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November 2008

Nov 17th
This weekend was busy for me and it was weird leaving the boys at the grandparents for 2 days.  Today they are both sticking to me like glue and Ronan got spoiled by the grandparents holding him, so he wants me to hold him alot.  I like holding him but when he is sleeping, I except him to sleep in his bed.

Last week I made polar bear beads and santa beads and I did not take pictures of them and they sold this weekend.  I did keep the first ones I made of each so I hope to get pictures of them soon.  And with my last show being in a couple of weeks, I need to make more of them because they did have a good response.

We finally got snow here, it is not alot but it makes it cold outside.  Quinton was all excited the first day we got snow (on the 11th) that we had to go out first thing in the morning to play in the snow.  He was quite upset when we had to come in because Ronan woke up and started crying.

Nov 11th


Nov 8th
The weather is getting colder here and we actually had some snow yesterday.  Today I did not torch but I hope to do so tomorrow.
I took new pictures of Ronan today that I hope will work out.

One of our grocery stores is remodelling and everyday they are putting things on discount if they don't have enough shelf space.  So it has been hard not going to check out what they discounted every day, this morning I bought a large collection of jams for .79cents each and my mother-in-law just called to say cans of tomatoe sauce are .15cents each.  I even bought bottles of A-1 sauce for .79 cents.  A couple of days ago, I bought rechargeable batteries for $4.00 a package.

Nov 6th
Well for halloween we had around 200 kids again.

Roy has this week off, so I am trying to torch just a couple of hours in the morning every day.  So far I have 20 something snowman made.  Today I made turtles.
Doing the time change screwed up my schedule with Ronan and I was just getting use to it.

This is Ronan and my dad.

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