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october 2008

pumpkin done click for larger image

Oct 29th
The show was very good considering the weather was windy and with a little snow.
We came home with colds, which worked out well considering Roy had a cold already.
Today I hope to carve the pumpkin with Quinton for halloween and I have to pull out the tub to put candies in.
I don't know if he will dress up for halloween because it usually is a battle to just put cloths on, but grandma is going to be here to take him just in case.

Oct 22nd

3rd Annual Fall Sale
Lampwork Glass Beads and Glass Bead Jewellery
Date:  Saturday, October 25, 2008
Time:  10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Place:  Strathcona Community League
10139 - 87 Avenue, Edmonton

Hope to see you there.

October 19th
Today the inlaws came over for supper at our house and I am not a person that does entertaining of any kind.  Having a gathering of people in my house actually scares the pants off of me.  Real good, I know, for someone that makes and sells beads and jewelry.  Anyways the supper went well and they got to cuddle Ronan while they were here.   My mother in law brought this pumpkin angel food cake which was really good and I am not an angel good cake person.  She told me that she will give me the recipe and maybe I will post it here if anyone is interested.

 Tomorrow they will watch the boys for a couple of hours so that I can torch.

And I got in to the bead show happening on saturday the 25th in Edmonton.  I will have to find the info and will post it as soon as I do find it.

Oct 15th
The weekend at the farm was good but fast.  Saturday we ran to the city to the Mac store to see about getting the letter"d" to work on my computer.  It happens that there was a small seedbead stuck under it.  Roy got me to buy a key board cover to hopefully prevent the problem ever happening again.  The good thing is, is I did not have to pay for the tech to fix it and Roy got to shop at the store.

Sunday was supper with all the family and they totally fond over Ronan and Quinton was not that bothered because there were toys to play with, puppies to push around and who ever wasn't with Ronan spent some time with him.
But I did not get any pictures of anyone holding Ronan, like I did with Quinton and like a dork, I did not realize it until we were coming home.  Next time.

My days of having a nap in the morning and sometime during the day are over, Roy started a new job on Tuesday and now I have to be up for Quinton.  Which would not be so bad but last night Ronan was up most of the night and I think I only got 4 hours of sleep and some of that was only in half hour stretches.  I will adjust in a couple of days, I hope.

I have a craft show on the 1st and it is going to be a long day.  But now I have to make time to do either beads or jewelry before that.

Oct 11th
This is the Canadian thanksgiving weekend and it will be interesting.
Sunday is supper with my family and it is also my parents anniversary, if I guess right they have been married over 45 years now, WOW.

Quinton is looking forward to going to the farm because my sister has this box of toy tractors and he has a catalog he wants to match the toys with the pictures.
And of course the family wants to see the new kid, who is totally a daddy's boy because he likes to lie on daddy's chest.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.

oct 8th
Yesterday we went on a short trip and I turn around to check on the boys and I busted Quinton copying a face Ronan makes.  I asked him if he was copying Ronan and he says "no" and keeps making the pouty(fish)lips he was doing it on his own.

Artzee still does not work and I don't know why and my letter "d" still is not working well.  So if I have missed it somewhere, forgive me.

Oct 5th
After several hot days that we had, we woke up to rain.  I guess I should have put those leaves that I raked yesterday in bags to be composted.
I found some beads the other day that I hope Ronan and Quinton will give me time to take pictures of.  And I have 3 craft shows in the area that I will be doing november and december so far.  I don't want to do too many because Ronan is so new and I don't know his eating habits yet but I want to try to do a few so that I feel like I have done something this year.
The Lampworking guild I am in is doing a show at the end of October but I was in labour when the sign up sheet got emailed out, so I am not doing that one.

Oct 2nd
Artzee website is messed up right now and I don't know why.

Ronan has been challenging these past couple of days and I am pretty well running on fumes.  Last night I actually got to sleep for 2 hours straight and that is why I am on the computer today, because I feel awake.
The weather here has been beautiful, we are having +20 and more Celius weather.   And I even have taken the kids out, I even made Roy take Quinton to hang out outside.

I can't believe it is October already.  I think I have all the halloween treats ready.  I bought enough for 200 kids, but I may buy extra just in case.  Last year we had over 150 kids come to our door and I gave cans of pop, whatever candy I had in the house and then juice boxes at the end of the night.  This year I have some pop (because it wasn't on sale very much), kool-aid juice boxes, and playdough.

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