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november and december 2009

December 21st
Merry Christmas to you all.
I packaged all the cookies I made and I have 3 ice cream pails left.  I can't believe I made that many cookies and some new ones I tried are really good.  I didn't get to make biscotti cookies though, maybe next year.

Something went funky with my laptop and I am hopping to have it resolved tomorrow but I can only hope for the best. Considering it is xmas and getting things fixed right now will be a mircle.
Anyways Merry Christmas and I will talk to you soon.

December 14th
The weather is still pretty chipper here but we are dealing with it and I am trying to keep the boys busy.
I know I am crazy but I just found out that lego has gotten the Toy Story deal and they are coming out with Toy Story lego in January.  And I am so drooling over it all.  I already put my request in to Roy for all the sets because HELLO it is lego and Toy Story together.
Did I tell you I am a toy junkie?

December 12th
It is 11am and it is -36 outside and I see trees moving in the wind.  I really don't want to go outside.

It is 8am right now and the temperature outside reads -38 Celsius, I am not opening the door for anyone and the boys are not leaving. So much for seeing Santa today at the mall.
 I guess it is a good day to make cookies.
On the 5th of December,Ronan was so sick for the grandparents and then I noticed little red dots on him like the hives, well the dots got darker and I took him to the doctor to find out he has baby measels.  Can't the kid catch a break?

December 4th
The Edmonton show was great but I came home with both kids sick with colds and Ronan I ended up taking to the hospital to be checked out and they gave him a whole butt load of medicine.  And half of it he liked and the other half was a battle but he is taking it even if it has to kill me.

The weather has turned nasty here and tomorrow I have the ST.Paul craft show which I am looking forward to because it is the last craft show I do.  I still have many orders to fill but I am getting there and I have most of the beads made I just need to warm my office up so that I can make the finished pieces.

November 24th
some pieces I made for the edmonton show this weekend.
November 23rd
I just spent the last hour cleaning beads.  After you make the beads you have to clean the clay out of the centre so that the bead is ready to be strung.  It is not my favorite job because then my fingers get pruny looking.
Today Ronan said "hi" to me and Cathy and then later in the afternoon he looked at Roy and said "Hello"  I am taking this as his first words because a while back he did say "mom" but that was only to me.
here are the beads I got to make the last two days.
The craft show in Meadow Lake Saskatewan was nice.  I lucked out and found a ducky blanket that is the same furry fabric as Quinton's baby blanket.  The blanket he has was sewn by a good friend where as this new one is just serged around the edges.
And I did find this really neat jewelry that I can't wait to wear.  I buy alot of bead jewelry but it is hard to wear because people just presume it is mine so I am excited about these pieces because it not what I do but just as beautiful.

The next show I am doing is in Edmonton

November 19th
Well the trip to the city was great and the weather was beautiful.  The boys had fun at the farm and I don't know why but I see a change in Ronan.  He may not be talking but he is pointing alot and there is a change in how he looks at toys and things.  I can actually see his brain working.

Getting ready to do the Holly Berry craft show in Meadow Lake, Sask.  I have to remember the time difference and so I will have a very early morning on the road.

November 12th
Time flies when you are crazy.  I only got 3 days to torch this week and I tried to make the most of it. I made lots of snowmen and penguins and cutesy beads.  I even took one day just to make beads and play with colors and some of those beads actually look quite nice.

I am packing up the stuff for the fall arts and craft show on the Cold Lake Base

Tomorrow I am parent helper in Quinton's class and Quinton has to bring something for show and tell and I decided to take the drum and rattle I made years ago in the native arts course I took.  So I except alot of noise tomorrow.  I also have to bring a snack and I decided to make the kids be food testers and tell me which mock peanut butter and jelly sandwich they like(because it is no nut school).  I know I am crazy but I hope it will entertain the kids.

November 4th
Well it is 7pm here and all the boys are sleeping right now.  Ronan has the flu and Roy and Quinton have colds.  I have a cold too but someone has to hold it all together. I am trying to keep it together because I have  a craft show in Bonnyville on Saturday and I don't want to be sick and miss the show.  But it is only wednesday and I hope it all works out and I just get really sick(heaven forbid) on sunday.

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