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march 2008

March 31st
Well the internet is finally back we have been without it for more then 24hrs, do you understand what that can feel like?
Today Quinton and I hung out downstairs and he let me do some scrap booking, I actually got 6 pages done.  Maybe tomorrow I will be able to do some more, since I have not done really anything else.

Oh and one of the reasons I have not been making beads is because I am pregnant and this kid made me totally sick for 2 months.  Quinton was a dream compared to this pregnancy.  Even now little things make me sick, crazy baby, probably will be a girl just to spite me.

march 29th
It snowed a little yesterday, enough to just cover the ground and today the wind is blowing so the snow is swirling off the trees.
We are dog sitting today, which will be a thrill for Quinton.  I am still dead set against getting the dog because I do not like dog hair or picking up poop but I guess one day in the far future, I will have to break down and get a dog.  One that can handle spending most of its time outside in the backyard.

March 26th
I have always wanted to make some changes in my lifestyle but have had excuses not to. So in the past year I have started doing some reading to Roy's dismay. Now I don't plan on changing over night but I am starting to make plans for the very near future. Examples: a dish soap that is okay for me to dump on my plants afterwards, laundry soap with less chemicals(and nicer for Quinton), less items that we put on ourselves that do not have any parabens, SLS's or not so many cancer agents.
Yeah I know that we have been using the same products for years but there are more products out there with more "junk" in them that we are adding to the collection.
Do I really need to add more estrogen to my body?

So Roy is not happy with me because I am looking at the products we are using and what is in them. Hey Quinton got this little container of bubble bath that had 3 types of parabens and two other chemicals that can build in our bodies and do bad things.(Let us just say that disappeared from the cupboard).

And Roy if you need someone to blame, yes I have been thinking about this for years but look at Michelle too, she started making the snowball roll faster.

So the new book I am reading is " Green for life" by Gillian Deacon. I actually read and highlighted it in 2 days and learned some more things. I like this book because it has listings for Canadian companies.
So yeah I want to make changes, and it is getting easier today because there are more people that want to do the same.
So that was my rant for the day.

Take care

March 24th
Well we had a good time with the family this weekend. Dinner was laid back this year, which was nice because everyone took them time and talked more at the table. Not that we don't talk at the table but it was more relaxed. And it was a gossip session the whole time.
Today we go have supper at Roys' parents place.

Quinton woke up this morning and came to see us and totally missed the pail and the row of candies from his bedroom door. So as we were going down the hallway he noticed the candies and then I had to show him to put the candies in the pail. Well he had more fun following the trail of candies and putting them in the pail then actually finding the main stash, which means next year I will have to make longer trails.

March 20th
I hope you all have a great Easter. I look forward to spending time with all the family no matter how brief it may seem.

March 19th
Hello, just got back from Edmonton and I had a great day and a half. Tuesday evening the beadmaking guild met and we got to visit and talk about up coming events. It is nice to get a chance to spend time with other beadmakers because then you do not feel so alone. Yes there are alot of people that make glass beads and you get to talk to them on line but it is even better in person.
And today I got a chance to go shopping for me, which all I bought myself was a t-shirt and bathing suits,(which I cannot wait to wear next week). The rest of the shopping ended being for the guys because Roys' birthday is coming up and there were some cool sales for kids cloths. Oh yeah I did find a pair of cheetah pattern rubber boots for $11.00 that fit me, now that was really sweet. It was nice to go and see stores that either I cannot go into because of "touchy hands" Quinton or they do not appeal to Roy(and I feel like I have to rush). The bonus was the weather was nice today,too.

March 17th
Getting ready for a quick road trip tomorrow and will be back on Wednesday.

March 16th
Well on the 14th the last of the bread came out at 11:30pm and I broke my promise and had a piece or 2 or 3.
There is something about warm fresh bread with butter.
Since I have had paska for breakfast as toast every morning since.
And it was a weekend of getting snow after all those days of the snow melting. I even had to shovel the driveway and sidewalk.

March 14th
It is 10:30pm and I am waiting for my bread to rise again so that I can bake it. Actually I am making paska which is a Ukrainian bread made for the holidays. It is a sweet bread with orange rind in it. I am already drooling thinking about having it for toast tomorrow.

March 13th
I listed some beads on ebay to find a new home.
I find I come from a very proud family and it is hard to ask for charity or to even acknowledge that we give out charity. So now is the time for me to help out someone special and all my bead sales for the next couple of months are going to them and my pride is finding it hard to even tell you who needs help and it is not me. Maybe in a couple of days I will work the courage up to tell you. Hey I have not even told my husband what I am doing right now, I think I want to see if I can raise some money to do it.

March 12th
Tomorrow is going to be picture day for me. I want to take a bunch of pictures of some beads I have to see if they can find new homes,plus I have to get pictures of the March giveaway beads.

March 10th
Well we have had another beautiful day today. Quinton even enjoyed some time outside.
I went to work out today and then once I came home, I spent time chipping all the built up snow on the driveway. I think I may pay for that tomorrow.

I am trying to figure out how to justify going to Edmonton on the 18th and then back to the city on the 21st for Easter holidays. On the 18th the Edmonton lampworkers guild meeting is and I have to come back home to get the husband because he is working days then.

March 8th
Well yesterday was a small adventure. It was +6Celuis and it was great until Roy got up and could hear dripping in our bathroom and not from a tap.
Well I raced to your friends house for the ladder and Roy went on the roof to shovel. By one of the pipes for the bathroom, there was an ice dam and it was dripping along the pipe. So we got everything cleaned up, but I am a little freaked out because there was a leak.
I have to give Roy credit for going on the roof considering he had to go on the back of the house which has the walk out basement, so it is like being on two story house. (I am afraid of heights)

March 6th
Today we made barbecue ribs. It is something I love but we have never made them from scratch. It turned out to be fairly easy and the ribs were really good considering we did it from what a friend told us to do.
We even ran to Bonnyville to pick up a new hot tub cover. The old one was very water logged and heavy to move, so Roy looks forward to having the lighter one. Quinton was even a good sport for the trip and had a nap on the way home(Bonnyville is a half hour away from here).
It is hard to believe Easter is the end of March. I am wondering what to get Quinton without it being too much chocolate. So far we figure we would try find a cheapy dump truck and then add some candy and other toys that I can re-gift. Hey the kid has a whole BIG box of toys he has not seen since May of last year and he is two (his memory is short).

March 5th
Roy's parents came back from Arizona yesterday and they brought some cool goodies for us.
I am glad they are back because I do not have to check on their house anymore or shoveling snow for them.

March 4th
We went to +1 Celuis to -20Celuis in 2 days. How depressing. And it snowed all day yesterday so today we have to shovel our driveway and then do the grandparents.
Roy brought home a nice cold for all of us to get. Sometimes I do not know who is worst to bring kooties home, Roy or Quinton. And I really can't be blamed because I am always with Quinton when he gets sick so he takes the blame. :)

March 1st

Sometimes I feel like a wierdo (maybe that is not the right word) because the weirdest things make me happy and it is not the same thing every time. While in the Edmonton, I was behind a group of army vehicles with student drivers practicing their driving in the city. Well there was one point at a set of red lights that all of a sudden they change three lanes to turn right, at once. Good thing there were no other vehicles besides me because it would have been catastrophe. So I just started laughing because they did it, and it looked like something out of a movie. I have to say that I found it uplifting to see them driving around the city and going through Whyte Ave (a funky part of town).

But then I realized they may very well be practicing driving in a busy area because of where they may be going.
Okay so how did I find this funny: well they were 3 military vehicles cruising along an area you would not likely see them and the military base is not any where close to where they were so it was the novelty. I know Quinton would have loved it if he was there, maybe I could hear the kid in my head shouting and pointing, “vroom-vroom”.

And I use to love spending time on Whyte Ave going through all the stores and this time I had no interest. I did go to one store that I normally love to shop at but once I was in the store, I kept thinking that I have seen all their stuff before.

It is the first day of the month and it has been windy all day but the weather has been nice. I took Quinton to go check on the house we are watching and then we went to Sobeys to get some milk and a cookie for him. Because it is the first day of weekly sales, the store was busy but at least there were several tills open so that we did not have to wait long. And Quinton likes to run through the mall afterwards to sit on all the kid rides.

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