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june 3-28th 2006

It is june 3rd and Roys parents left today. So it gave me time to torch, have quiet time with and without my son and work of this site trying to figure out how to put things for sale. Heaven help me I will get it.


It is May 31st and I am still trying to find time to work on this site and make beads. Nothing like a crawling 8 and 1/2 month old to keep you on your toes. Then there is the family to visit, be it the hours of driving to their house or them coming to our house. Right now my husbands parents are up for 4 days to visit before they go to Ontario for the summer.
Some days I just want to throw them out for a couple of Hours( please take my son too) just so that I can get 3 hours of beadmaking in and some time on the computer.
Right now I am trying to book a table for the August Interplay in Fort McMurray just so that I can sell some of my stuff and visit friends.
We lived in Fort Mac for 6 years and I actually made some great friends and met some interesting people that I enjoy talking to, which is a real stretch for me considering I am a hermit by heart.

Hello Fort McMurray!!

This past weekend I went up to Edmonton with Quinton(my son) to take a 2 day bead making course at the Art Glass Studio. I had fun and learned some new things and my family got 3 days of playing with Quinton. Thanks you guys!
So I snuck away to play on the computer and I guess I better get back to the family before they think I have abandon them.



June 6th and there are some new listings in beads and earrings.

My life is busy right now with a new home, 9 month old baby boy and a husband who is a shift worker. So my torch time is now limited to days my husband has off or my son sleeping for long hours.


June 10th.
It has been raining these past couple of days which makes it hard to go out. I did go to some garage sales on Friday and actually got some iris bulbs from a lady for $1.00 not bad for 5 bulbs and they are a bearded iris. And I did get a large collection of cloths for Quinton. Didn't find types of tools I could use for torching though, maybe I will get lucky today.

Did get a whole 2 hours of torching in on Friday. My son is teething and all he wanted was his momma. My husband keeps saying" Not the momma" Which he got from the old cartoon the Dinosaurs.

So I hope you have a good day and I would like to show you what I made on Friday. I will try post a picture later today.

I had a customer as me to make her beads to match her outfit which is mostly red. It is not a color I normally work with so I found it to be a great challenge that I really enjoyed.

june 7th and I did add more pictures and info to my site. The day has been interesting. I donated some jewelry to a make over event happening in town and I got to set up a display at the show.
I have also been trying to contact Interplay in Fort Mac because I want to bring up stuff up there to sell. Getting hold of people has not been positive. I faxed my info but have not gotten a response yet. Nothing like waiting. The worse is I need to book a flight so that my husband can help me. I plan on taking Quinton on the 8 hour drive but then I need my husband there to watch Quinton. And thus he does not get off work until the morning of the show.
I know it will all work out but that does not mean I can't be impatient

And I need some time to list some things on ebay: I have a make a knob kit to sell and some old streaky pink plus some beads. Just to find the time.


june 12th
It has been a busy weekend for me, while Quinton has been having a power snooze on Sunday I torched for 2 hours.
Saturday I made him crawl until he passed out from all exercise. Then I had a power snooze.
Today my husband goes to see the dentist to fix a filling and Quinton and I have swimming.
I am hoping to put together some more sets to sell.
If you want to see pictures let me know and I will post what I did on sunday.

June 15th
Today is a busy day for me as Quinton and I are going to Sign language classes, I have to stop at a friends place to drop off some jewelry. Then at the sign language class there is a lady that wants some jewelry. Then we have to run to Red Deer to pick up some food. And our driveway is in the process of being prepped to be poured(which is slow because of the rain). Quinton is drooling more and very cranky which means more teeth are coming.
Good news is, I made some bracelets which I am hoping to post pictures of late this evening or Friday afternoon.

June 19th
How long can you claim baby brain?
Myra I lost your email so I am putting the pictures of the beads you wanted in the bead gallery page.
Everyone in the house was sick this past weekend so it was hard to get anything done.
Then Monday was crazy with running around the country(which I did not plan on). Maybe the sun will be out tomorrow and Quinton will sleep and I will get some good pictures finally done.
If you want to see some not that good looking pictures of some beads I have done for Myra go to the bead gallery page and check out the black and whites.


June 23rd
Nothing exciting happening today. I decide while Quinton was sleeping to try and clean my office because it looks like a tornado hit it.
Did do some torching this evening, trying to play with some colors.

I am going to InterPlay at Fort McMurray for August 11- 13th, 2006. Poor husband has no idea what he is getting himself into watching Quinton for 3 days considering the show hours for friday and saturday are noon-10pm and sunday noon -6pm.
We are talking about doing the Blueberry festival in Fort Mac for the september long weekend too.

I am starting to look for shows to do around southern alberta now.

June 28th
Its hot here. Which makes it hard to torch because I am not a sun goddess or a heat lover. I can see why people will put air conditioners in their work space.
My favorite times of the year are spring and fall.

I did have some items listed on ebay like the old streaky pink and some beads. Just click on auctions to see.

I added some new pieces to my site for you to look at. I now have a greater admiration for the bead artists who have sites that they update just about daily. I find it hard to do this and torch,make jewelry,take photos(then crop), take care of Quinton and the husband and the house. Nothing like being a superwoman and my hats off to all other superwomen out there.
I hope you enjoy the treasures you find on my site and feel free to email me with any comments, I could always use the feed back.
Guess I should see if Quinton is awake yet, his power snooze so far has been 2 hours long.

June 28th
I did list my streaky pink on ebay plus some beads now to find time to list the make a knob kit.
And I need to learn how to add artzee site and those other banners I have onto my site. Trying to suck the husband to help me with that but I have not been sucessful.


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