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august 2008

August 29th
I have cabin fever.
The doctor did say that it was okay for me to run to the city still and I think the kid and I are going to go.  My sister happens to be at the farm this weekend with her new puppies and I have not seen her since Easter so it will be interesting.  I still have to take my labor bag and infant seat just in case but I am not due to have this baby until mid-September.

Anything to get out of cleaning up my garden, not that it is very big, I just hate having to pull it all out.
I can't believe the leaves are falling here already.  I think we may have a very early winter here.  My mom was telling me that the hummingbirds were gone way before they normally leave the farm.  My parents have LOTS of hummingbirds at the farm during the summer and we all love watching them through the window.

August 25th
I can't believe how the time is flying.  And it is just time for the kid to be born and I am ready but not.  I think it is the thought of how my life is going to change again.  Like we haven't had enough life changes this summer.
I have been making simple memory wire bracelets lately because they can be quick and I can put them down when Quinton comes around.  Also it doesn't hurt so bad when he tips over the container of seedbeads.  I can just sweep them up with the rest of the dirt on the floor.

I cleaned the beads I made the other day and I was getting sore standing so long, then I realized it was all the spacers I made.  I did the crazy thing and counted them and I made over 130 spacers.  How crazy and then to clean them all(wack job).  So I hope to make a promise not to do that again because that is alot of LITTLE beads to clean.

August 22nd
This past week has been busy.  We went out to one of the lakes on Sunday and Roy and Quinton went on the boat.  The grandparents bought a 3 man tube that Quinton loved the whole 2 hours and refused to come off it until it was time to go.  I was surprised though that Quinton did not get burn, where as Roy burnt like a lobster.  We had a party to go to that day but the kid passed out and I ended up just dropping of the present and taking the kid home.  We ended up going back to the lake that evening and Quinton stayed out there with the grandparents, his aunt and uncle and cousin.  So Roy and I had most of Monday to ourselves, which was creepy because of how quiet the house is.  I did get to torch that day.
The weird thing is I torched and it was hard to do because I have not done it in a couple of weeks, so I didn't know what to make.  I made mostly spacers and brown beads.  I did get to torch on the 21st again and it was brown beads again but I did force myself to work with blue colored glass to push myself.

This past week has been a heat wave from Sunday until Tuesday it was in the +30 C.  and then it got cold wednesday and thursday.   The reason I mentioned the hot weather is because it is uncomfortable for me being so pregnant.   A couple of more weeks and I should be popping out a baby, hopefully I will not be overdue because the kid is tight in my tummy now and feels like it wants to pop out of my belly button.

August 13th
You ever have things happen in your life that you want to talk about but they are too fresh and painful that you can't yet?
Well I am in that spot right now.  The baby is fine so far and kicking my insides like a horse.
This past weekend we (Roy and some guys) fixed our deck and put up new railings.  If it is not raining tomorrow, I will take pictures of it to show you.  It looks really good now and I don't have to worry about rotting boards.  We even put up a gate for the kids safety. 

August 10th
Well saturday I was hoping to get some torch time and the guy came to start repairs on our deck.  So there went the day because Quinton wanted to help and I had to keep him occupied. 
We had a major thunderstorm the other night and it is midnight and it looks like we are going to get it again.

And like a crazy woman, Saturday (which was a hot day) I made  4 different types of cookies.  Yup crazy woman baked cookies on a hot day.  At one point the house was over 25 Celius.  But now I can package a bunch to freeze so that I do have something for company.

August 5th
I just realized that in my about the artist page, that my studio pictures are when we still lived in Olds and we have been here in Cold Lake now for just over a year.
So I did take some new pictures to show you what it looks like now.  I keep making little changes to it when I decide I don't like something.  But the biggest change is from Roy because he built me a shelving system for my glass rods so that I can get to them easier.  Before they were all standing up, so that if I reached for a rod and was not paying attention, I would get scratched or they were is boxes that I had to dig through.

The other day we started pulling out baby stuff for the kid that is on the way and Quinton really liked the baby tub.  So one day he was playing with Murphy and Murphy got dirty and he decided to give him a bath.

Isn't that cute?

August 3rd
It is 10pm and the baby is kicking the poo out of my ribs and it does not matter how much I am pushing the kid around, it always ends up back in the same spot.

It is hard to believe that I am going to have this kid in September.  Yeah I have the big tummy but it feels like the time is just starting to fly.  Roy is even having issues believing that the kid will be here soon.  I guess the reality for him will be when I am in labour.

Interplay in Fort McMurray is happening this coming weekend AND I am NOT doing it this year unless they call me tomorrow about someone canceling. I am sad to not be going because I look forward to doing it but I am also a little glad because I am pregnant.  I hope that before the year ends I will be able to do at least one show up in Fort Mac.

August 2nd

Yesterday we went to the beach and hung out for a couple of hours.  Quinton walked a little way into the water but did not want to go to deep.  But we mostly played in the sand, Quinton liked it when I made sand castles or molds(of sea animals) and did a godzilla on them.
Today was to be Aqua days here in town with events happening all day but it is a cold and rainy day and it all got canceled. So I guess we will just hang out here at the house and maybe with Roy being home, I will get a chance to make some beads and try out my new mandrels to make different size holes for my beads.

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