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october 1-30 2006

October 1, new month
Later today I am going to get Quinton to pick a winner for the September beads. Every one that voted is going to get extra entries for the emails I lost in September.
Roy Built me a new work bench for my torching. So from two old tables, I now have one flat surface to work on. There is a store in town that sells household stuff that people won't or no longer use, so I am going to see if I can get some tiles to lay on top of the bench. I won't grout them in so that I can replace them if I have too. But once I do get some CHEAP tiles I am really going to miss the pieces of metal, brass and odds and ends that I do use on my bench to protect the table top.
Isn't my digital controller pretty? I am kicking myself for not getting it from the start.

October 4th, work on website
Yup did that. Actually just put more pictures on my gallery page.
And added a contest archive site to check out.
Next week going to Calgary to a friends work place to set up my jewelry to show and sell to her co workers. Nothing like a little panic now to look to see what I need to make.
Went swimming with 2 other moms today and it was so nice we had a picnic outside. It's October and we had a picnic outside. I know it will snow by halloween but this is just too nice of weather for this time of year. I still have onions and lettuce growing in my flower garden.
This weekend we our going up to my parents place to celebrate Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to watching everyone else play with Quinton.
Did you happen to see on my main page that I have a second contest to guess Quinton's halloween contest. Enter to win some rocking surprise handmade beads. I promise you will not be disappointed.
October 5th, thanksgiving
Going away this weekend to spend thanksgiving at my parents place. My family is all excited to see Quinton and how many steps he is taking.
Won't be back until late Monday. Hope you all have a sunny and warm weekend.
October 10th, brushing
Today Quinton found my make up brushes and dumped them on the floor. He then picked up the eyebrow brush and started brushing his teeth. The eyebrow brush is new so I was not grossed out but I am glad to know that he has some clue on cleaning his teeth himself.

The weather is getting colder here and the next time I torch I am have to turn on the heat in the garage. Got to keep the mouse warm. Yep have a mouse, while I was torching this morning he ran along my counter. Scared the bejesus out of me, so tomorrow I have to run to the store for mouse traps.
Getting ready to go to Calgary on Friday to sell some jewelry. Boy do I love to wait to the last moment to do things.
October 11th
Nothing sucks more when you take a whole bunch of pictures(while the kid sleeps) and they all turn out dark like these. So I did have new jewelry to show but I guess I will have to wait for a nicer day to take them. Click on the pictures to see two other photos.

Friday the 13th.
Quinton and I went to Calgary today to show my jewelry off to an office of staff that a friend works at. It was a good time, I think, had by all. And we talked about setting up again in November.

Quinton was so well behaved, which is normal for him the most part. And he was a hit with the ladies and thank you Jackie and everyone else that entertained him. He is such a ladies man. Except with baby girls still, they make him cry.

I had several orders and pieces to change slightly and most are done. And there is only one piece ( a pendant) that I did not get the ladies name for. Hope she comes looking for it when I give it to my friend.
So tomorrow while Quinton sleeps I will work on the beads to finish the rest of the pieces. And maybe the sun will be out and I will try take pictures of my jewelry again.

On the mouse front: He ate the peanut butter off all my traps. The mouse bested me. So Roy set the traps again (without a heavy hand) and I hope tomorrow morning the mouse is "kaput". Hey there is nothing more disturbing then torching and having a mouse run across the back of your work station. Die mouse, die.
October 15th-17th
October 17th
Went out for supper today and it was nice to go out because the sunshine came out and melted most of the snow. Yeh.
Made for build me shelves in my office closet so that I could store more junk and add more junk to the office.
Tomorrow I will make the beads for the costume contest and then Quinton and I are going swimming.
Take care and hope for more sun to melt the snow.

October 15th.
Yeh the mouse is a goner. And I hope none of his friends come here. Roy had to throw the mouse out for me because I am a whoosy when it comes to dead things. The mouse did eat well because he did eat the peanut butter off two of the traps Roy set and Roy said he ate the peanut butter off the trap that got him.

I didn't mention this before but on the 13th in Calgary, as I was packing up, Quinton got busy.
I wish I had a picture of how he was playing in my bag because he was totally stretched out on the floor with just his hands and his head in my bag. When I got home I did take pictures of what he did.

Finishing the last of my orders from Calgary so that Jackie can take them for the girls.
I need Quinton to sleep more through the day so that I can work more on my website.
Any more guesses on Quintons Costume?


October 20th.
Today is the last day to enter the contest. I will try check my emails a couple of times today to give people a chance to guess the costume.
Made the beads (2 sets just in case I didn't like one) and will clean them today. So no I will not show you yet, if at all because it will be a surprise for the winner.
Nothing sucks more then a cold rainy day. Sucks the life force out of me. How about you?
take care
October 23rd.jones in japan
I put new pieces up for sale for you to look at. Let me know what you think.

I pulled the name for the halloween costume and it was Debbie W. Congratulations.

Been having fun reading the antics of friends in Japan. They went there this year to teach and they have a site so that friends and family can see what they are up to. I like reading about the new items they are trying. The video clip with the poopomatic 3000 is totally hilarious.
I use to work with Cam at the Sword and Shield and then at Galaxy with Cam and Karleen. I miss having good times with them but I am glad of the times we did get to spend as a group of movie junkies with the odd time paint balling.
The Jones take over Japan

I cropped half of the 115 pictures I took yesterday.
Today I learned about a loss of someone that had great influence in my life. His name was Alfred Hauk and he owned and operated Hauks Honey farm in Warspite, Alberta.
I worked many summers there with him and his wife and really loved and hated the job. The Job was hardworking and the first year I worked there I got stung so many times I could longer keep count. And the last year I worked there I was stung once. And now that was years ago and the memories are still strong.
They taught me what working was and commitment and seeing life beyond my world. There was many a day that after Mr. Hauk came from the fields that we would sit and talk and laugh. And I am now sorry that I did not keep contact with them. The past now sweeps over me and in the moment I miss them both. So now with the passing of Mr. Hauk(79), I feel the need to contact Mrs. Hauk to let her now that my whole family still talks about them and wishes the best for her.

October 22nd.
Took a zillion pictures today of beads and pieces I have done. Hopefully late tonight I will edit them and add them to the site.
Getting Quinton to draw the winner of the halloween contest later today.
October 28th, 2006
Today Quinton and I went to a halloween/birthday party for a little boys first birthday. It was fun and they had a fish tank, which Quinton found fasinating. And I got to make sure Quinton still fit into his frog outfit for when we goes trick or treating on Tuesday with dad.

Been making pieces that are inexpensive for the show that I am doing here in Olds on the 4th of November and making pieces for when I go up to Fort McMurray on the 18th.

May be going to Calgary on Tuesday with a girlfriend to look at beads (like I don't have enough).
And I am trying to pick beads to give away for November. Any ideas?
October 29th, 2006 snow, snow everywhere
Today after Roy came home I shovelled the driveway. It is hard to shovel around two vehicles without moving them. We have had only one vehicle for years so it was easier to shovel the drive way.
Made pig beads today. I made one for myself which is green with a pink snout and pink years. Roy really likes it but then we got talking about making one with dots on it and saying it has the chicken poxs. So now he wants me to make one like that.

Quinton wants to go out for a walk but I am such a bad mommy that I have not bought him a snow suit yet and all he has is a warm fall jacket. And it was snowing and blowing today. I did break down and order one for him from Sears and maybe I will get lucky and it will come in this week and not in 4 weeks like the furniture we had ordered from them. Sometimes Sears can be so sucky for that, and I was a walmart last week but all they had were 2 piece suits and I would like a one piece suit for him so that I do not have to worry about him freezing his kidneys( because the snow will go down the back when they fall in the snow).

Take care and I hope where ever you are the weather has been good to you so far.
October 30th, xmas beads
I have just a couple of xmas beads cooling in the kiln. Made some someman, snowflakes, holly beads and a couple of butterflies to be different.
Quinton did not sleep very long this morning so I did not get as many beads as I wanted made. But Roy will be working nights in a couple of days so one night I will torch late so he can keep an eye on the kiln.

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