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April 2008

April 30th
Today is the last day to do our Canadian taxes and good thing I have a business because I just found an accountant that would do them.  Next year I think I am going to drive the 8 hours and do our taxes in Fort McMurray.  So far that was the best accountant we have ever had.
Today I spent taken pictures of earrings and tagging pieces for the show in Edmonton this Saturday.
Quinton was driving me crazy this evening that I made Roy put him to bed, but the kid had to come out to see me because Murphy was missing.  Well the kid hid him in the blanket so that I had to help pull him out.

April 26th
Well today is the day that the consignment show happens on the base, it is baby to maternity wear.  I am hoping to go but Quinton was sick yesterday.  And a fun day that was watching cartoons all day laying under a blanky with Murphy the monkey.
The snow is still on the ground and is slowly starting to melt.  Will it ever go away?  I guess I cannot really complain because it could be snowing in May and breaking branches off the trees that have leaves.
Getting ready to do the show in Edmonton, actually I am not making too many pieces but remodeling some old ones I have.

April 22nd
We had to be in Edmonton on Monday because Roy had a doc app and so on Sunday we woke up to a blizzard.  The highway was awful for most of the trip.  The road and ditch were all one layer of white, so it was a guessing game of staying on the highway and not getting hit by another vehicle.  It was an adventure.
Monday it snowed, today it was snowing as we drove home but the highways were in much better condition.
We came home to a driveway that needed the snowblower in order to be able to park.  It is hard to tell that there was grass  and strawberry plants 4 days ago.

April 20th and it started snowing last night and it has put a nice layer of COLD snow on the ground.

April 16th
Well the trip to the city was fun because I was in an area of the city that I had not been in, in years.  And the Artery that we had our meeting at was quite nice. And the kid was very well behaved for the grandparents, which I always worry about.

April 14th
Today Cathy brought us their old 45's that they wanted out of their house.  We have a girlfriend that has a growing collection of LP's and will be thrilled when she gets them.  They are mostly 80's music like triumph and Bon Jovi but there was a Beatles LP also.

Tomorrow I am making quick trip to the city to go to a lampworkers guild meeting.  I find I really look forward to the meetings because I get to spend a couple of hours with other glass workers and we all have the same thing in common.

April 12th
Friday was the husbands birthday, so I let him play his game all day and in doing so he used my computer also.  I don't know how well the day went for him because the group he normally plays with is starting to fight.
Quinton and I had a good day though, we played lots and he even came out to point out the dog poo for me to pick up (we don't have a dog but we do dog sit).
I have been making beads again.  Today I even made some turtles and frogs.  I don't think the beads are anything special but I did start making beads again and that is a big yah-hoo.

April 9th
Today turned out to be a nice day for us.  Tomorrow should be better because I think I will take the boys swimming.  And since  Roy promised me that he would take a day from not playing his game, I want to torch.  But Roy is addicted to World of Warcraft so we will see what happens.

April 5th
Quinton and I have had a doozy of cold and it is not letting up.  I have actually started making beads again. Not a lot of beads but it is a start considering I am doing it during Quintons nap time.

My email address got stolen in a sense where there is someone sending emails for medication with my address.  I really don't want to delete the address because it is on all my business cards but I feel bad for the people that are getting this spam.
Have you done your taxes?  I can confess that I have not done them.  Tomorrow I will get all the paper work together so that it can be done.  Nothing like leaving it until the last minute, I'll blame the baby.

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