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Good Day to come to the show because we are just a couple of blocks from the Strathcona farmers market.

will be at the Bonnyville Craft Show Saturday November 2nd.

Bonnyville Annual Craft Show
Time:10:00am - 5:00pm
Location:Bonnyville Centennial Centre
Bonnyville, AB
Contact:Pat Berlinguette
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Okay it is revamp time.   My emails from this site have not been coming to me so my cute husband is going to get me an email that will work and that I will receive your emails.  And honestly I have been putting more things on facebook then here.  So I have have been thinking of down sizing the site to more to more Iona friendly user sites.  So Hang on to your socks because there will be some changes.

November 30th
Tomorrow I am on my way to the St.Paul craft show.
I have been making more beads and simple pieces.
It has been hard for me to keep up here because I have been working on so many orders, my husband is pointing out that I am not hanging out with him.

November 16th
Tomorrow I will be at Winter trade show and Christmas craft show from 10am-4pm at the Harborview community Centre in Cold Lake North.

Cheep Cheep

May 17th, 2013
I have been in a major slump and I pretty much have just been making beads when I can.  So yesterday I took the time to clean my office and I even vacuumed the dust bunnies that were hiding out behind the shelves.  Today I took the time and started reworking some of my own jewelry that, I was thinking, was looking dated.  Of course I was a dork and didn't take before images but here is the after ones of two I got to play with and after this, I will work on a third.

May 16th, 2013
My kiln broke on mother's day so I have been waiting impatiently for parts.
But I guess that means no more procrastinating on tackling my office and all the beads that are in piles around the table.

January 6th 2013

A new year to see how everything goes and how quickly time flies.
This is to be a challenge for me this year because I volunteer way to much with piddly things and then organizing hot lunch at my sons school and now I am one of four Beaver (scouts) leaders.  The things we do for our kids and to also just make sure we are a little involved in the lives of our children.

I want to make new year resolutions but, honestly, in a month I know they will be all out the window.  So one day at a time just to breath and work on organizing my stuff(because I am a hoarder)  and getting out there.  
I did add some bracelets to my site here and I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

Phone Jacks 

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