I hope it will come in today.
Quinton has a wopper of a cold and I did make a doc app in January for something else but I was told that if the cold is still there in January, that it may be allergies to something. I hope not because to see the allergist it takes a year.
I hope you all have a merry Christmas and good times with your family.
Take care

December 23rd, sucky time of year

I kinda like christmas because you get to see all the family but.... it is the time of year that I have to inventory my business and I hate that time. Counting the glass is not bad and looking at the tools is easy but inventoring the semi precious stones suck the big one. But I will do it and it will show me what I used and what I need to use.
Maybe it is a good thing that we are not going anywhere now. I will start my inventory tomorrow and since I can only do it while Quinton is sleeping: I should have it done by jan 3rd or so.

December 28th,presents
Well Christmas went well and Quinton got a fair amount of presents.
Our families surprised us by buying more cloths for Quinton then toys which was a good thing. At the last moment as Roy and I were in the toy section of the store , we bought Quinton toys.

Did I tell you we were toy junkies?

Santa was even good to me and bought me some accesories for my ipod.
And I surprised Roy (which is very hard for me to do) by getting him Lego. Yup that's right: Lego.
And he is excited about it and can't wait for days off so that he can build the sets.

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