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august 2009

August 17th
Yesterday we took a trip to the city, Roy even came.  We dropped the boys off at the farm(thanks baba and guido) and then Roy dropped me off at the LRT and went shopping. 
The Wholesale show started today, it is a show for business's to go and buy things for their stores. Roy does not usually come with me because it is very busy and he is not a big fan of large crowds.  I go to there to buy supplies and boy I blew my budget.  The event now takes place in one building which has 5 different halls.  Let me tell you that you cannot do it all in a day and remember what you wanted. But anyways, now I have to wait for my items to come by mail because you cannot take your purchases out of the show.

Roy actually went to a movie, harry potter, and then went shopping.  Does that give you an idea how long it took me at the show and to be honest I did not get to that many booths, maybe 5 or 6.
We came home by 8:30 because Roy works today and believe it or not, Quinton slept in the truck and then went into the house brushed his teeth and went straight to bed.  Wow I think I will be up at 6am for him today.(hey it is midnight while I am typing this which means I better get to bed).

August 15th
When making beads we wrap molten glass around a steel rod that has been dipped in a clay/release, this is to be able to get your beads off.
Last year when I placed an order with Frantz, they sent this sample bottle of clay from some new company and no matter what I did either the clay flaked off as soon as the flame touched it or the clay would break off once I added glass to it.  So after mixing any other brand of clay I had in my collection, I got it to be half decent.  Now the bottle is finally empty and I opened my "bucket of mud" and wow  I missed it.  Mind you I still mix another release with it to change the consistency but it is so much better for me, it holds what I need it to hold and it is easy to clean .
There are so many brands of bead release on the market that you do need to try them to see which ones you like and I do rotate between 3 of them and sometimes I mix all 3 together.

So when you buy beads from beadmakers, we normally clean out the clay from the beads so that it looks neat and it is ready to string.  When you buy beads from China or India they do not clean out that clay(white powder on the inside) so that is something to look for when you want to buy beads that are handmade from a particular artist and not mass produced.

August 14th
This morning while I was feeding Ronan, Bo on the Go (cartoon) started and I caught him swaying to the music and he even was clapping his hands.  So everytime I started singing the song he would clap and sway.  This evening Roy picks him up to go to bed and on TV is a STYX  concert and Ronan is bouncing on Roy's arm.  It was so cute and when I got the camera out for both of the events, Ronan stopped dancing.
 Quinton liked music but only at home when there is no one else around.  We would go to the singing groups and he would hide or cry but once we got home, a day or two later, he would ask me to sing a particular song.  I wonder if Ronan will be the same: only at home and not in public since I can't get it on tape.

I added new bead sets to the website.
Quinton is at grandma and grandpas this afternoon.  It was kinda weird because there was no one  to yell that Ronan was up to no good.

August 12th
Well hello
I survived Fort McMurray and had a great time.  The weather was great until the last day when there was a quick and wicked rain storm.

  It was good to see old friends, made me miss the town alot.  Everyone thought I was crazy when I told them I didn't mind driving on the highway up there too.  Yeah I am not a big fan of the WIDE loads or the crazy drivers but the scenery is beautiful.  I even drove past our old house which is for sale again, reminds me to go online to see what the people want for it(just curious).

I can't wait to go up there again(yes I am crazy).
After not seeing the boys for 4 days, Ronan saw me and had a big smile and then he would not stop hugging me and Quinton was like" hi mom, move, your in the way of my TV".

I have loads of beads to make and pieces to put up for sale online.

August 5th

 I am on my way to Interplay in Fort McMurray, it will be downtown
for 3 days of fun.  I hope the weather is nice this weekend.

Festival Dates/Marketplace Times:

Friday, August 7th, 11 am – 10 pm
Saturday, August 8th, 11 am – 10 pm
Sunday, August 9th, 11 am – 6 pm

For more information

5  Day of no internet, I think I can do it.

The air show in Cold Lake this past weekend was fun.  I was not on the beach so there where some shows I did not see but I did get to see the snowbirds which I have never seen live before.
It was nice.  I was going to take the boys down on Sunday but half way through it started to rain and when it finally stopped and the show resumed it was the thought of putting up with 2 cranky boys.  Quinton needed a nap that day.  Oh and did I remember to take a camera?  NO! and there were some nice shots that I could have taken.

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