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january 2009

Jan 13th
This morning I made some beads and just as I am wrapping up, I am starting to have a tummy ache so I go inside.  Well let me tell you that I spent my afternoon on the bathroom floor.  So poor Ronan was in the living room crying and I could not help him,  good thing Roy came home to save the day with the kids.  Around 6pm, I started feeling normal again.

Here are the beads I made

Jan 12th
This past weekend the boys were sick.  One day was Quinton and then it was Ronan, nothing like making sure I am awake.  And I had a migraine for 3 days straight, we were not a good group to be around.

I bought these oranges just today and they are really good, they are very small so Quinton likes them because it fills that orange craving without wasting so much.

See how small they are? 

We have had alot of snow these last couple of days and we are to be getting another 8-10cm this evening.  It is 10pm and it does not look like it but the weather could change and then I would have to shovel more snow.  Roy was nice enough and pulled out the snow blower today.  The snow blower kind a scares me, so I have not used it, I would rather shovel at this point.  Maybe when we get a dump or a foot or more of snow, I will pull it out.

I started going back to Curves to find out they are closing on the 28th of January.   There is a new rec. centre that opened in Cold Lake and they have a supposedly good gym and I guess I will have to go and check them out now.

Jan 7th
Nothing like being sick to ruin a weekend.  But I am better now and trying to be productive again and the weather is a little warmer this week.  There are even rumors of a possible +1 Celsius this week.

Today is Ukrainian Christmas today, Merry Christmas to you all.
I guess this means in the next couple of days I have to take down all the decorations and store them away for another year.

Jan 2nd
the weather is cold here, like always it seems.
I actually tried to make beads today, tried.  When you have not done something for awhile it is hard to get back on the wagon.  Boy I only made 7 beads in 2hours and they are all ugly.

I am glad Christmas is over and we are not traveling for awhile.  We left to the farm on the 25th and we were on the road every day until we came home on the 30th.  Quinton was happy to be there but by the 29th he was asking when we were going home.  I personally tried to put it off because I knew I would have to come home and do inventory.

I am not one to make resolutions but I did make one this year:  be consistent on getting Quinton to stop sucking his thumb.   Whenever he holds Murphy he has to suck his thumb.

Jan 28th
The course with Sherry Bellamy was great.  I won't lie and say I made very ugly beads, very ugly.  But I am optimistic that I will prevail and make it work in my beads.
The weather sucked though the weekend of the course, after having -2Celsius weather the weekend of the class was COLD, one morning it was -34 Celsius.  We stayed at my parents house so it was an hour drive for me to the city, so that cold weather sucked because then the roads were slightly icy. Here are my ugly beads, I must say though, I did learn some great things in her class and I am glad I did it.  I do have beads from my last day of the course still at the store, so when I finally get them I will show them because I think they may be the best I did in the class.

Jan 17th
So I was sicker then a dog on Tuesday, and all the boys were just with slight tummy aches ( can you here me cussing at them) on the following days.  And that just gets my goat.

This evening I wrapped presents for a birthday party the kids and I are going to  and then it will be a mad pack to get ready to go to Edmonton.

Last summer I signed up for a course with Sherry Bellamy in Red Deer and had to cancel because I was pregnant, well she is coming to edmonton this week to teach and I am going to take the course.

I am a little scared because I have not really torched a lot since November but I am really excited because she makes different beads.

There were to milestones that happened this past week:  Ronan rolled onto his side  and Quinton played a Toopy & Binoo game on my computer with very little help from an adult.  Mind you I can only let me him for 15 -20 minutes because then he gets out of control with the mouse but he is pretty good at it for a 3 year old.

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