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May 2008

Today was to be my day that Roy spent with the kid, away from the computer. 
Well I did get to torch an hour more then usual but that is it so far.
Roy did take my threat for tomorrow because there is things I would like him to do and I would like to take pictures of my beads and pieces I made without Quintons' help.
We shall see.

MAY 26th

The dog went home yesterday and was very excited to see her owners.  I was excited to see the in-laws too.

I thought I would show you some beads I made.  Yes I do make beads, it is just to do something with them.
Click the thumbnail for bigger picture.

The first picture is just the new colors one of the companies put out.  Some of the colors are pretty yucky.

This picture is of the beads that I have made so far this month.

May 25th

Maple flag is happening on the base here, it is kinda like top gun, where other countries come to fly and do mock fights.
Well yesterday was open house for maple flag and I took Quinton, there were planes from the countries and you could even go into some of them.  I even got Quinton to go into 2 planes, he did not go very far into them but he did.   He did find the vehicles more impressive then the planes, especially the truck with the forks.  I did not take my camera so I did not get any pictures but maybe it was for the best because we did not stay very long.  Just enough to look at the vehicles and eat the free pancakes and Quinton ate most of them.

The dog is going home either today or tomorrow.  Yeah.  Did I tell you I am pregnant and the smell of dog makes me sick, so the poor dog just did not understand why I would not pat here too much or let her sit beside me. 

Did I tell you what the dog did to Quinton thursday? 
 The last trip with the dog to the park was a disaster because Shelia saw another dog in a persons yard and she went racing to meet this dog and blew the leash apart in my hand. I thought never again.  How do you control her and keep an eye on Quinton.
Well Quinton wanted to go on the slide, so I thought okay again we will try it and I did have another leash that I hoped was better.
So we played and the dog yipped at us because I had her tied down so that I could play with Quinton.  And as we are getting ready to go home, I go to untie the dog from the tree.  Well that same dog she saw last time was out and Shelia did a 180 and ran around Quinton and gave him really good rope burn on his ankle and part of the other foot.  I had to step on the leash to stop her from pulling so that I could help Quinton get untangled and up.
  Let me tell you I wanted to spank that dog for hurting Quinton, but it is not my dog and there was a little girl with us then too.   And I don't  need the humane  society  after me.
So  I do have self control and it is hard to discipline an animal that is not yours because I know George and Cathy treat her like a human kinda.

Did I tell you that Shelia made Roy not want a dog?
 Oh and Roy is working nights so he is sleeping during the day and with Quinton and I being out of the house to go to Maple flag open house, the dog barked and whined the whole time we were gone and then she went postal when we got home.  I feel sorry for Roy because she would not shut up.
 The hard thing with this,is it had made Quinton and I house bound because we could not go to the play group and leave her while Roy slept.

Okay I think I ranted enough today. 
We did have a good time a Maple flag so something good did come out of today.

May 22nd
So the trip was good and Quinton loves going to the farm because there is all the tractors and quads to sit on, as long as they are not running.  And the sand pile in front of the house.  My mom told me he even went into the chicken coop to give some grain to them and he went to pick eggs.  Mom told me the first egg he dropped in the pail but after she told him to be gentle, he was.  I am impressed considering last year he would not come within 10 feet of the chicken coop and now he is going in.

I bought some new colors of glass at Bedrock and today my other shipment came in with the clear and basic colors I needed.  So much for not buying anything for the business for the year.
I don't think today I am going to get the chance to play with the new colors but hopefully tomorrow I will be able to.

May 20th
Today Quinton and I are making a quick trip to Edmonton. 
The lampworkers guild has a meeting tonight with demos, so Baba and Guido are going to babysit while I go and then we will come home on Wednesday.  Roy gets the dog HEE HEE.

May 18th
Well I think Roy has decided against getting a dog because we are dog sitting right now and it is something.
The barking over any other dog in the area or people on the sidewalk, she barks if you leave her and then don't acknowledge her the moment you come home.
 The vomit.
The begging for food at the table ( and we are not giving her any food from the table).
I am pregnant right now and dog smell does not agree with me.

Yesterday I took her to the park with Quinton and she broke the leash I had, all because she saw some other dog behind a fence and had to go see it.  She broke the leash.
I promise not to torture her, I will just try to ignore her when she starts to get on my nerves.
Oh and yeah caught her today digging up my garden that I JUST planted.
And we have not even dealt with the dog poo.

Last night Quinton came out of his room hysterical because he heard a bee.  Well we went in there and looked all over, Roy did find a mosquito caught between the screen and the window.  But Quinton would not go back to bed, we even took turns laying with him but 2 minutes after we got up he would run out crying "bee".  He even came out with Murphy and a blanket to lay in the hallway he was so tired.  Finally I just picked him up and put him in our bed and left him, and bloody hell if the kid did not finally go to sleep, alone in our bed.
We did figure out that he may have been hearing the motorbikes in the neighbourhood and was thinking they were "bees".
This night he did the same thing with less dramatics and again the Murphy and a blanket in the hallway but I picked him up and took him to his bed, telling him that "covering  with a blanket will protect you from the bugs"  and it did help him go to bed.

I am thinking of making a quick trip to the city this week, I am just trying to figure out how to handle the dog.  Roy is working nights so the day he starts I would have to come home early to see to the dog.

My brother-in-law finally got his bi-pass surgery and it went really well after all the concerns there were. I am glad it went well and relieved that he did not have to wait too long or been in the OR. and then bumped out.  But the work now that he has to do to get better.  And I want to go see him but with Quinton always having kooties(like a cold), I don't want to get him sick, while he is still in the hospital.

Did I ramble enough?

May 14th
Yesterday I planted potatoes in the garden, actually Quinton helped.   I still have a box of mixed seed potatoes left, I will probably make a poster to giveaway the rest of them, and I really don't want to compost them if I don't have to. 
This weekend it is suppose to be hot so I am glad I planted the potatoes while it was a litter cooler.  Hopefully with Roy being home this weekend, I can get some more torch time or even jewelry making time.

I cleaned the beads I made a couple of days ago and just made ladybugs and bees.  Just to get the time to take pictures of them.

Friday is the start of dog watching for the week.  I don't look forward to the dog poo picking up thing but I am sure Quinton will like the dog, when it is not licking his face.

May 12th
Well I hope you all had a peaceful Mother's day.
The weather got chilly later in the day but we still barbecued and the ribs where great.  Yeah I am craving ribs right now.

Quinton had fun at the park today because there were to little boys playing there too.  Some days he does not want to do anything with other kids and then every once in a while he is happy they are around and not pushing him.

I never got the chance to clean any of the beads I made today but I can only hope to have the time to do it very soon.

Roy had ordered me flowers today but for some reason they canceled the order.  I am not to heartbroken because in exchange he is going to buy me some glass that I need to order.
I really like that present.
Yes, I do like flowers but I like them more on the spur of the moment or just out of the blue.  Most moms get flowers for Mother's day.

may 10th
Can a leopard change its' spots?
I am ticked at the husband today because I asked him if I could torch and he would watch Quinton.  Well he agreed and I did but when I finally came into the house, Quinton was watching cartoons and Roy was on his game.  That ***** game.  It was a nice day, I figured Roy would go down to the park for some "Whee-ee"(slide time) and it did not happen.  I did not get back into the house until 5:30pm and I had to make supper. 
Next time I am not going to make supper.

So the day was a bust for the kid, tomorrow Roy promised not to go on his game(we will see), and I am hoping it will still be nice to play more outside.

I did  make some good looking beads today and hope to have some time soon to clean them and do something with them.

May 5th
The show went really well this past weekend in Edmonton and it was nice to visit with everyone I could.
Quinton had fun at the farm because my parents have a pile of sand by their front door, so he spent most of his time out on the sand.  I went and bought him a sand box and some sand for home.  We set it up Sunday afternoon, and Quinton played in it and then this afternoon he was in it again.  I think we will be spending a lot of time in the backyard and in the sand box.
The weekend was a little cold in Edmonton and I brought some of that weather home with me.  So we are getting half a day of sun and then it is getting cloudy with a little rain, makes me jealous when you get weather that is a nice 70 F (21C).

May 1st

Well I am just finishing packing up to go to Edmonton to go to the craft show on Saturday.
Today was a nice day, I walked to Curves and then I turned over the first part of my garden with hopes that next week I can plant the potatoes that are growing in the closet.
It is 10pm and I have some more pictures of some jewelry to take before I can go to bed.

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