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may 2009

May 29th
So I called another company for dirt and they delivered me 4 yards of dirt the day I called.  Which by the way ended up raining really hard when the guy came with the dirt.  So we got it covered so that it would not be soaked through.
Today is Friday, I got the dirt Tuesday evening and I hauled at least 3 yards of it to the garden Wednesday and Thursday.  How much is 4 yards of dirt? Think 4 pickup trucks hauling dirt, it has to be about that.  The garden is filled now and Roy is going to till it for me on Monday and I hope to get the garden planted on Tuesday. 
What am I going to do with the last of the dirt?, I am offering some to the neighbor and the rest I guess I will put around our spruce trees and around the house, maybe use it to transplant some of my pots in the house since some of the plants look to be busting out.  Which means I have to get larger pots for the plants.

May 25th
Well I have been patiently waiting for the guy to deliver dirt for my garden.  And it has not shown up yet.  So today I went and got a small trailer full and it doesn't seem to make a dent in that garden.  So I will keep plugging away at it and  hopefully before mid June I will have enough dirt to plant SOMETHING in the garden.  Either that or I will have to run to the farm and help my mom plant hers.

May 20th
I am working on an anniversary special. Right now everything on the site is 40% off.  I will try add more in the next couple of days, kids permitting.

May 18th
Holy man the time is flying.
Just got back from Edmonton and visiting the family and Quinton just mentioned about going back to the farm.  Well kid you are going to have to wait until there are no more snow warnings.  Yup tomorrow we are to be getting snow and a fair bit too.  I could hope not.
Wednesday I have to register Quinton in playschool.  Playschool where has the time gone but I am looking forward to it because I am a little tired of "mom" "mom""Mom" over and over again.  My sister says that it does not stop until they hit 12 and then around 14 it starts again until they leave home.
Hoping my dirt comes this week so I can haul it to the garden and plant some potatoes. And Roy is off this week, so I am hoping to be able to do some work here because there are people to email and pictures to post.
I think I will be dumping the kids at the grandparents for a little while too.

May 8th
Today Cathy and I made pedishka.  There are are potato filled bun which is very yummy.  Well between the two of us we did it all in less then 2 hours and I made off with 6 1/2 dozen and Cathy took the rest which I am guessing would be close to that also.
We got the wood for my garden box, we just need the soil to show up.  And who knows when that will happen.
May 3rd
The day is beautiful here and the boys and I spent the morning in the backyard.
Yesterday we took grandma to some garage sales and then we went to check out a craft show here in the area.  It was not bad and it seemed fairly busy.
This week seems like it may be busy because there are beads to be made and I have to make perogies and pedishka.  Cathy is going to help because she wants to make some to take to Ken's house.  So there is a 2-3 day project because you have to make the filling, which is the same for both, and perogies you freeze raw and pedishka you have to bake.  Boy I hope I have the room to put cookie sheets in my freezer.

Since I was a slacker and did not pull a name for March, I decided to blend March and April together.  And the month of May is when I started my website so I want to put something special for a prize.  I just have to dig in my goodie box.

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