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september 2008

Sept 28th

Well the "d" on my computer still sticks and I guess the next time we are in the city I will have to go to the Mac store to get it fixed.
Ronan has been a handful and so has Quinton in his own way.  Ronan is jaundice so I have been having to wake him every couple of hours to feed him and he is a night baby (he stays up at night and sleeps most of the day). 
Tonight or tomorrow I will have to work on the birth announcements to send out.
And my brain feels like it is going to mush already.


Sept 24th

I threw Quinton and Roy out of the house this morning so that I could get some work down on the computer and maybe a short nap. 
We are trying to adjust to the new baby and spending time with Quinton but it is a challenge. 
And it is hard to take pictures of Ronan without a flash (because a flash is not good for a babys' eyes).  But we are trying.

So if you do not here from me everyday here, I am still alive and trying to get some semblance of routine here to be able to get things done around the house.

Sept 20th
Back yesterday from the hospital, Ronan Arthur was born at 11:40am on the 18th.
Here is a picture of the kid so far.  Now just to get him to go to bed without me holding him.

Sept 18th

It is 4:58am and the baby has finally decided to come.  So we are off to the hospital soon and hopefully the kid will not make me wait all day like Quinton did.

Sept 16th
Well I have a itty-bitty bead in my key board and it is affecting the letter "d".  So if you read this and that letter is missing from the word, please forgive me.

Just about had kitties the other day because I order silver wire and did not realize how much it has gone up from when I last bought it.  Try double the price.  So the pieces that I have made with the old price of silver, I am going to leave but the next pieces will be different.  Nothing like messing with a good pricing system I had.

The days have been nice here, so I have been trying to take advantage of them and making the kid go outside as much as possible, even if it is just to throw rocks in our grass.(he is in a throwing stage).

I have a doctors app. today but I am hoping to get some torch time in after that.  There are some beads I have been thinking about making.  Nothing big because I can't sit very long or you colors that have high metals but I have been thinking about playing with some basic colors I have not worked with in a long time.

Sept 13th
Okay I have noticed in the last 2-3 days that I am starting to walk and get up from sitting like a pregnant woman.  You know the whole waddle and needing to roll myself from the sitting position.  Maybe that is a sign of change for me.

Sept  12th
Well I am still pregnant.

Roy has been nice enough to let me torch a little in the last couple of days.
I actually made some gingerbread men, snowman, and snowflakes.  I am trying to make some Christmas beads now so that I have some for the craft shows I am doing later this year.

Sept 9th
Fall is here no matter how much I want to deny it.  Yesterday I got Roy and Quinton to help dig out my potatoes from the garden, they did not do very well because they were small but out of all the hills I planted, we did fill a 5 gallon pail, so I guess I cannot complain too much.
And even though it has been cool and frosty at night, the cucumbers growing beside the house have not been hit yet so I actually still have some out there growing.
And yes, I didn't think it possible but my tummy feels like it has gotten bigger with this kid.  I am anxious to get this baby out but I am holding on to it not popping out yet because I know it will change our family(just how is the question).

Sept 7th
The birthday party went well yesterday.  Most of my family came out yesterday to celebrate, which was nice.
 Roy made this big bowl of pasta salad and I was razing him because it was such a big bowl"who is going to eat it all?"  Well pinch me, but they ate the whole bowl and we had other salads and I made them make their own sandwiches.
After my sister and the boys came, they played and tuckered the kid out and Quinton passed out.  So we pretty well ate while he was napping and then Roy had to wake him up to open presents and eat the cake.  Once Quinton saw the presents we had to open them first before he would even get near the cake, which I found funny considering when we woke up in the morning and saw the cake, he kept asking just about every hour if we could have cake.

Sept 5th
Tomorrow we are going to hold a small early birthday party for Quinton.  Nothing special just a cake,presents,cold lunch.  Here is a picture of the cake I made for him his birthday.

Sept 4th
Today will be an interesting day because it is our anniversary and we really have nothing planned, so who knows what will happen.

Sept 3rd
Last night I worked on some pieces but I wanted to show you what my desk looks like at the moment(actually most of the time).
It may not look like a disaster area but it is and then I need something and can't see it for the life of me and I have to clean up the space.
Here are some bracelets I made too.

I find it hard right now sitting at this bench and working because it puts a strain on my back but I am determined to get pieces done.

Sept 2nd
Well I got back from the farm, which was a zoo.
My sister came out from Grimshaw and brought her dogs and the puppies and while she was there, decided to do a little remodeling of my parents kitchen.  Needless to say I did not stay overnight at the farm but at my other sisters place.  Quinton and I did spend time at the farm during the day though.

 My sister has these little puppies that are really cute but Quinton was not partial to them and to be honest he was a little rough when it came to putting them down, he would just drop them.  It is a good thing that he is still low to the ground because then the puppies did not have far to fall.
But at my sisters Shannon's house they have kittens and after a day of him just looking at them before he patted one, it was different story.   He was patting the kitties, there is one that did not try to scratch him, and chasing them,dropping them and I think he is more of a cat person.  Which is fine by me because cats are easier to replace then dogs.  I know that sounds bad but I grew up on a farm where kitties came and went and yes I cried over them but it was harder to loose a dog then a cat.  I can't even remember any of our cats names where I can still name all the dogs we had.
And NO I do not want a pet right now, sheesh I am just getting ready to pop out another kid(hopefully before the due date of mid september).

I am trying to fill an order right now and it is hard because my back is bothering me and my tummy is really tight and the kid is kicking up a storm, so  I am trying to work an hour or two at different times of the day so that it is not all at once, which does not go over well in my mind.

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