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January and February 2010

feb 19th
beads and some pieces I have done



February 18th
Did you know I have vultures in my back yard?
I fill the bird feeders up and in 4-5 days they clean it out.  And do you think I can get a picture of them?  If now those finches would share with the chickadees then there would be more birds in the yard.
I have not been productive with making jewelry for the show.  I am trying to create new pieces but I think I just need to work on designing pieces I would want to wear and not think about what other people would want to wear.

February 10th
The days are going fast right now.  When the weather is nice I have been taking the boys out tobagganing or just digging in the snow.  I am not a snow person so this is a big thing to get me out of the house.

I am working on pieces for a gallery show in Edmonton and I am trying to do inventory since I did not do it sooner and it is tax season.

Next week is my lampwork guild meeting and they are asking us to bring any beads that did not work and talk about what we were trying to do with it.  Well I know I have lots of those beads but they are hidden somewhere or buried outside so I don't know if I will find anything by then.  

I was checking out movie trailers and there is a cats and dog sequel coming out.  And I don't know what to make of the MacGruber movie, considering I am a macgyver fan.

January 31st
Today was a fun day because we all went to see a practice of dog agility.  Which is an owner training a dog to do set tasks, like running over ramps and jumps and running threw tubes.

this is an example I found. 

In February there is a big event here 
NADAC(The North American Dog Agility Council) Agility Trials.  We stayed for about an hour or so and Ronan was totally fascinating.  I am planning on going to see the event because it is something you normally only see on TV and who knew it was here in Cold Lake?
January 24th
I am trying not to kick my kid to the curb but it has been hard these past  couple of days.   Ways I can torture a 4 year old:  hide his teddy, put away all his toys so that there are only Ronan toys, hide the cheese.  Any other things?
Because  I think he has been giving me the migraines.

Roy is coming up to his 7 days off and I hope he will let me torch because the lampwork guild is going to have a gallery show starting April and I want to enter some pieces.

January 15th
Since I cannot decide what to give away for beads for December I am going to get Quinton to pick beads and I am going to send a set to everyone that is voted(I better look at how many sets I need to make).
And tomorrow I am going to torch and maybe make beads to give away for this month, any color choices you would like?

I took Quinton to get his eyes checked today and I will be needing glasses not right now but by the beginning of Kindergarden or grade 1.  Poor guy, I didn't get my glasses until highschool but Roy had his as a kid.  I guess I should not complain to much, at the least the kid has good looking teeth so far.

January 7th
It has been a busy couple of weeks and yesterday I actually made beads since the beginning of December.  I am trying to make beads on Roys' days off because I have a class I am taking at the end of February so I want the practice.

Roy and I went to see avatar yesterday and was surprised how good it was because I had made doubts.  Love the necklace the real Signory Weaver wears during the movie and it makes me want to make one for myself that is very similar.

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