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june 2009

June 25th
It has been a busy time.  I took the boys to the farm this past weekend and it has been non stop ever since. 
It rained cats and dogs last weekend so I came home with a garden full of weeds and I am kinda picking threw them because my rows are questionable so which are weeds and which aren't?
The boys have been sick with lovely colds, like usual and Ronan even lost his voice for a couple of days and now it feels like I have whatever they had but because I am the mom it is 10 times worst.
I have been working on making jewelry once the kids have gone to bed and since it is summer, their bed time is 9pm and they wake about around 7am(if I am lucky).  So right now it is 11:30pm and I am trying to be creative and not hopped up on caffeine.

June 15th
It is just about midnight but I wanted to show you one of the bracelets I am working on.

June 13th
I am at Roys computer using Safari and I can access my website, awesome.  Guess what you are dong this coming week Roy?  Like there is not enough to do this week.
This is what happens when a kid gets to chew on a wax crayon.

one of the few half decent shots I have of Quinton.

June 12th
It can be frustrating when facebook has an easy way to add photos and here it takes way more work.  So that is why I have not added photos of the boys here because I have been putting them there.  If you want to see them here, let me know and I will do it.
Last night both boys did not go to bed until 11pm.  I did put them sooner but they did not go to sleep until then.  They both woke up around 6am.  So tonight at 8pm, I dressed the boys to play in the park and we got back at 9pm and I gave them a bath and by 10pm Ronan passed out but Quinton is still awake in bed.
Tomorrow we are going to a friends garage sale and then we are going to see the firefighters do races.  I know it will be hot but I hope it is not too hot.  I will remember to pack lots of drinks and sunscreen.
Working on Interplay pieces for Fort McMurray.

June 7th
Ronan is now doing a military crawl, which is pulling himself around with his hands and feet while his tummy still drags on the ground.  He really likes it because he can really get around more but it is harder for me because I really have to make sure the floor is clean.

Yesterday we went to the Maple Flag open house to see the planes.  Cold Lake has this event every summer and it is like Top Gun and it runs for several weeks but there is one day that they open to the public where you can talk with the pilots from other countries and see the planes up close.  The sky was over cast but it never rained which was nice and Quinton actually wanted to see the planes up close where last year he was more excited about the fork lift truck.
Roy has this weekend off so I am trying to fill an order.  A young girl ordered a giraffe, hippo, goat, parrot and a couple of other animals which is a challenge because I have not made any of these animals before.  If I get any that look like these I will post pictures.

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