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october,november,december 2010

So I have been busy making cooking and getting ready for christmas.  I am finding it hard to get rid of toys for the new toys that are coming.  I know another hoarding habit I have.  But how do I get rid of my fisher price dollies, lego and playmobil?

I hope you are all going to have a great christmas and I will try have great new years eve resolution of more beads to list here and not sell them so quickly elsewhere.

Miss you all.

November 29th
The weekend went well with all that was going on.  
The show was great and the weather was agreeable.  One down side was that Quinton got pink eye and today I have pink eye.  I know how attractive.
So at least I only have one more show to do and then I will be making cookies like mad and I mean like lots of cookies to make.

my next show will be in St.Paul this coming Saturday

November 25th
Cleaning the office and packing for the show in Edmonton.

November 12th
I made beads this past week and it took me over an hour to clean them all last night.
I finished an order and got to make some mario style beads.

October 24th
it is snowing today and there is actually snow on the ground at 3:30pm, I can only hope that it will melt and wait just a little longer.

I got a surprise present the other day.  I don't know if it was meant for me or not but a parcel my best friends sent us a while back had a hidden surprise.  I am doing those shoebox gifts this year that go to other countries and needed this box because it looks like a shoebox.  So as I am cutting off our addresses that was taped on paper on the top of the box, I peel it away to reveal a whole wack of older christmas stamps that someone else had sent her.  And on the part of the box it says " stamps for your stamp collecting friend".  Wow.  Okay maybe not exactly meant for me but I do collect the odd stamp I like so it was a nice surprise.
Speaking of nice stamps  WALLACE and GROMIT stamps out in Britain on November 1st.

Today I finished Quintons Halloween custome.  Can you guess what it is?
     he is not crazy about the mustache because the elastic goes around his head but for two days he can suck it up.

I took two courses on the weekend of the 15th, one was a sarah sally course
This is pieces she had to show off in the class.  When I get a chance I will take photos of my pieces.

And a course with Jamie North of glitz and kitz who taught us kumihimo.  My bracelet looks like the one she has on her website(because it is mine and I wanted green). And you cannot see the weaving but it looks hard but is quite easy to do once you learn how to do it.
November 12th
I made beads this past week and it took me over an hour to clean them all last night.
I finished an order and got to make some mario style beads.

October 5th
The bead show was spectacular and I have so many beads to make for orders that I can not wait until Roy gets days off so that I can get to work.
The weather was nice this past weekend and my parents took the boys out in the field to pick bales, no pictures though which was a shame because the boys may never get another chance like that.  I came home late from the bead show to tuck in two very tired boys.

I came home to find out someone took over my hotmail account, it is the account that I use for not getting junk mail at my main account.  But it is a real pain because I have had that account for a zillion years.  So I am not to sure what to do but getting it cleaned up.  Made me supper paranoid and so I am cleaning up the info I have out there.

I had kitties the other day when I was watching the news and saw that silver was $21 an oz.  I remember the day when it was $4.00, now I realize why so many beaders are looking at other metals to make jewelry with.

ultimate Trunk show 

in handmade glass beads at Crimpz Bead Boutique  

Saturday October 2rd,2010 from 10:00am to 4:00pm

at 21,99 Wye Road, Sherwood Park,AB.


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