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February 2009

Feb 24th
Sorry I have not come here sooner, it has been busy.
Last week I took the boys to the farm for a couple of days and they had a blast.  Quinton likes going to the farm because even if it is too cold to go outside there a lots of "new" toys to play with because he has not seen them in along time.  We came home the day of his speech class and we made in with just a couple of minutes to spare.
 Roy was working nights so I could not get anything done but now that he has days off and tomorrow is my birthday, I have work to do.
I want to make beads in the morning and maybe get some more inventory done.
I have beads piled that I want to make jewelry with but I keep saying to myself"not until you finish counting everything".  But I am determined because I am getting tired of counting, it does not help when you can only do a hour or two every couple of days.

Ronan has starting sticking his tongue out at anyone who will look at him.  It is cute to see with his chubby face I will see if I can get a picture.
Hopefully all will be done this week and then I can continue with the projects.

Feb 14th
I got Quinton to help pick some beads for the monthly contests and we made 5 sets and once the camera is charged I will get photos of them.
Everyone is still with a cold and now Roy has it too( that is what you get for making fun of me and my lack of voice).
Monday we are planning on going to the city, weather permitting, to see the family and my lampworking guild has a meeting on Tuesday that I want to go to.

The other day I thought I would sing to Quinton and as I started "little red bird.." Quinton turns to me and says "Baba sing me little red bird" so I had to ask if I could sing it to him and he did say yes.  Since when is a kids song just for one adult in the family to sing?

What are we doing for Valentines day? well nothing special, but we are doing a chocolate fondue which I look forward too.
What about you, what are you doing?

I did add some new photos of the boys on their page just click on Quinton below in the kitty door.

Feb 8th
I added some new beads on the Etsy site.
We have had lovely colds this past week.  It does not help when one day it is +2 and the next -12 Celsius.

Tomorrow Roy has off and I hope to be able to make some beads.  While he is working and the boys actually nap at the same time, I have been slowly doing inventory of my supplies to see if I need anything.

Feb 5th
I got my other set of beads that I  made in the Sherry Bellamy class, and as I was taking one bead off I broke the end of it.  I checked it and I found I had a rough spot on my rod and that when pulling it off the rod, it broke the end of the bead (DARN).

I was going to write more but I see it is noon and Quinton has an appointment at 1pm. Later

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