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may and june 2010

June 30th

July 3rd I will be in Edmonton at the city market that is 104st and 102 ave.
So I have new pieces to show off and the pieces on this website will be there also.  So if you plan on ordering here just email me first before you pay.

Come and take the time to see me this great weekend.  Pray for sun...

June 17th
So much for getting to torch this past week.  Quinton was really sick on the 13th so I took him to see a doctor and the doctor says CROUP(for a 4 year old) lovely.  So we get the medicine and go home.  Monday the 14th I take Ronan to see the doctor for pink eye and  oh yeah, tonsillitis double lovely.  Today Quintons fever still has not gone away so I take him again to the hospital to hear this doctor now say tonsillitis.  Okay so if the boys have it, it is a good thing to say I probably have it too... did I say how much I love my boys.

So my best friends were to come up to visit before they went camping in southern alberta but now are not because they don't want our cooties, can you blame them?

June 12th

Quinton had his preschool graduation yesterday and now I have a whole summer to figure out what to do with both boys. After the graduation was done, grandpa and dad took Quinton on the boat and today Quinton has a sore throat and fever, nice.
Ronan always wants to go outside so it is a battle getting sunscreen on and Quinton wants to get everyone else wet but himself so I may have an interesting summer.

I have not been able to make beads for the last three weeks and I am getting antsy so I am hoping to be able to do it tomorrow but that could be a challenge with Quinton being sick. but I need to do something because I have the farmers market July 3rd in Edmonton and then Interplay in Fort McMurray in August.  

May 27th
The time is going fast with school, swimming lessons and t-ball.  It amazes me all the things you can get your kids to do and I just have 2 boys(one is just doing toddler swimming).  So I wonder how people with more kids do it.

I am on my way to the farm for a couple of days to visit the family,I have not seen them now for several months so I am excited to see them and maybe do some shopping in the city.  Roy looks forward to having the house all too himself, I know he will miss the noise.
Here are some beads I made this past week.

May 19th
Like always it feels like I am in a zoo and I have no time to myself to just be beads.
But I am determined to try even if it means I have to find a place to stash the kids so that I can do some work.
It has been hot until today which has been nice but now we are having a good thunderstorm  right now. I so look forward to this rain because my garden needs the moisture so does every other living thing I do not water in this yard.  

I have not been able to make beads these past 2 weeks because of the "zoo" so I can hope to find time next week to do something.

May 6th
Adding beads and jewelry here and to etsy.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

May 4th

Pieces that I have made recently.

Additional information of what is happening with me.
The Aurora Borealis Fireflies glass beadmaking group is pleased to present their gallery exhibit, 'Molten Meditation', taking place at the McMullen Gallery (University of Alberta Hospital, 8440 - 112th Street ) from March 27 to June 6, 2010. Come explore the art of handmade glass beads as local artisans describe how creating in this medium is both meditative and an obsession. Reception takes place on Thursday, April 1 from 7-9 pm. 

Bracelet for sale 

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