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sept 7-27th 2006

September 7th , 2006 alone at last

Roys parents came up to visit on Sunday and left this morning. I do like their visits but for me, it doesn't matter who, I get tired of people. I like people but it is hard to be nice and make conversation for the whole day. I am a hermit but choice. So I was glad when they left because Quinton and I played all day and went for a walk and I mooned over my kiln that is still broken. Waiting for parts for the kiln is HELL.
So I am hoping to be able to do some jewelry with the beads I have before I start pulling my hair out. Though Roy does want me to insulate the shed, which I may do tomorrow when Quinton goes for his first power snooze.

Take care
I will update you on the kiln.

September 10th, 2006 1st birthday

It is Quintons first birthday and he acted like it was his day (but isn't every day). He didn't get alot of presents, thank God, but I know that will change come xmas and I am fine with that.
I am personally going stir crazy with not making beads. These past 2 days while Quinton has been sleeping I have been sewing bags for my jewelry that I sell. Yeah I know I'm crazy but I like that little extra effort.

Roy is on his 4th day of 20 something days of work in a row. We are not to sure how it is going to go yet but so far so good.

Our internet has been really slow lately.
The past 2 days it has been taking at least 10 minutes to get emails and 1 day I could not send anything out. And forget about the site loading up.
Shaw is telling us that it is our computers so they are sending another Tech tomorrow to check it out.
3 weeks ago one tech came out and could not find anything wrong with the wiring in our house or our computers but thought it was the outside line.

We personally wonder if it has something to do with the digital phone system they are now selling. We don't have it but who many people in our area have it and internet?
They tell us it goes through a different line but we have a friend who has it and she uses her modem that she also uses for her computer.

So no new pictures yet of his royal highness but I will start working on it in the next couple of days.

Sept 15-18th

Monday september 18th, parts on order

I called Orton today to order a part for my digital controller that came friday but does not work. They are sending me the new part UPS so I hope that is real soon.
Did I tell you how helpful they have been. I spoke with Mike from Jenken and he helped with the old kiln and now who to contact for these parts. Mike and Jim(from Orton) both said that once the parts gets in to call them and they will walk me through putting the new electronics in. So I really can't complain. But the waiting is the worst.

take care

Sunday midnight
Okay you would not believe the dumbass I am. I just deleted all my mail you guys have been sending me. So please email me again and if you have been voting at my site send me email to let me know you have been voting and I will make it all better by the end of the month. No more late night email checks.
Sorry you guys. I know dumbass.

Okay I think I am scrap-booked out for a while. I did Quintons life up to September. I only did birthday photos for sept in the book. That is alot of pictures to go through. And I only worked on it between 8pm and midnight everyday for the last 5 days.

Kiln does not work. I have a digital controller on this kiln and I programed it and an error keeps coming up. I emailed JenKen and they told me that I will have to call and get a part for the controller because the chip is screwed. So tomorrow I will be calling. I have to say Jenken has been very helpful with all my questions.
But my kiln does not work. ( pouty lip) Maybe tomorrow I will get the controller for my old brokendown kiln and that will work and take the edge off me being cranky.
I girl could have hope.
Tomorrow I will work on the site. Because again I am done with scrapbooking for now.

friday midnight.
the kiln came in and it is a digital so I am working on programing it and any other kinks before I torch. I am hoping Sunday. So that tomorrow will be my last day of scrap booking for awhile.
I did 7 out of 12 months of Quinton pictures done.

Tuesday sept 19th, warning
I am posting this warning again for all you new bead buyers, and bead makers.
If you go onto Corrina tettinger do not buy anything from her right now. There are alot of customers, including myself that have not gotten the items we bought from her or a refund on the undelivered items. Yes she makes beautiful beads and does beautiful work but right now the products she is selling on her site are not being shipped. there are even recent cases of people buying things from her and not getting a reply from her what so ever. Her website has not been updated in over a month either so do not be fulled by the date on her main page.
This is a warning if you want anything from her site. I have ordered from her in May and still have not gotten anything and will never but I don't want any of you to feel the disappointment I feel.
If you want one of her books there are other companies that have the books for sale and if you go to catwalk you can get most of the presses she has.

take care.

Sept 20-23rd, cooties and pictures

sept 23rd, pictures

Okay after 4 or 5 days of rain we have had 2 days of sunshine so I took sicky boy to the park and we took pictures. Some of him playing in the leaves and some of the two of us.
No kiln parts yet. I don't want to make jewelry because my kiln is broken (does that not make sense to you). I just feel like everything in my jewelry is broken because of that. I know "CRAZY."


Wednesday 20th
Roy came home at 3am because he was sick. The flu is going around the plant and because he was not feeling well, he decided to share it with us.
So now I am sick and being a mommy does not really allow me to be sick. I can't spend 13hours in bed like him because who would take care of Quinton (yeah I'm jealous).

Sept 25th, 2006 new parts

Yeah the new chip for the digital controller came in today. Roy set it up and I have done a second test on it already and it looks to be working with no fe5 coming up.
So I finished what I could in the shed ( I was insulating it by myself). And tomorrow night I am going to torch after Quinton goes to bed. So I may have to do something drastic to get him to go to bed at an earlier time and not his 8pm time that he has been doing this past week.
Since Quinton has been sick he has been fighting to go to sleep be it for naps or at night. The only way he has been falling asleep is if there is movement, like being in the stroller or if I am doing squats, yup squats not bouncing or rocking=squats. Kids can be just as weird as adults.

I actually ordered him a halloween costume too since I did not think I would have time to make one for him. It should be here early next week and I hope it fits. I actually hope it is a little big. Roy has halloween off so he may take Quinton trick or treating with a friends children.

Did I tell you I got the chip for my kiln and it looks to be working? Did I tell you that I have been going stir crazy because Roy is on his 19 of 23 or 24 days of work. So getting this kiln to work means I will get a couple of hours of me time.

Sept 27th, halloween

Recieved Quintons costume today. I am not going to tell you what it is yet because I am thinking it might make for a good giveaway.

Torched today, just doing beads that I have on order. So nothing really to show yet.

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