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November 30th
Tomorrow I am on my way to the St.Paul craft show.
I have been making more beads and simple pieces.
It has been hard for me to keep up here because I have been working on so many orders, my husband is pointing out that I am not hanging out with him.

November 16th
Tomorrow I will be at Winter trade show and Christmas craft show from 10am-4pm at the Harborview community Centre in Cold Lake North.

Cheep Cheep

October 30th
I will be in Edmonton on November 3rd here.

October 9th

Up coming shows that I am in:  Edmonton craft show

Fall is here and I am really not ready for it.  My potatoes are in the garden still and the leaves are not raked up.  I get to make beads on two days now with Ronan in play school for just a couple of hours.  But I will take what I get.  I have ideas in my head but some projects I need help from my sister who lives 8 hours away to work on the projects so something tells me it may be a next season project.

 August 29th

Quinton starts school next week and there is so much happening.  I joined a community garden here where every week you get a good size basket of veggies to take home.  That being said I have a lot of veggies to can.  Right now I am dehydrating Kale, then onions.  And tonight I am going to start mustard pickles.  So far I have made cherry jam and syrup, chokecherry jam, mustard beans, dilled beans, apple butter and I froze much of it too.  I don't know how much of my canning will go because I am not very good at it but I practice a little more every year.

I listed some earrings on this site and I am working on taking pictures of some leftover pieces I made in fort McMurray to show off.
take care


Fort McMurray interPLAY was a wonderful event and I enjoyed being there.  The weather cooperated and the people were delightful.  I did not take a lot of photos because I did not have the time but it is worth being there.  Many people complain about the roads there and getting service and so forth but seriously if you can be patient the service is there, short staffed is short staffed and don't plan on going to walmart and getting out quickly.  Honestly it felt just like Cold Lake for me.

 If you and the other drivers are not driving like idiots the road is long and beautiful(fall is the best):  there are trees normally on either side of the road that are tall enough that if they were to fall over  they would cross the road.  There are some great places to stop and pick blueberries and there are roads to turn off on so that you do not have to stop on the side of the road to do so.  In fall the view is awe inspiring  with all the colours and in winter if there is hoarfrost on the trees you get this view of blues and purples that sparkle like diamonds.  This time on the trip was summer so I enjoyed the little hidden things: there is one tree that looks to have been hit by lightening and the tree was broken in half but it was twisted and I could not get a good picture of it with my phone camera.  There is a place on the side of the road with solar panels and the people decorated it with metal dragonflies.  

Can you tell that I like driving that road?
I keep saying I am going to take a better camera but never remember until I am on the road.
Maybe next year HA-HA.

August 3rd

I am getting ready to go to Fort McMurray interPLAY on the 10-12th.
I have some images of beads and pieces I whipped up(literally) in the past week or so.  There may be some favourites added in there too.

July 20th
So InterPLAY is fast approaching and honestly I am getting a little freaked out because I have stuff done but do I have the right pieces done? And I still don't have a place to stay.  SO.... who knows what may happen.

July 16th

I do have a Facebook page, honestly it is so much easier to post images there then here but maybe I can find a way to do it faster here:   

new beads I have been working on, the problem is they are pretty and I want them for myself.  That is the problem with making your own beads.
I am signed up for interPLAY at Fort McMurray on August 10th to the 12th.  I am now looking for somewhere to stay, if any one has a bed I could use  I would be interested, can pay in beads and jewelry.

June 24th
Well Quinton has 4 more days of school.  Four.  And then hopefully we will have days at the beach, the farm, and where ever else we will want to go.
And Ronan wants to do whatever big brother does so it may be an interesting summer.

the main owl bead is fimo by a local artist but there are my beads in there to make it look oh so pretty.

June 20th
Oh the tangle web we weave.   
In a couple of days I son will be done with school for the summer and the things we have to do.

Interplay in Fort mcmurray is in August and I have not applied because Roy is working that weekend and what do I do with the boys, I am seriously worried. Can I make up for that weekend?

April 28th

It is hard to be creative when you are not busy fantasying  about putting your kid in a box and shipping him to someone else.  How can a 6 year old push so many of my buttons and what pray tell is it going to be like when he is a teenager?

So I found this site and it is a beading kind of site that always makes me smile and if you are a beader of any kind you will probably find a photo that you like: it is called beaded laughter   and  there is this "hey girl" thing going on and it is the same concept.
hope you like it.

     a project I am working on.

April 16th

Delinquent, delinquent, delinquent.  yup that is me, not that I planned it that way, it just happens that way.
I did my inventory in March for taxes and then ordered myself a new torch and oxygen concentrators, my old concentrator is dying and since I was ordering a new one my husband talked me into a new torch(twist my rubber arm).  But they have not come in yet so I am waiting.
The boys keep me busy with school(volunteering) and keeping an eye on Ronan because seriously you can't leave him unattended for very long or he will find lots of trouble.

I am coming back to the website.  I have been making beads again.  I was busy and hiding out to be honest.  It was like a depression and now that spring is here and I am getting more sun(and snow) I am feeling better.

January 31, 2012

You know I make very few resolutions for the new year because lets face it, how many people keep them ?
What was one of them? keeping this site updated and look how far that got me.

I have been keeping busy with the boys, I realize you have to keep them active just so they past out at night with very little fight.  Quinton is always yelling that "I am not going to bed or I am not going to school"  That is my daily battle with a 6 year old, I thought we were not to be having these fights until the kid was a teenager!
We had our winter cold snap in January which was creepy because this is Alberta and usually we have cold winters just about all winter long.    And now the weather is nice again so that I am taking Ronan for walks while Quinton is at school and the only reason that is happening now is because the last time I went to the farm, I whacked my parents gate with the truck and Roy insists on repairing the bumper(I smacked the one corner of the plastic off).  So now the truck is being fixed which means I have no wheels for the week.

 this is how much snow we had in December, the sand pile at the farm was still a sand pile.  Not much to go sledding on but Quinton did it.
 The boys in the beginning of January at the park .

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