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october 2009

October 1st

It has been very busy and cold here.  I am getting ready to do the trunk show in Sherwood Park this Saturday.

For the ultimate Trunk show in handmade glass beads

October 3rd from 10:00am to 4:00pm

at 21,99 Wye Road, Sherwood Park,AB. 

Here are some strands I have made


October 29th
Had some issues putting images on the website, thank you pappashop for fixing that. 
Here is a photo of the pumpkin we carved yesterday.  and there is the stupid ghost orb in the bigger photo.  I can't even tell it to go home because this was once probably it's home.  Stupid ghost.

October 28th
I got the flu shot a couple of days ago and last weekend I got the flu.  Thank you so much.  At least Roy was home to take are of the boys because I was not all there.
I did torch on Sunday and made penguins and snowmen plus some sheep so I was productive in some way.
Last night I finally cleaned my desk up because it has been getting very cluttered and distracting. I can't believe how much stuff I had on my desk.  

October 18th
I wanted you give you an idea of how my garden grew.  The large carrot is from my sisters garden and mine are beside it.
That is a big difference and hopefully next spring I will add more to my dirt so that it is not so rock hard so that vegetables do grow in it.  My potatoes where little also but very tasty.  Today was a nice day so I got Quinton to help rake the leaves and we got over 4 garbage bags for the composter.
Today I am making Borscht for supper(beet soup)  I hope the boys like it or they will be eating bread and butter, which they would be happy with also.

October 17th
It is hard to realize how time flies.  I took photos off my camera this evening and there were over 100 images.  I guess I should take them off my camera more often. But I was lucky and got some really good pictures of the boys.
I added some new images of the boys, you have to go through the cat door with Quinton.

October 12th
The last week Ronan has been taking a step or two here and there but on Saturday he saw me with a glass of ice tea and he and walked from the fridge to me, a whole 5 steps.  Well now he is practicing walking from one side of the room to the other.  It is funny to watch because he has his hands sticking out trying to balance himself and when he wears socks his legs get wider apart but it is so cute to see too.  Before I know it I will be running after him because I don't think he will be a walker like Quinton.  So far Ronan and Quinton have been totally different in their habits.

Here are the beads I made today.  I think the Quartz element in my kiln may be going so I ordered another one just in case and it should be here next week.  I am going to keep my fingers crossed that the kiln will keep working until then because Roy has Thursday off and I can torch that day.

October 7th

Well the show at Crimpz Bead boutique in Sherwood Park was great.  It was a long day but a lot of fun.
I hope the next time I go down with beads for sale I will get to see the finished pieces.  How exciting is that?

I really like to see what other people have done with my beads because we all think so differently.  And I do have alot more beads to make now.
So now the push is on to get jewelry done so that I will have enough for the upcoming shows starting in November.

Yesterday Ronan(the baby) was pushing Quinton around the house on Mator.  It is a toy push car Quinton got when he was little to help him learn to walk and for me to push him around on.

This is Mator.  I did not get pictures of the boys together(stupid batteries) but I hope to witness that phenomenon again so that I can get pictures.

And the other day Quinton tells Roy "the little dude is really cruising!"  and Roy asks"who?"  "Baby Ronan" .  Okay I think we may say dude just a little too much but I guess it could be worse by calling the boys the bad word to poop.

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