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February 2008


Roy brought me flowers and a card for my birthday and we finished painting Quintons bedroom.  Well he has kinda warmed up to the room.  I think it helped that we transfered his pictures to the new room and we added a large Mator on his wall.  The room was painted like a pastel green and brown which actually look quite nice together. 
The next set of days off or the days off after that we are going to tackle the laundry room.  Roy is trying to put it off because he has to change the piping for the dryer.  The way this laundry room is set up the washer and dryer are switched, which works great for the top loading machines but not the new front loading ones.  But I did find out that some companies will ask you which way you want your washer door to open.  So If you are thinking about getting front loaders, don't forget to think about how the doors will open because you can not switch the washer door, only the dryer door.

Feb 25th, my birthday

My birthday is in a couple of days and Roy has bee asking what I want.  Well what do I really need (yeah I’m a loser):  he is going to paint the bedroom and laundry room for my birthday present.  Heaven forbid that I ask for jewelry like most woman, no—o-o  I ask to get the rooms painted.   But I will be happy with that because when he does the laundry room he has to switch around the washer and dryer so that I am not reaching over the doors to move the wash around.  

Feb 24th
I went to the gift show to look at supplies and such and ended up only spending $50.00.  Wow.  I am thinking about putting in a silver order because silver is going up in price but it is hard to do it knowing what I have and really don’t need yet.  I told you I am a bead junky so think of a collection you have at home that is out of control.  I can see why there are many beaders that are just making pewter pieces with their beads because it is so much cheaper.

Feb 23rd
Well we had a good time at the farm with my parents.  Quinton actually walked on the snow, usually I have to carry him.  I tried to get him to look at the chickens but he wasn't for that and it did not help that they were "stinky".  Hey I would be stinky too living in a chicken coop with other chickens in the winter time. 
The next time we go though we will have to make a bed for him because he is getting too long for the playpen. The first night there , he was up at 6:30am calling for me and I was  calling him because I did not want to get out of bed.  But he could not remember where I was so I did get out of bed for him and scared him in the process.  He was standing on the steps just as I walked out of the bedroom  and boy did he jump.  It was hard not to laugh at him.

Feb 16th
I got an email from Lisa if I had drawn the beads for January and to be honest I thought I had so I have corrected the problem.

And the winner is Lisa.

Quinton and I are getting ready to go to Edmonton for a couple of days.  We are going to see my parents and sisters and with the grandparents watching Quinton I hope to get a little visiting done.

Feb 14th
Valentines days
Well it is snowing this morning and that sucks considering we shoveled the in-laws house yesterday, which means we will have to do it again today.
The only plans we have for today is getting Quinton some balloons to celebrate Valentines day.  We usually don't do alot for this day because my birthday is in a couple of weeks and Roy makes more of an effort for that day then.  He even thinks to get me a cute birthday card.
Actually Roy is doing something nice today.  He is giving me a day, as much as possible, where I can do what ever I want or need to do, well usually it is the day the kid is really watching me like a hawk because he knows something is up.  So I will try to be productive today.

Feb 9th
Well today it was -30Celuis this morning, so we never went out but I will have to do so tomorrow, no matter what.
Roy plays World of Warcraft quite religiously and this week they are doing some stupid cupid thing and I said I would try help him, like an idiot, I am.  I wonder how many people have divorced over this game?

Feb 7th
I have been sick lately.  I think this is going to be a rough month for me.  I just want to spend my time in bed. But I decided my must push myself to do some work even though just looking at the computer makes me sick.
I have exciting news, I am selling my jewelry at the Wild Rose Gallery here in Cold Lake.
Roy actually phoned the furnace company today and because he talked with the boss, I may be getting the part for my furnace sooner.  Yeah.  Sometimes I hate being a girl.
Yesterday was my nieces birthday and it does not matter how many calendars I write it on, I still forget to call.  At least I sent her a card so I am not a totally bad aunty.

Feb 3rd
Today was a bad day for me.  I was just sick and tired of the kid and he was not helping.   First he did not  like the breakfast I made. Then he kept throwing toys when I did not let him have his way(all day).  There was no afternoon nap, so that mommy could get a time out.  Hello no, so by then I was totally frazzled and wanted to put the kid outside in the snow but I held out until it was time to wake up Roy and then I let Roy deal with him for an hour.  The kid did not go to bed until 8pm and that was a fight too.  So I am feeling like toast right now.  Roy last night is tonight, so I did tell him that I wanted a day to myself.  He tells me that I had 2 days off last set of days off but sweety you cannot count the afternoon that I went fishing on your computer game because I still had to deal with the kid( I maybe got a half day without the kid).   So I am hoping that I will get a couple of hours to run to Bonnyville to do some shopping and banking.

Feb 2nd
Well I took the kid to parent link to spend time with other kids and parents and he came home with a cold.  Yes he had to share it because we are trying to teach him to share and he did.   So my husband is not bad but I am sicker then a dog.  The last couple of days, I have felt like a vombie and I have been going to bed earlier then I normally do because of this cold.  I hate being sick.

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