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january to April 2011

April 9th
The snow is melting YEAH but we dog sat a couple of times over the winter and now I have to clean the back yard before Ronan decides to make a bigger mess.
Quinton starts t-ball tomorrow, inside, until the fields are dry.  And on Monday both boys start gymnastics.  So I think my Sundays and Mondays are shot for awhile.
Roy is kinda on a regular schedule now so I have time to torch a little more.  I have been making beads and some of the beads below are the newer ones I have made.

Pieces I am working on.

April 3rd
So Quinton is on spring break right now and I have to have a week of stuff to keep him a little busy so that he is not telling me how bored he is all week.
Today we made these rubber balls, it is from a company Horizon group inc. and it is called Made by me, Create your own power balls.  WEll let me tell you this product sucked.  It said 10 minutes to soak in water well we waited a little longer and as I opened one of the balls all the crystals fell out because it only sealed the top part and no where less, so the second mold we put back in the cup and it sat 2 hours and when I opened it, it was the extact same thing, rubbery on top but dry as a bone on the bottom.  The holes for these molds must not be large enough so I may have to do a little drilling for it to make the water seep in better.
I bought this set at Michaels and I may have to call to see if I can return it, which I doubt.  I even have been on line to be able to link you to a page for this product and there is not one.  So MADE BY ME, power balls, from Horizon group inc.  Bites the big one.  A friend told me the one at zellers works really well and I may have to go get that one to try.

Why do I let Roy watch the boys continues... Ronan shredded styrofoam packing from box downstairs and dragged the fluffies upstairs also.  What a mess but Roy vaccumed it all up or at least most of it. Oh and Roy had ju jubes downstairs and as soon as he goes to the bathroom, Ronan goes to help himself and as he is being chased, is dropping the full bag on the floor.

We did make cupcakes today and I have this robot cupcake holders I just bought called yumbots which I bought from looplaloo and the boys really liked the idea of this cupcakes and ate all 4 in just about one sitting, so I may have to break down and get a second set.  It helped that I made white cake with swirly food coloring it it.

Why do I let Roy watch the boys?? because he doesn't really watch them, hence the cuckoo clock that does not work now and I really do need to find someone in Canada to fix it, preferable close by.Oh don't forget the flour and water in the french fries.

Why do I let Roy watch the boys?? because he doesn't really watch them, hence the cuckoo clock that does not work now and I really do need to find someone in Canada to fix it, preferable close by.Oh don't forget the flour and water in the french fries.

march 28th
my torch time got cut short today because Quinton decided he did not want to go to school today so I walked him to school which is about a 25-30 minute walk. So I hope he decides to take the bus tomorrow or it will be another long morning but I will get smarter and if he does not want to take the bus we will leave earllier. It was nice that Roy was home today because he hung out with Ronan while I took Quinton.

March 27th
I have been watching army wives on Dvd because we are Canadian and none of our stations get it here yet. So now I have to wait patiently for season 5 to be on DVD or buy it on itunes and I think I can wait.  I have also been watching alot of BBC shows.  I was ever so excited when they brought a new season of Primeval . 
 Yes, I have been working while watching TV, the bonus of Roys' computer being upstairs is that I can watch the show while working in the kitchen (which I spend a lot of time in).  Mind you I don't normally watch TV sitting down and being hypnotised, I listen to it and watch some of it.  That is probably why I love Old Radio shows because you don't have to watch, you can listen and work on jewelry at the same time.

Quinton was very excited today because he has two loose teeth right now.  It would be the first teeth he will loose, what do you do with kids teeth after they have put them under the pillow?
And the snow is slowly melting, slowly.  I actually had to take the scapper and chip the show off the sidewalk, which is now not icy any more.  But the last day of doing this(it took me 3 days), Ronan pulls out the blow up tube for tobaggining and decided he is going to the hill, well he made it down 4 houses before I caught up to him and brought him back.  Then he starts walking the other way down the street and puts the tube in the puddle.  So for a time I took Ronan tubbing  down the street through the puddles and ice.  I did not have a camera with me because it was not planned and i could not leave him on the side of the street to get my camera.

Roy has been working so much overtime this past month so I have not torched while he is working but now he has six days off and I have torched for two days(not really great beads) but I have two more days to torch before he works again and I do not know how much time I will have in April because there is more overtime coming.  I just spent an hour cleaning the last beads I made so hopefully I can get pictures soon.

I have also been making a list of things to sell at the upcoming baby sale happening here in town.  Twice a year the Babies first group does this consignment sale for everything from infant to size 12 or 14.  I have 3 garbage bags of baby/kids cloths to sell and I decided that I do not want them back after this show.  That will clear up 3 garbage bags of cloths from this house.  And in May I am going to have a garage sale to clear out whatever else we have not used in a long time.  Did I tell you I am a pack rat?

March 13th
So it is tax time and I have been procrastinating like mad and I have finally broke down and am doing inventory on my business.  Usually I do it the last week of December but those plans went to heck.
So normally it can take me 5 days to do it all and I am on day 7 right now but  I only have two things left to work on.  Let me tell you though, I do this every year and it is a lot to count.  I do my glass and all my beads and findings and that is a mess to sort out and get organized.

Yesterday Quinton was to go get his hair cut but he changed his mind and let me tell you there are some battles I do not fight with him.  Can you imagine me having to pin a 5 year old down so that he can get his hair cut.  We tried that once when he was three and it was not a pretty sight.
But anyways because of the no go on the hair cut, I dressed the boys to play outside in the snow, and Ronan refused to wear ski pants so it was a front yard play time.  Ronan started walking down the street and Quinton and I decided to follow him.  We ended up walking around the block which is longer then normal.  Well Ronan and I were fine but it was Quinton who started whining  as we were walking up the big hill 2 blocks from home.  Quinton even crawled for a while because" his feet were tired" and Ronan did not slow down one bit for us.  I guess that is my sign to take the boys for more walks.

March 8th 2011
We are having another cold snap here in Cold Lake, will it ever end? No wonder Easter is later this year because it is going to take forever for this snow to disappear.
I have been adding pieces to my etsy site more then any where else because the reality is sales are slower right now and etsy does hit a larger market.
I have some flowers I have made lately, this is a sample that was specially ordered but I can make more if there is an interest.
 the flowers are quite pretty and I like to make them.

Today Quinton went with his class to the food bank.  And it is a smaller one because of our community but it is surprising how much food is needed and things that they buy from cash donations are jams, peanut butters and canned milk.  Now let me tell you, I would not think of giving canned or evaporated milk because milk is something I think you just go buy at the store.  So I am glad I went because I learnt a lot and the kids brought food donations and helped pack 2 boxes for families so hopefully they learnt something about people.

Feb 15th
yesterday it was a beautiful +1 and today it is -12 with wind and snow...lovely.
  Quinton had a major meltdown about going to school this morning and I could not get him on the bus so I had to drive him, because I am not letting him skip out of school.  And for some reason Ronan slept most of the day once we got home actually he slept in the shopping cart also with drool included.

I did a craft show this weekend and met some great people that I have never met before and they have lived in Cold Lake longer then I have.

February 8th 2011
I have been putting forth the effort of putting beads on my etsy site.  
The weather is a yo-yo here, it has nice days of -1 or -2 and then the next day it will be -18 and then two days later and it is warm again.
Today I broke our brand new camera.  I did not drop it or anything too serious I hope but I bent the little plug in you use to hook it up to the computer.  So I hope to god I can fix it or Roy is never going to buy me a techo gadget again.

February 5th 2011

So I have been making beads when I can on Roys days off and I have now three small containers of beads to clean, it is just to get time to clean them and Iam not comfortable with leaving the youngest unwatched because let us face it, Ronan is a handful and is looking to keep busy.

On February 12th I am doing a craft show here in Cold Lake at Assumption school from 10am to 4 pm.  

January 17th
I have been starting to clean my office because I want replace my desk with a longer one to fit more projects on the table and be able to put lights over my work station because right now my lights on the ceiling are behind me so it has been hard to work for more then an hour in my office before my eyes start hurting.  I had an electrian come in today and give me an estimate.  Well it was more then what I budgeted for but I will work to save the money because in the long run it will be worth it.  He did fix some of the plug-ins in the house with the new ones that kids should not electrocute  themselves with and he did tell me that the plug-ins are more then the regular but I have 'godizlla' who I could see doing just the shoving stuff in holes that do not belong thing.

Like everywhere else we have been getting dumped with snow and it sucks because then I feel like I am shovelling all the time and when it is -20 Celius you don't want to be outside ever long.

I have been packing the boys toys away also and have started listing all the duplo lego we have on ebay to see if someone else would like it.  And some has sold and some I guess I am keeping for later.  I do have a large collection of books to list also because I bought them on ebay in the first place.

yesterday the boys decided they wanted to paint, Quinton gets his paint shirt and Ronan had a meltdown because he does not have one.  Good thing I have a bunch of old shirts so meltdown was averted.

January 4th 2011
So we have had a busy christmas just like everyone else I guess.  I am one step closer to convincing Roy to celebrate ukrainian christmas which is on the 7th because he could actually book that day off and the toys would be WAY cheaper.

Today Ronan and I stopped at the thrift store on the base and I hit the payload... an unused playmobil advent calendar(xmas in the park) for a dollar.  Now I have looked at these for the boys and they are $30.00 so YEah for the stop today.
this is what it will look like when all the toys are opened.  And the music box still works too.
The boys did well for xmas, the hits were the playmobil pirate ships,lego,lego-shave the sheep game, the airport and the zhu zhu pet(for ronan), the race tracks, the big misses were the transformers.  
I am a big player of lego, playmobil and vintage fisher price dollies so the fact the boys will play with these make my day.
I did not make new years resolutions this year but there are some changes I would like to make in my life style so I hope to be able to work on those everyday this year until I can do them without thinking.

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