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march and april 2009

April 28th

Time flies with two little kids chewing at your ankles.
The time at the farm was great even with the cool weather.  Quinton was all excited because his sandpile was clear of snow and he was able to play in it.
But he is upset with me because he wanted to go to "aunty shannon's house" and we never made it.  So now he keeps asking.  He only wants to go to her place because she has a box of tractors that he plays with.

I actually got to make some beads this past weekend, but they are not that exciting.  Roy gets the next couple of days off so I hope to get one day to torch and I to expand my garden and that is a project I want to get to this week or the next.  Nothing like having to haul soil down steep hill to the back yard.

April 19th
Just packing up some stuff to go to the farm tomorrow.  The lampworkers guild meeting is on Tuesday and I plan to attend.
And I have not told Quinton that we are going to the farm yet.  Last time I told him he didn't eat his breakfast and was at the door getting his boots and jacket on while he was still in his pjs.
Roy I think is all excited about us going because he can be on his game uninterrupted.
April 17th
I hope you all had a great Easter.  The boys were sick with very nasty colds that weekend so our weekend was FUN.  Ronan was slobbering like mad and finally on Tuesday he popped his first tooth. And yesterday, his second one popped out.

The weather has been nice here and the snow is fast disappearing, which is nice, but Quinton wants to go outside all the time and he does not understand the concept that I have to feed Ronan and everyone else.
So I am trying to work out a system so that we go outside earlier in the day and then in the evening.
The truck is being fixed in this week so we have a little car to drive around, I hope it will be done today because I am hoping to be able to go to the city this coming week.

On the 18th there is a big baby consignment sale happening on the base.  I am volunteering some time to help out and I plan to take some items for the sale but not alot.  I am finding it hard to get rid of the cloths Ronan has outgrown so I guess I am going to try in to put things for sale in their fall sale.  Hopefully by then I will be willing to give the cloths up.  I think I am putting it off just in case something happens.  Not me getting pregnant but someone I know needing it.

April 9th

This past weekend we went to Kindersly Saskatewan to Roys brothers wedding.  It was a very nice and personal wedding.  They had their ceremony in their living room with 20 or so family and friends. 
When we left Cold Lake there was a lot of snow on our yard and going into Sask., they had very little snow on the yards and fields.  We had way too many winter cloths for the trip.
After the wedding we went off to Regina to visit our girlfriends who live there.
We shopped at some cool shops one groovy mama is a womans store.
  And one store called dessart sweets  which is a store with awesome candy from the past and other countries.  The store had small treat bags with an assortment of candies from a certain year and they were so cute I could not resist.  Sorry no pictures because we ate most of the candy.
We girls even went to the spa while the boys hung out together.
The kids were really good this trip and were a hit with every girl they came near.

This weekend I plan on making Paska, which is an Ukrainian easter bread and tomorrow night Roy and I will package Quinton's candy up from the easter bunny.  We have a whole bunch of plastic eggs and we are going to put 2-3 skittles in them and then hide them around the house for him to find.  I figure by the time he finds all the eggs he will have a good collection of skittles.  I had  a bag I bought for Quinton a while back and did not give them to him so I figure now is a good time.

Monday I have to take the truck in to be fixed, mid-march someone hit the drivers side back corner while it was parked in a store parking lot and made the paint flake off and since we keep our vehicles for a very long time it is important to keep it in fair shape.

March 31st

Holy cow time is flying.
The weather is nice so I have been taking Quinton on the tobaggan as much as possible.  I had originally taken him on a crazy carpet, because we both can go on it and he went a couple of times by himself but he did faceplant and now refusing to go on it alone.  So Roy had to dig out the gt crusier, I think it is called, and he loves going on that but then we have to go down the hill to pull the bloody thing up and he usually wants a ride up.

Getting ready to go to a wedding soon and it is a good time because Quinton is asking to go somewhere.  Today he asked me if we could go to Shannons' house today.  And it looks like for Easter we are not going home but staying in Cold Lake.

Right now it feels like I do not have a lot of time to do anything I want.  With Quinton and Ronan both wanting all my time, I start wishing they would nap at the same time once in a while, so that I can get some afternoon time.  It sucks that the only time I get is once they go to bed and by then I am tired.  Yeah I get time when Roy is home but he is a shift worker so it is not like I get time everyday.

March 21st
Tomorrow I go to babyshower for a friend who just had her baby this past week.  I am excited to see the baby and also the boys are going to go to grandma and grandpa's for a couple of hours.  2 hours with no boys and not being at home  it will be interesting what I will make for supper for Roy though.
Today Ronan spent most of the days in the carrier because I was tired of holding him in my arms and he cried when I set him down and you can only handle so much crying.  I even had him in the carrier while I got Quinton ready for bed.

  This is a picture of the fort we made. 
Quinton wanted me to come in but not Ronan so I had to make a sign for his fort.
That said "no babies"  he even made me draw a picture of a baby and put a line threw it.

March 20th
It snowed this weekend and I mean A LOT.  And on the 19th the afternoon was close to +10 Celsius.  And I can't really complain because spring is around  the corner somewhere.

I took my mother in law and the boys to go swimming.  We had fun but did not stay long because the pool had a strong chlorine smell.

Ronan is starting to practice rolling over more.

They are renovating the walmart to make it a super center.  I am not sure about it.  I finally went to one in Fort Saskatewan and the first thing I could think of is " where is my motorized wheeler?"  Yeah there can be benefits but please...  they are getting rid of the sewing center, and nothing is more annoying then when you are in the baby section and realize you need something in the grocery section.  It is like having to go from one side of the mall to another just for ONE item.  And it is not going to make it faster when you are at the tills now that is slow enough right now.

March 13th
Hello  I have been preparing for the Cold Lake House and Home show on the 14th and 15th and that is not alot.
The beginning of this week it was -30 Celsius and Thursday the day turned out to be -6 Celsius.
Things I have learned this week:  Quinton is smarter then your average bear.
Ronan smiles at anything and loves to watch his brother.

When someone hits the back of your truck, be it not major, you have to replace your kids car seats. 
And thank you to the person that did dent the bumper and side tool box and ran away:  Nothing like more to organize in MY life. 
Hey something good did come out of this so far, I took Quinton to the cop station and he met a police officer.

Tomorrow will be a hectic day with finishing touches on the pieces I have, taking the boys swimming, picking up parcels, paying bills, getting the car started, getting ink for the printer because it is out and so forth.  Did I say I was going to be home sometime during the day?

March 8th
The birthday party was very good.  It was a small gathering which was nice because it takes Quinton a long time to warm up to other kids around him.  And to be honest, I don't think he would have went without a fight, but I told him that there were toys to play with. 
So we get there and I get out of the truck and both boys are passed out and I had to wake them.  Quinton does not want to come in because there are "strange" people at the door but he does, the kids are all playing up stairs and I took him to one bedroom with toys and he looks at them and decides there are too many kids(one kid is too many for him) and then I take him downstairs to the playroom.  Well he was his glory and played all by himself for a long while.  After a hour or so he finally starts to check out the kids and begins to play beside them and by the time we were leaving he was having fun.  It was a battle to get him out of the house.
I am glad he had fun and Monica's cake for her daughter was GREAT.  Monica made it for her and it was 3 layers kinda like bowler hat that was blue with smarties and princess's. 

It has been snowing these last couple of days and I honestly can't wait for spring even if it does mean the spring thaw of the dog poop some people do not pick up from other peoples property.  Can you tell I am a big fan of dogs?

I finally have a little time to get ready for the show I am doing in Cold Lake this coming weekend and I am trying to make the best of it but am not getting too far because here I am on the computer.  So I will leave you for now.  Take care.

March 6th
On Wednesday morning we woke up to about 8 inches of snow.  On Thursday morning we woke up to light snow with blowing winds to make pretty drifts.  What to except on Friday?
Well it was -30 Celsius in the morning but by noon it was nice that Quinton and I shoveled the sidewalk and driveway and played in the snow.  He did not want to come in until he got snow in his mitts.
Saturday we have a fun birthday party to look forward to and who knows what else will happen.

March 3rd
Today it snowed.  Which is perfect because I got Roy to plow his parents yard on Sunday and I know he will not want to go do it again.
Roy has tomorrow off so I have plans kinda.  In the morning I will take the boys to paint at parent link(Wednesday is painting day).  Then I want to work in my office and take the boys tobagganing and a zillion other things before Roy gets on his game at 6:30pm.

March 1st
Hello.  I am working on some pieces for a show that is
on March 14 and 15, 2009  at the Exhibition Grounds Beside the BINGO hall.
4608-38 Ave Cold Lake Alberta.

Show Time: Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday 12 to 5pm

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