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January 2008

January 1st 2008

Well happy new year to you all.

I added some new beads for sale and below is an example of the beads I just made.
I am working on transfering pictures from the pc to the mac and then converting them to be able to put them here. It is alot of work and Quinton is not helping.

January 3rd

I have this book that I am reading on and off about living healthier and being more eco friendly. What amazes me is the products that we use that have cancer or potenial cancer agents in them. One potenial agent is parabens and once you start looking a lotion labels, you would be totally amazed. Parabens ,they know for sure, mimic female hormones but there have not been enough test to prove that it is a carcinogen. So let us just say that in the years to come it does, well I looked at Quintons' well known baby lotion and it has 3 types of parabens in them. That worries me because it is a lotion that we put on the our skin and we have been putting it on since birth and will paraben build up in the body? And how dangerous will that be at a later date to us.
And those handy Mr clean cleaner sponges have formaldehyde(a known cancer agent) in them and it can evaporate in the air when wet so I won't be using those any more.
I know I will not be changing everything in my life but I want to take steps to a better future. And I think it is important to start to become aware of things that are not good for us. And lets face it, it will be easier for me to change using most of these items then to give up chocolate.

January 4th
So I got some sad news today. My furance in the garage has been making weird noises, so I called the company that installed it and they came to check it out today. Well they have to replace my fan that blows the air in the garage. Which means I have no heat in the garage until they replace the part. Which means I will not be able to make beads because I got spoiled and don't want to torch in a cold garage.
And unfortunately the potatoes I had in the garage, I forgot about and they froze. So now I have no potatoes unless somebody knows a way I can prepare frozen potatoes in a yummy meal.

But it does not mean I will be doing nothing when I am not torching. I have been working of exporting pictures to put on the website and redoing some of my gallery pages.

January 7th
Well yesterday I took a day off from the computer and spent it with Quinton and it did not go well. He was fussy.
But I have been working on updating pictures on the website since I am working on not using the pc anymore. I have made changes to the gallery page of bracelets and I am working on the gallery of beads now. It may take a couple of days before you see it.
I have been mostly working on the gallery pages so that I can get most of that out of the way.
This month is normally the month that I do my scrap booking from the past year but I have not started yet. I may just end up trying the scrap booking you can do on the computer, where you do all your designing on a page and then print it. I have a fascination to paper but I admit that I need to clean up my hobby room before it gets out of control.

January 11th
What possessed me to go see a movie that is kinda scary by myself?
Last night I went to see "I am Legend" and if you like scary movies, you probably won't find it scary but I am a wuss. And there was one scene that I literally jumped out of my seat. Good thing there was only 9 people in total in the movie, so that I did not freak out anyone behind me.
So did I want to see that movie? Well it is Will Smith and I like most of the movies he does and the concept of being the last person on earth.
I know that it is not a buyer for our dvd collection though. I find now with Quinton we don't buy as many Adult theme movies because it gets hard finding time to watch "Resident Evil" when the kid is awake. Yeah he is two and knows exactly what TV is.
We even find it hard to watch NCIS and CSI and the Unit when he is up because of the content.

Okay we are big lego fans. So imagine my excitement with the release of the Indiana Jones series .

Roy really likes that movie and the two sets with the vehicles he really wants.

Jan 12th
I have started cleaning my 'bead' work station so that I could start scrap booking. January is usually the month that I do all the scrapbooking from the previous year and I usually can do it all in 2 weeks. I don't think I am going to be that lucky this year. Quinton is big into shredding paper right now.
I am thinking of trying something different also with the pictures. Mac has a program that you can put your photos onto pages and make it into a book they have and then they will print it. I know other companies offer this but it is handy that I can do it straight from my photo album and it has been easy once I chose all the images I wanted to use.
I did the book already and I am going to get Roy to check it over and check my spelling. Since my spelling can suck.

Jan 15th
Every heard of a lychee nut? It is fruit orignating in China. I had never had one until a couple of years ago. I asked a lady in the line up what it was like and she gave me one to try. Well you have to peel it and there is a seed in the middle of it but it is pretty good. I tell people it reminds me of a peeled grape with a little less flavor.
I recommend you try it at least once.

Jan 16th
Okay I don't normally do alot of surfing for things that would be cool to share but I did find this site because her recipes are simple for me. Casual baker

Jan 17th
It was a little stressful for me yesterday because it was the first day to register for the summer series classes at Red Deer. Well I started at 8:30am and at 8:45 I actually got put on the hold line and 22 minutes after that I actually booked my class.
I wanted to take the Corina class but the week she teaches falls on the same week as interPLAY in Fort McMurray so I decided to take a class that will be taught by Sherry Bellamy.
I am excited for this class for it is working with bigger beads and she makes these lovely beads.
This image is from her website.

Jan 21
Well my furnace in the garage was making funny noises, so I called to have it checked. The guy came and up need a new motor to blow the heat.
That was the beginning of January. I was not so heartbroken because there was other things to do. Well I called today to see if the part is in and it is supposedly back ordered which means it could be awhile before they fix it and the garage is so-o-o cold. Tomorrow I am going to experiment with a small plug in heater to see if I can make a couple of beads because I am getting the itch.

Quinton has a tooth that is turning a very nasty black color, I called the dentist and they told me that it is probably dead and that it will be alright as long as the gum does not get infected. I feel sorry for him because it is not pretty in social areas and he does smile alot. Good thing he is cute.
I just got him a very snazzy hair cut, too. And it is a big difference, I never realized how long his hair was until we did cut it.

Jan 22
Well have not been watching ET lately so imagine my surprise when I watch this evening and find out Heath Ledger passed away. He was in 'A Knights tale', 'The brothers Grim','Brokeback Mountain', and I did not know that he was the joker in the new bateman movie.

On a happier note, Quinton said "Tractor" to me today and then all he would say is "putt,putt". Once he has an important word he usually won't say it again until HE is ready.

January 24th
Tomorrow we are going to do fondue for supper. Roy's parents are coming over and we are going to try a couple of different types like a broth fondue instead of an oil.
I am looking forward to it because I have been thinking of it for a while and we just never got the time to do it but I decided quite suddenly that I was tired of putting it off.
Wish me luck on note burning food or the table top.

Jan 26th
Well the fondue was a hit and we all ate too much.
We did an oil fondue and tried a broth fondue,a cheese fondue and a chocolate fondue. Well if you are going to do it, do it big.
The broth fondue was not great, maybe if we had an electric fondue pot to make the broth boiling hot. The fondue pot we used just would not keep the heat.
I made this wiener dips for Quinton which were really good and I made this pork balls which were the hit. Out of a full plate, there was only 5 left of the pork balls.

The weather has been nice lately but starting tomorrow, we are to be getting a BIG cold snap. Good thing Roy started using the fireplace the other day.

Jan 28th
This is the day that we are going to hide in the house and not do much because it is -30 Celsius outside which is about -20 F for you in the states.  Plus there is a delightful wind outside which means it is even colder.

JAN 30
Good morning.  Yesterday when I woke up it was -38 celsius and  in some areas of the province with the wind it was -50 celsius.
This morning it was -34 Celsuis.  So let me tell you I was happy when Laurel from the Wild Rose Gallery called me today to let me know I did not have to bring her jewelry that she was purchasing today.  Thank you.
Quinton has a cold and has been so nice to share it.
Tomorrow we have to leave the house no matter what.  Quinton has an appointment at 10:30 and then I have one at 1:15.  Which will be at  treat considering he does not want to wear clothes.  Makes alot of sense to me considering on the coldest days, he wants to be naked.

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