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august 1-31st 2006

August 1st, 2006

Yesterday I had a doozy of a migraine. Today I woke up and it was still there a little, so I decided to push through and take Quinton for a walk and take a pill. And not a chill pill.
So I am better. Made some beads today, I am trying to make brown beads (which are my favorite) the problem is, I have not done them in a long time so I am struggling to do them. Well I will see tomorrow what they will look like.

August 6th, 2006
It is Midnight and I am trying to do a little update on my site.
Getting ready to go to Fort Mac. Going to spend 2 days at my parents place and then make the rest of the trek to Fort Mac. Busy making lists of what all to take and still making some beads while Quinton has power snoozes.
We should be back by the 16th so I will update you once we are back.

Got an email from friends we had in Sherwood Park when I worked at the movie theatre. They are going to Japan for a year. WOW! I am so proud of them for doing something different.

Took pictures of some bracelets I made and I think I got the flowers I like tell me what you think? My husband doesn't like them but I do.

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