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july 2009

July 31st
So I am crazy and decided at the last moment to do the air show.  I will have my table set up at the Wild Rose Gallery in Cold Lake tomorrow only.  The air show starts, I think, around 11am but I will be there way sooner.  The shop is not by the lake but by the marina.

619 Lakeshore drive.

I know I am crazy.

July 27th
Hello and welcome to the crazy world of Iona.
 If you don't hear from me, I want you to know that I am either busy trying to make beads or jewelry. And that is in between the kids.
I hope to have some new pictures for you soon but who knows when it will happen.  Let us be honest: When Roy is home I am torching in the morning and then spending the day with the kids and him and when the boys go to bed at 8:30 or 9:00pm that is when I get time to come down to my office to work.  And on Roys' days off, he wants to spend the evening with me snuggling on the couch.  Yeah like that is going to happen while I am in a panic to get pieces done.(sorry dear)
So I am busy like a bee and want to be like this until I have to leave to take the kids to the sitter before Fort Mac. Or my head blows up, which ever comes first.

July 25th
It has been a crazy time.
Interplay in Fort McMurray is on it's way and I am getting ready for it.

Downtown Fort Mcmurray with 3 days of fun

Festival Dates/Marketplace Times:

Friday, August 7th, 11 am – 10 pm
Saturday, August 8th, 11 am – 10 pm
Sunday, August 9th, 11 am – 6 pm

For more information

July 15th
This weekend I took the boys to a bridal shower and it was fun. Unfortunately Quinton had a nap after the party and then got really sick after that. Sunday he was still not feeling well so I decided to go home and he was sleeping most of the time until the last hour or so and then he kept crying that he wanted to lie down in his bed.  We got home and he went straight to bed and slept the whole day.  At 1am he came to sleep in our bed which was too warm because he puked again.  Great.  So here he is hysterical that he is sick and Ronan wakes up to see what the noise is about.  both boys did not go to bed until just about 3am and then at 5am Quinton calls for me and I end up sleeping in his bed because I did not want him in my bed again.  He wakes at 6:30 all full of joy that it is day time.  Okay just breath Iona.
Did I tell you Ronan had a fever wed, thur because he was teething?
How do parents deal with kids that are sick at the same time when all they want is MOMMY?

And I have been going to be after midnight practically every night because I have been making jewelry after the boys have gone to bed.  Here is an example

July 5th

We just got home from a birthday party, it was a second one this week.  So Quinton is sick of cake (I think) and Ronan is tired of being in the sun.
I wanted to post pictures of the boys for the family in Ontario and to let you know that I am making beads and jewelry right now because I do have INTERPLAY in Fort McMurray this August.

So images of the boys will be on their page just find Quinton going threw the cat door and he will take you to the page.

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