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March and April 2010

April 20th
Well it snowed again on the 18th and yesterday I took the boys tobogganing in the park.  In the beginning of April it snowed just about 9 inches and this time it was only 2-3 inches.
I need to remind myself that the snow will melt and it will help with the green stuff but I am kicking myself for not have my garden tilled and my potatoes planted already because they would come up beautifully once they had gotten all that moisture.  Darn.  I will plan for next year because it will probably happen again.  Hey snow may happen next month.
Today I made beads and I actually took most of the day.  I played with some colors thinking that they may look good together but I was WRONG.  So now I have more ugly beads to be creative with.  Maybe I should just stick to my lovely brown colors and leave the reds/greens/yellows and most blues to someone else.

But I still have spring fever and have been cleaning the house in spurts.  There is a children's consignment sale in the middle of May and I am gathering all the baby cloths and nick-nacks to sell. Which would be nice because so far I have 4 good size tubs of cloths that Ronan does not fit into.
 I am a hoarder and must get rid of them(if I keep telling everyone, then maybe I will get rid of lots of things in my house).  

This bracelet is sold to Kris

April 18th
So the weather is nice now and it is 5:30 and the boys are playing outside.  YEAH.
Today I unloaded half of one of my compost barrel and put it in my garden.  It was a whole wheel barrel full and Ronan had to ride on it to the garden.  He actually stood in front of the wheelbarrel until I picked him up and put him in.  So I am totally getting the gardening bug and I just have to remind myself to wait.
  Did I tell you I have a black thumb?  Oh yeah but it does not mean I don't love doing it and having some of the plants come up.
Last year I got Quinton to plant some things along the south side of the house and wholly molly he had a bumper crop.  He even had pumpkins.  So maybe I need his attitude about it and dump water on the plant and let the weeds grow around them.   Or maybe I need a south side wall to grow more plants?

April 14th
I confessed on facebook that  I am a hoarder, and I am but I am working to not let it get out of control.  So I have decided to have a garage sale later in May and have been going through my cupboards looking for stuff that we have not used in a long time or ever used.  
Well this is the problem I have come to with one item: I have a box of gallon mason jars that we have lugged through 3 different homes and I have never pulled them out, so I decided that is it they are going.  And lo and behold if I am not looking on the internet to trying aterrarium with at least one of them. So I guess I better make room to put them back in the cupboard.  In my defense, I have pulled a lot of stuff out ( no beads though) that we can get rid of and hopefully will not be missed.  
Why hold on to these jars, is it because they are old, or they are not made anymore?  I guess I better figure something productive to do with them because you can only hoard so many things. 

 I wonder how many beads it can hold?

April 13th

I listed some new bracelets and earrings.
I was going through my photos of all my beads and pieces I have made and boy have I done a lot.  I just about need to hire someone to file them so that I can put them on the website.

Some pieces I kind of remember but they must have found homes very quickly and others have their own stories, like how the bead burnt me or refused to work with me, beads that kept falling on the floor and hiding under anything they could.  That is why after a while I make bracelets with mixed beads and stones because they are the beads that do not play well with others and want to make their own statement.

Yesterday I was planning on being on the website and wham... 8:30pm the boys are both in bed passed out and I am asleep on the couch until midnight.  And by then I just made my way to bed which turned out pointless because I could not fall asleep until 2am.  Maybe I need to put my computer in my bedroom?
So this evening I plan on having a good strong coffee and no naps.

April 11th

Well it has been a busy time and I have been pushing myself to make pieces even if I have to rip them apart because I don't like how they look but I have done a small collection.   And I got pictures of them and will put them on later this week. 
Roy is getting ready for nights so this evening I get to torch and then he will babysit my kiln for me while I sleep, I like this challenge because I am normally torching from 10-3pm so evening is a whole different mood.

Friday we got SNOW and not just a little and it melts in one day, it is Sunday and I have to go shovel the sidewalk and I put my shovels away.  SNOW, SNOW go away please because I want to get my garden ready to plant yummy vegtables( and I enjoy throwing the boys outside).
March 27th
Is there a way to be over whelmed with ideas and photos of possible projects? 

Because I feel like that right now.  I got the chance to make beads today but now that I have time to make jewelry, my brain is blocked.  Quinton is with the grandparents this weekend because they really missed him so I only have Roy and Ronan to contend with and that means I can be doing lots but NO.  I guess I cannot say that I was totally useless today because I actually torched for 6-7 hours(more then I have in one day in a very long time) and I did try make a hollow bead today, which I think worked.
But I have requests for jewelry and there is zip in the whole imagination department.

On another note, this past week we went to my parents place and Ronan just about gave my dad a heart attack.  Dad is in the living room with the kid and he turns around and there is Ronan standing on the freezer.  Ronan figured out to climb on top of the cases of pop like steps and then use the vcr tape stand(my parents still watch vcr tapes) and thus he gets on top of the freezer.  Getting down is a little more trickier  because then he knocks down some of the vcr tapes.
Did I tell you Ronan is the daredevil?  Where as Quinton is not!!!!

March 20th
Well it has been an interesting time, the weather has been nice and then it snowed here and now it is starting to melt again.
I have cleaned all my beads that I have made and now I have to work some more magic and make some pretty things to find new homes.

I find it amazing that no matter how many times I clean my work space, it is a disaster zone the very next day. So I keep trying to make a difference but it is a never ending circle.
The rest of the house is like that also but in the rest of the house I have 3 other people to blame.
But I have the spring cleaning bug and I keep plugging away.

March 7th, 2010
The weather is teasing us right now and the snow is melting like mad but I wonder if we are going to get a cold snap.
The boys have got colds today and I am a little worried because tomorrow I am suppose to be parent helper and bring snacks.  I guess if Quinton is bad in the morning I will just go and drop off the snacks for the kids and the cut outs that are needed for tomorrows projects.

I am hoping this week that I can go and cut some willow to make small wreaths for the kids at Quintons playschool.  We drive by this one area in town that has all this new growth and I have been itching to stop and attack it.  Will I get charged for cutting branches in an area that people drive by all the time?  I know you can get charged for digging small spruce trees out of the ditch.

March 6th, 2010
So I have sent off my pieces to be judged if they are good enough for a gallery show that is displaying all lampwork beads from Edmonton and area artists.  And I hope they are.  Now that they are gone, I wish I had taken the time to make one WILD piece but I didn't.  Maybe I will make one to wear for myself.

The end of February was my birthday and I took a course making beads with Kerri Fuhr
  This is the bead I bought from her.  I do like her work and maybe if I remember I will take pictures on the beads I made in her class.

I am all into the environment and being energy efficient but lately I am having doubts about somethings like:  we installed bedroom fans and put bulbs meant for fans that costed over $8.00 each and I now find them burning out.  In Ronan's room they only lasted 3 months, now I see one in Quintons' room is burnt.  And 3 weeks ago one in the dining room went.  So tell me why bother?  Especially for fan lights. 
So I may have to clean out a junk space and stock up on some old style bulbs just for the fan lights.  Oh and Ronans lights were guaranteed for 8 years and when this happened I mailed the info away and asked the company to send me coupons so that I can just buy different bulbs and they sent me the exact same ones.  Hello! they burnt out in 3 months, maybe I should use them and if they burn out send them back again.

On a bead note, I have been playing a little and made these
The first bead I made is the small bright yellow on the bottom of the first image and then the red one and then the transparent yellow ones.  The beads are quite pretty but good size that they could only be used at pendants.

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