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May to December 2011

December 27th
Happy New Year.  It has been a busy time for us and just like for you and again I am running behind with the little things that need to be down around the house.  Quinton is on christmas holidays right now and so it is challenging to find things to keep both boys occupied.  You would think with all the presents they got that they would be in their glory but no.  Next year lets hope that there will be a lot less presents and maybe more crafty things to keep them busy.  I am sure I will find many interesting projects on pinterest.  Have you heard of the site?  Let me tell you it can be addicting because there are so many interesting things people find on the internet and share.

 I added some items for sale here and on etsy.   And I have to take more photos to add more items in the coming days.
take care

November 30th

Thursday Dec 1st  I will be at the Wild Rose Gallery 619 Lakeshore Drive, Cold Lake.  There will be several stores open from 4-8pm: Clark's Eatery, Wild Rose Gallery, Ross & Sylvestre LLP, Picante Cafe, the Oasis Spa, The What Not Shop, Bloom 'N' Breakfast Inn.  It will be an exciting evening of sales and a chance for you to come and visit the business's you would not normally think about going to.  If you are in the area come visit use, the weather looks like it may be nice for the event.

Dec 3rd I will be at the ST.Paul christmas craft show, this will be my last show for the year.
November 16th

On Saturday 19th(10am-5pm)and sunday the 20th(11am-4pm) I will be at the Fall Arts and Crafts show and sale at the Medley Community Centre on the base.  If you live in the area, take the time to come and visit because I have made ALOT of things but have not posted them on the site.  Honestly by 10pm I am tired and even though I am a stay at home mom, my 3 year old is a hoodlum that you have to keep an eye on or there is trouble.

So I hope to see you there tomorrow.

November 30th
Tomorrow I am on my way to the St.Paul craft show.
I have been making more beads and simple pieces.
It has been hard for me to keep up here because I have been working on so many orders, my husband is pointing out that I am not hanging out with him.

November 16th
Tomorrow I will be at Winter trade show and Christmas craft show from 10am-4pm at the Harborview community Centre in Cold Lake North.

Cheep Cheep

 November 3rd
Well I have been busy with beads and kids.  More kids then beads to be honest.
My next show is on november 5th at the Bonnyville Centennial Centre Fieldhouse from 10am to 5pm.

Here are the newest beads I made -Angry birds

October 7th
 the bead trunk show at Crimpz Bead Boutique was great but now it is really time to get down to work:  back yard to ready for winter, Quinton's Halloween costume which I have to make from scratch because he wants to be a character that there is no store bought costume for, Gift bags to make for jewelry (because I have enough fabric to make some) and beads and jewelry ,hot lunch every week for Quinton's school plus the other 5 billion  other mommy things I do.
I only have two kids, what do the parents who have more kids do?  And do they feel like their life is out of control sometimes?

The next show I will be in

So this week is a busy week.  Quinton is home from school because he has pneumonia. I have hot lunch to do at the school tomorrow because I am the main organizer. And on Saturday I am having a trunk show at Crimpz bead Boutique. 
So i am busy cleaning,photographing, packing beads, beads, beads.

September 8th

Time flies when you are shoving a kid out the door to get his butt to school.

My son entered grade one kicking and screaming and it was not pretty but I know the days will get better and so will he, either that or I will have to remove all Super Mario from his life even the shirts. Heaven forbid.  I thought he would even be excited about the bus again but that phase is over. 
Ronan is full of poop and I feel like I have to put a chip under his skin just so I can track him because people this kid will go where ever he wants if he can open the door.

Roy has had some holidays beginning September because there is no way he can get them during the summer unless we know in January what days we want to go somewhere.  But I am telling you this because I have been able to torch, not necessarily make jewelry but at least make beads which is good because I do have a bead trunk show at Crimpz bead boutique coming up.  
So on tuesday while I was torching a piece of glass slipped out of my hand and you know the instinct of an item falling is to grab it and pull up?  Well I did and my other hand followed my bead into the flame, burning the tips of two of my fingers.  And I didn't go to the hospital but I did actually think quickly and dowse my fingers in Lavender oil  and cold water.  Those two fingers stayed in cold water for the rest of the day mind you because the pain did not really go away until late in the evening.  The next day there was no pain kinda and today there looks to be just small blisters forming and so this is the time where I remind myself that the bead may die a lonely death no matter what because my skin is more important.  The funny thing was I did not want to loose the bead and in the end it ended up in the water anyways.

Beads I have made lately....

pink and topaz marble style beads
 bobbin beads that I started making
 another bobbin bead
 The necklace is a design by another artist but the beads are mine.

So this is what I have been up to for now.

August 15th
So Fort McMurray was good not great because we had RAIN.  But I got to see a lot of friends and acquaintances and that is why I love going.
And the venue was in a new area which will take awhile for people to get use to.  I did actually go see an evening performance(after how many years of living in Fort Mac and going to interplay) and it was quite thrilling.  The show was the aerial angels no-no show and it was worth it and I am ever so thankful they did not pull me on the stage.

A couple of days ago we broke down and bought the boys a trampoline, let me tell you I was trying to hold out because do I really want another thing to mow around?  But the boys have been on it everyday since we put it up and it has given me a workout.

Tomorrow I am off to the farm to pick veggies and blueberries and I am taking a resin class then a lampworking course taught by Melanie Moertel  and I am so looking forward to it.  I can't remember who is teaching the resin class(because I never wrote that down) but I am excited to do it.

July 30th
Just a couple more days before I go to interplay in Fort McMurray.

Here are some necklaces I made, the ribbon is a handmade silk ribbon from another artist and the size of the necklace is adjustable, YEAH.

July 23rd

images of what I am up to:

July 19th

I have been making glassbeads lately because interPLAY in Fort McMurray is coming up and I am hoping/planning to attend.  I did get accepted into the event but there are some new things they want us to do and I am working on getting their prerequisites done but it is not being easy on me and I am afraid that it may cost me a small fortune before I even get there.

My laptop is fixed and I have to admit I LOVE apple.  I did have to take it into the city to the apple store but the gentleman checked it out and it was the video card and they fixed it for free.YEAH  I love apple.  And I was told it would take a week for the part to come in so I figured I would have to leave it until I went back to the city in August. But when I took the boys to the science centre the next day, they called in the afternoon to say it was done.  So I took the boys to the mall to pick up the computer and we stopped at the food court and some of the stores and they had fun.  And were tired because they slept in the truck on the way to the farm.  

July 8th
So my laptop kinda bit the dust.  The harddrive is good but the computer won't start up so when I go to the city on Wednesday I am going to take it to the apple techs to check it out because if they can fix it for a couple of hundreds of dollars  i would like that or I have to borrow the money from the husband to buy another one because lets face it macs are not cheap and we are Mac users now.

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