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july 2008

july 30th
Well after going to the farm and have our best friends up for the weekend, the house is quiet.  I don't know what to do with myself at the moment.  The weather has been cooler and raining.  We are lucky that there is a couple of hours of sun during the day, sometimes but it has not been very warm.  Listen to me, here I usually complain when it is really hot because the baby does not like it and now that it is cooler I am complaining again.
Will I ever find a balance?

One of our girlfriends is just starting to make glass beads, and while they were here, I showed her some basic things for her to practice.  But I basically left her alone for a couple of hours for 2 days to just make whatever beads she wanted.  And boy she made some great beads considering she is just a beginner.  She even tried mermaids, now isn't that impressive?

July 25th
Our trip to Edmonton was great.  Quinton had a blast at my parents farm.  Quinton actually drove on the quad with Baba and Guido.  And my dad even started the tractor, Quinton was sitting on.  Last year it was unthinkable to even start the tractor or quad when Quinton sat on them.  I was impressed that he even went into the chicken coup and fed the chickens with my mom.  But afterwards he was happy to come home.

Tomorrow my best friends are coming up to visit us and we are excited to see them.  I have not made any real plans for their visit besides the fact that if it is nice I want to go to the beach.

This is some anklets I made for my mother in law.

July 17th
What a week it has been already and it does not seem to get any easier.
Roy's dad was not feeling well Sunday and Monday he finally went to the hospital and they did tests on him and said it was one thing.  Well my mother-in-law was not convinced and made an appointment to see their doctor and after more tests, found it it was more serious, so he is back in the hospital doing more tests.
And Sunday I am going to Edmonton because I have a doctors app. in the being of the week and I promised Quinton some extra play time at my parents farm.  He is in love with the sand pile by the front of the house and all the tractors he can sit on.
 Then the following weekend our best friends are coming out to visit us.  So I really need to clean the house, and I can't use the big tummy as an excuse.

Quinton is still not napping during the day but at least today he gave me a chance to work on an order that I need to mail Friday.

This evening we went to the park and he took his teddy with him and it was so cute.  First the monkey went down the slide by himself and then Quinton put him in the toddler swing and was swinging him.  After that he was throwing the monkey on the ground and trying to cover him in sand.  Yeah I know, dirty monkey not cool, but they were so cute playing together.  I wish I had my camera.  Maybe next time.

July 15th

Yesterday we went to the u-pick for strawberries and I only planned on a pail and a half and in 40 minutes between the two of us we picked 5 ice cream pails.  So I ended up with 2 1/2 pails of really large, yummy strawberries.  But how many strawberries can a person eat?  I froze a pail and a half and I am thinking of making some jam with a bunch  but I will be definitely strawberry out soon.

Quinton has not been having naps lately and it is freaking me out, I like him napping in the day so that I can do cleaning around the house or beads.  Bloody kid screwing with my system.  I was hoping to not have to make changes until this next kid pops out.

Oh and I am so excited that the new season of Stargate Atlantis started yesterday.  YEAH.

I did add some new beads for sale here on the site and on Etsy.  Feel free to check them out and tell me what you think.

July 13th
Well I am the one that is pregnant and everyone else is eating the weird food.  Yesterday Quinton wanted a cheez whiz slice of bread and then he brought me mustard to put on another piece of bread.  I did it for him and then watched him put the 2 pieces together and eat it.  A mustard and cheez whiz sandwich, gross.

And yesterday he did not have a nap, which means I did not get to torch.  Roy got today off and let me torch in the morning, so I got a chance to make ladybugs, bees, snails, and caterpillars.
Today he did not nap either but he did pass out at 5:30pm but I am guessing that he will be up at 5 in the morning, so I plan on going to bed early just in case.

Monday I am to go in the morning with my mother -in-law to the u-pick to pick strawberries.  So who knows what the day is going to be like.

July 11th

Well I had a parcel that went to a wrong address and believe it or not, the ladies at the post office in Fort McMurray realized the mistake and actually contacted the right person that the parcel was addressed to.  Thank you so much.

Thursday I took Quinton to the carnival that came to town.  He was reluctant to go on the rides at first but once I got him on the simplest train ride, he was gun hoe.  We went on this kids slide thing ('cause he could not climb the rope ladder by himself), then he went on the bumble bee ride and the merry-go-round.  He would not ride the horses but sat with me in the carriage.  Sorry no pictures, I did not have my camera.

July 8th
Nothing like an important parcel to go missing to mess with your whole day.  But I am going to suck it up and start making pieces to replace it until it shows up(if it does).  I have to admit that it puts things in perceptive for me because I have to really stretch the creative juices and pull up old pictures of pieces that I need to replace.
July 7th
While Quinton sleeps, I have had time to add some new jewelry to the site.  I hope to be able to put some beads on soon.  I have some new octopuses and angel beads.

July 6th
Thursday I went to Edmonton with my mother-in-law and on the way there we picked up my mom and spent the day at IKEA.  We had a good time and I think we all slept well once we got home from that day of shopping.
Yesterday morning I got some time to make beads that were specifically for earrings that were ordered and today I hope to get some morning time again.
I do have jewelry to add to the site, but it is just to find time to crop the pictures and write descriptions of them.
Today I will get Quinton to pick a winner for the June beads, too.  That should give him an hour of fun, throwing paper around.

July 2nd
Well we had a good time yesterday morning at the beach.  We had some pancakes and watched the parade and by noon the kid was passed out in bed.  And I didn't have to fight with him to have a nap, Yeah.  The weather was nice also because there was sun but a good breeze too so that you did not feel like you were baking.  Quinton refused to dip his toes in the cold water, not that I blame him.  But I did try.

I added some new beads to the etsy site and hopefully late tonight I can add some new jewelry.

July 1st, Happy Canada Day
Today is a day that we are going to the parade and pancake breakfast and who knows what else.


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