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june 2008

June 30th
Well it is 12:30am and I know I should be going to bed but I thought I would share two cute Quinton comments from the 29th.
Roy came home from work in the morning and Quinton was in our bed trying to get me up and Roy asked Quinton (while rubbing his tummy) "who has the big tummy?".  Well the kid pipes up with "mama has big tummy".  Okay the kid noticed my tummy already.
The second statement:  Roy told Quinton "night dude" and Quinton replies "night dude Dada".  And now I  see how much I really have to watch what we say around him.  Grandpa can't swear anymore.

june 28th
Today and tomorrow it is suppose to get hotter and I really don't look forward to it.  My feet are swelling already and the heat does not help.  I did make sure today that I knew how to start the air conditioner just in case but I plan on spending time in the basement with the kid since it is cooler down there. 
Roy is working nights though so I have to consider him sleeping because he will probably sleep upstairs.
It is 12:30am and I made some bracelets this evening after Quinton went to bed.  Tomorrow I hope to get pictures of them before I ship them off.


June 26th
Last night I actually got some necklaces done and made a point to photograph them too.  Wow now that is impressive that I got it all done at once.  Now I just have to crop the photos and catalogue them.  Hopefully I will be able to make some beads tomorrow to be able to work on some more necklaces.
I did not realize how much of my finished pieces I have sold until I got an ordered and went to fill it.  Well the client will be happy because the pieces will all be new for her customers.

June 21st
Today was  a hot day and like a crazy woman I took Quinton to play in the park for a little while at noon.  We did not stay long in the park but it was a short walk(carrying him) to get there.  Did I mention I am pregnant and have a growing tummy?  So the walk tired me out more then him.
It is funny to go to the park with him now because he is not a big fan of the swings anymore and he goes on the slide twice and we walk around some and then he is ready to go home.

I took some pictures of some angels I made and I keep forgetting how hard they are to photograph, I have to definitely master taking pictures of white colored beads.

June 20th
The weather has been wet here the last couple of days, which will be great for my garden but not good for the kid and I or the wet dog we are watching.   Hey the dog does have to go out to pee.
I have been working on some blue winged angels and hope to clean them today and get pictures of them.
Roys dad went into the hospital on Wednesday for back surgery and should be coming home today.  I am glad the surgery was good but I do not envy driving home for over 3 hours.  Just thinking about it makes my back hurt.

June 17th
My husband can be a computer hog.  Not only does he use his computer but there was some problem with WOW that he had to use my computer yesterday and most of today.
So I would like to show you what I bought from Michael Barley and a picture from the class.  The silver pieces below he sells on his website.  He taught a 2 day course and it was worth it, I may never make large beads like his but he taught some great techniques and hints to use with the most basic glass.  I can't wait to try them at home.  Maybe tomorrow while Quinton naps.


I am disappointed right now because I normally do interPLAY in Fort McMurray in August and this year the market place is already full.  I am disappointed because I have lots of people there to see and visit with but I am a little relieved because it is in August and I will be so-o-o big and pregnant.  I decided that if I can not get in at the last moment due to a cancelation, I would work to go to the craft show in November that happens in Fort Mac.

My mom gave me the best complement while I was at the farm.  I am pregnant and I have a tummy already and yes I have put on weight and the baby is due mid- September.  So anyways after having some people tell me how big(fat)I am getting and asking how much weight I have gained, my mom looks at me and asks me "are you wearing a girdle?"  I could just hug her and I didn't tell her that was the best complement I have gotten during this pregnancy.  God bless a mom that can surprise you with something nice out of the blue.

June 15th  Happy fathers day

Hello I  just got back from Edmonton this afternoon.
The Michael Barley class was excellent and worth all those long hours.  I hope to be able to get the pictures on the computer Monday and put them here the same day.  And I did buy alot of his pieces, I will try get pictures of his beads here too.
I came home to a house that was not completely in shambles but Roy was happy to see me.  And I came home while Quinton was having a nap and so I went to his room to check on him and he sees me and wraps his arm around me so that I would lay down beside him.  I don't think he believed I was home and he had to touch me to be sure.
Roy said he asked about "mom" every day which was good for my ego.

June 10th
Tomorrow I leave to go to Edmonton for a bead making course with Michael Barley.
I am feeling sorry for Quinton because he is suffering separation anxiety right now and I am leaving him until Sunday.  He is good for everyone else until he sees me and then all hell breaks loose.  He spent a night at the grandparents without us and every night since he wants me to sleep with him.  And I don't mind doing it once in a while but I don't want him to get use to it.  Tonight was extremely hard for both of us because Roy is at work and the kid cried non-stop until he passed out in his room alone.  I feel like such a bad mom but I know that it is for the good of the kid.

I am starting to do jewelry again.  I go through stages where all I do is make beads and then stop all for awhile and now I am onto the jewelry stage.  So I am hoping next week to put some new things either on this site or on Etsy.

June 7th
Well nothing like panic today, because I forgot to change my email address for pappashop that hosts this site and the bill became overdue and then this morning I had no website.

But after 3 hours of waiting for them to open, it was fixed and I am back up again.

This is the star beads that I have been working on for a friend of my husband.  I never realized how hard it could be to draw a star with the torch but they are getting better.  D was my first bead and A is the last bead I made.  I hope I am close for him.

June 3rd

These 2 weeks are busy with travel and classes I am taking.
The mosquitos have become quite busy here and Quinton now wants to put the bug spray on himself, which is not going to happen.  We have been going to the park just about every day and we are checking out other parks in walking distance from our house.  So far the one behind our yard is the most age appropriate for him.  We are still talking about putting in a swing set in our back yard though.  My sister has one that is in really great shape and her girls are getting to old for it, so she has offered it to us.  But I do not look forward to having to take it all apart to get into our backyard.  We have no back alley and the house has a walk out basement which means the hill beside the house is quite steep.

Yesterday I made pickled eggs.  It is not often I crave them, but every once in awhile I do and the longer they sit the stronger they get.  Quinton has even taken a liking to them, to my husbands dismay.  I just remind him it could be worse and I could like pickled pigs feet.

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