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December 2008

Dec 22nd
It is freezing cold here.  Saturday we could not start the truck because it was so cold.
We opened our xmas presents on Saturday because Roy starts nights today and is working nights the whole week and he wanted to have time to play with toys.  It was good Quinton liked handing out the presents to us and himself.
The biggest surprise for me, is Roy got me an ipod touch, which is really cool.  We bought some games for it to try it out and there is enough room in it to fit all my old time radio shows.  How nce is that?
Sunday there was no power for 3-4 hours, which is not good in -30 Celsius weather.  Good thing we have a fire place.  Quinton  told me yesterday he was hunger while the power was out and I was thinking of making sandwiches and then I realized we could have hotdogs over the fire, which he totally loved.  He ate 2 and a half hotdogs!
Dec 19th
Yesterday, Ronan turned 3 months.  It is hard to believe, where has the time gone.
Roy works nights this week so it looks like we are going to open presents this weekend so that he has time to play with all the toys the boys get.
Saturday, I have one last batch of cookies to make, a cheese cake and hopefully we will go and get pictures with Santa in the afternoon.

Dec 14th
Well we came home Friday from Edmonton because there was to be a cold spell happening and boy it was a cold spell.  Saturday was -30 Celsius with wind -40 and today I woke to the gauge saying -35 Celsius (about -30 F) with wind -47 or so Celsis.
Made the first set of cookies today.  I have A LOT of cookies to make.  I plan on filling containers of cookies for the family because we did not buy presents this year.  Oh surprise you guys are getting cookies. 
Tomorrow I hope to get Quinton to help me decorate our 2 foot Christmas tree.  He has been a good sport with helping me wrap presents, he has even wrapped some himself (which look way too funny).

Dec 8th
It is 8pm and the kid is driving me CRAZY. 
Wednesday, weather permitting, I plan on taking the boys to the farm for a couple of days.  The lampworking guild has their potluck dinner on Thursday and I would like to attend since I have been unable too the last couple of months.  And maybe I can get some shopping in too, not so much xmas shopping because I am not buying anything for anyone, just "me" shopping.  (Maybe a present for Roy that I can afford because he has expensive taste).

Anybody want a kid for a couple of days?  You pay the shipping!!!!

Dec 4th
Okay I picked winners for the last months giveaways.  I combined Oct and Nov giveaways because I have baby brain.  December giveaway has a bird with the flowers that is why the thumbnail is different from the main image.
Ronan has  been sick the last couple of days and has not slept very well during the day.  And it is midnight now and I know I should be in bed but here I am like a crazy woman.

Dec 1st
This past weekend we were sick with very bad colds, thanks Roy for bringing it home.
But today was better for us and we went out to hang with the other mommies and their kids.
Tomorrow, I hope to get torch time in to make more xmas beads to fill my orders.



Ronan started sucking his thumb, 2 months old and he is sucking his thumb.  The larger image is a picture I have of his bad hair day.

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