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november 2-29th 2006

November 2nd, 2006

Things to do before xmas:

1. prepare for craft shows.
2. buy presents for rest of family and wrap them
3. work on adding more things ot website
4. start listing things on ebay
5. do xmas letter for friends and family (about 40)
6. figure out what to buy husband for gift
7. get winter outer cloths for Quinton
8. not buy any more bead supplies until next year
9. do a letter for customers and friends in Fort McMurray for the show on the 18th( about 35)
10. bake cookies
11. call people because I normally don't
12. Set a date to go back to Blakes in Calgary to set up my jewelry there for the staff again.

13. what else?

I must have more things to do, I just can't think of them at the moment.
Quinton is getting busier so I really have to keep an eye on him.

November 8th, 2006 ebay listing
Yeah I listed some beads on ebay if you want to go check them out. Right now I cannot send emails out to anyone and it sucks because I have emails to reply to.

November 07th, 2006
How many things have I done on my list: a half of one. How sad.
My mother in law called the other day concerned about me posting pictures of Quinton because he is so cute, someone might kidnap him. Yes that is possible and a very scary thought but this is how family and friends get to see him without me posting emails to everyone.
So no you cannot have him, he is mine and a mommas boy right now. And I will work to have good karma so that this doesn't happen to him.
It is sunny shining today so I am off to take pictures of the beads to giveaway and beads I would like to sell.

November 15th. flue shots and upto  for mac
going on a road trip to Fort Mcmurray to do a craft show there on saturday.
I did list some beautiful beads on ebay today that will end in 7 days.
hope you all have a good weekend.
November 13, 2006
We are trying to decide if we should get the flu shots and when I say we, I mean Quinton and I.
Tomorrow is the first set of shots we could go for so that in December we would go again. Quinton has to get two shots because they only give half shots to babies. So he would get one tomorrow and one in about 4 weeks. I feel sorry for him already and the possibility of getting two shots.
I have been making beads for the last couple of days and no jewelry because I am going up to Fort McMurray on the 18th. Quinton is spending the weekend at my parents place. So I will have to write a list of what is schedule may be like for them. This is the longest I will be away from him and I think he will be alright, it will be me who will be calling every couple of hours to see how he is doing.
I hope after the flu shots we might get, we will make a quick trip into Red Deer (considering we are getting our shots in another town near Red Deer). I am still trying to get presents for my family so that I can drop them off when I drop Quinton off and then not have to ship them later on by Greyhound.
We both don't see our families very often and now that it is winter, I am not a big fan of driving out to visit because of the roads. Summer time we tried to go visiting at least once a month be it to family or friends.

November 11th, 2006
It turned out to be a cold day today and we really don't want to leave the house, actually I don't want to leave the house(Quinton is ripping to go). I torched a couple of hours today and I hope to have some new turtles to sell.
On the 16th I am running to Fort McMurray to do a craft show on that coming Saturday, so I have been making some pieces but mostly packing and getting family jewelry done, since I am stopping to see my family on the way there.
Did I tell you, I caught quinton eating some of my smaller beads, I think I saw it in time and got all 3 beads out of his mouth but at least he ate small ones if I did miss any. He is becoming quick and sneaky with his hands.

november 20th, 2006
Well hello everyone, we are back from our trip to Fort McMurray(northern Alberta) and it was a good trip. The weather was nice and the roads were in great condition. It was good to see as many friends as I did this past weekend. My husband was a little depressed because most of the people he knows in town have moved. So he never got the chance to talk and see how the plants he worked at before are doing.
I am glad he did help me with the craft show in the early afternoon because it got really busy and I was swamped with pieces to adjust and people to talk to.
I have some great and challenging orders to do this week and on Wednesday I am going to Calgary to do a private jewelry party and have orders to complete for then.
On the Quinton front, he was a dream with my parents. My dad was impressed with him also and even bought him toys because he was so well behaved. The whole time he was there he only cried once for them.
I was a little devastated because Quinton wanted to be picked up once and with his hands held out he walked to Baba(grandma) and not me. And I was standing right beside her. Made me cry just a little. I know I should not be too upset because when he gets a little older there will be a stage where he will not want to be without me. But I was away from him for a couple of days and I missed him. The pooper.

November 22, 2006
Added new beads to ebay. Listed new bracelets and added some beads here. I have to take the time to take more pictures of earrings and all the new pieces I have made.
Went to Calgary today to do a private show and to do a little shopping without the kid. (the husband is home sick).
The weather is getting colder here but I do not mind if I do not have to drive on the highways.
We bought ice age 2 the other day and really enjoyed it. Way too many adult jokes though so I don't know what the little kids thought of it.

November 25th,2006
it is 11:55pm and I am now just getting to the computer. I have been working on orders that are due Monday.
The weather has been very cold here and so while Quinton is having his 2 hour morning nap, I am torching in the garage. The garage has infloor heating but I have to bring fresh air from outside so when it is -18 Celius + windchill, I have to work faster and with just the beads I need ( no playing around). I have to say though that it is better then when we lived in fort mac.: I had no heat in the garage and I had to open the garage door to bring in air, so I was bundle with winter jacket and boots, jeans and longjohns, touque and mittens that I cut the fingers off. Living here is just as cold but not as bad because I do not have to open the garage door and there is some heat in the garage. Yeah that is a moment to celebrate.

November 29th, 2006 11:53pm
The cold snap lasted 2 days and wednesday it was nice again. But I am not to sure how long this nice weather will last.
This evening after Quinton went to bed, I made beads, came in at 10:30pm and then mopped the house.
So now the day is done and I still have not finished all the jobs I am suppose to do.
good night or good morning

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