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december 2007

December 1st
Got back from St. Paul about 8pm and we went to pick up the kid, who was passed out from all the fun at the grandparents.
The craft show was very good there and I had requests for many new styles of beads. But that was my last show for the season so I hope that I will get time to list more pieces here.
The weather is getting colder and it makes me want to snuggle in blankets more and not come out. But I will force myself to do it considering I bought yoga passes.

December 05th
So I am starting to work on our usual christmas letter and it is a challenge every time I do it because it feels like there is nothing interesting going on this past year but I am sure there was, like the move again..
Roy is starting to hassel me for a christmas gift list but this year there is nothing that I am really craving to have. Roy likes to buy me one gift that is a item I would like but not buy because it is frivolous. So I do not know what to choose. Maybe a list of glass? who knows.

I am trying to make a point of adding a couple of new items every day to the site.
Let me know what you think.

Dec 7th
Yes kids are smart and we do take it for granted most times. Yesterday I was putting Quinton down for a nap and I told him "when you wake up, I will be in the garage". Well he takes his thumb out of his mouth and says "beads". Yes, I will be making beads in the garage. He may not be saying many words but he knows what he is saying to me in one word and as a crazy mom, most times I do too.

Dec 9th

okay so I have been sewing the last couple of days,actually the sewing machine and I have been doing battle.
I am making little bags to put my jewelry in and decided to make more for the upcoming year. I have all this pretty fabric and need to use it up. It also thrills Quinton because there are dials on the sewing machine for him to play with which makes me do battle with the sewing machine again.
The kid keeps playing with the tension and then I can't get the machine to work. I love the kid , I love the kid.

It looks like we are spending xmas here in Cold Lake. Roy works nights for those days and I really don't want to leave him. I was hoping my family would do xmas a couple of days before but it was a "no go" they are making supper on the 24th. So I guess in the next week or so we will make a trip just to visit everyone and drop of the few presents I have. I did not go shopping for anyone and it is hard to buy for teenagers. And we do keep saying NO GIFTS every year so I am going to try keep with that theme. I will probably give a small present but it will not be anything spectacular.

I keep telling Roy lets buy pigs from one of the organizations that look for donations for third world countries and then we can send a card to everyone saying "this is what you are getting for christmas" with the picture and where the animals are going.
One year I will be doing that.

Dec 10th
I have The die hard movie on my mind and there is one scene where the character says "simple simon to the pie man,let me see your wears...." or very close to that.
Why do I get sayings like that in my head.
I listed these beads on etsy for sale. They are so pretty that I hope no one buys them.

Dec 13th
Getting ready to do some christmas shopping in the big city. What was I thinking, who knows.
So we all have colds now and it is really attractive and all Quinton wants to do is cuddle up in my lap. Good thing he is cute.

Dec 15th

Before we left for Edmonton, I had to deliver some presents and I go outside to start the truck and clean it off and when I come back into the house. There is Quinton ripping the paper off one of the boxes. I say “QUINTON” and he puts his head down and tries to stick the paper back on the box. It was so bloody cute that I could not be mad at him. The present was rewrapped for the third time ( yes he did it a couple of days before) and left for the next person to unwrap.

We ran to Edmonton for a quick shopping trip for the “can’t get in Cold Lake presents” and got just about everything on our lists, the one thing we forgot to look for was a computer desk for Roy. He gave me his old one and the desk he has now is a tad too high for his mouse hand. But we agreed that we will go and look another time after christmas.

My parents watched Quinton all day on Friday and he was a dream for them, then again he is a good kid and everyone loves him. He was even trying to help carry all the parcels in house. Christmas presents have the biggest pull for him right now.

After some sweet talking kids, we convinced my parents to have christmas supper before the 24th because Roy works nights on the 24th. And I am looking forward to spending holidays with both families.

We use to have supper on the weekend before the 24th because everyone else's supper was either the 24th or 25th so in order to get everyone together we would celebrate early. Now that all the kids are older there is no need to worry about if everyone shows up or not because of them having other plans. But we have Quinton and my family does not get to see him often so it important to try bring back some of those traditions we made as a family. And who could resist a day of eating Ukrainian food?

December 18th
Nothing sucks more then when you buy a christmas present for someone and it does not work. Now I have to make the trip back to the store to return it.
Quinton was eyeing up all the presents around our tree, he is still too little to realize what they are for, so we can put them under the tree early. I would not be surprised if we will have to start hiding them next year.
We are dog sitting today and tomorrow which Quinton enjoys because we have no pets. I am putting off getting a pet for us because I really don't like picking up poo, bad enough have to deal with Quinton's.
Yesterday I made cheese cake and before we go to the farm, I will make Blueberry Delight but today I plan on making gingersnap cookies. Those are Roy's favorites and Tara sent me this recipe of yummy cookies she makes, I hope I can get them to taste close to hers. She brings them to any beadmaking classes she is taking and then we are all fighting over them.

December 19th
Well I got my Christmas present already and it is a doozy.
Roy bought me a Mac laptop.
Yup I can be spoiled and we have been talking about going to Macs for awhile and 2 months ago he bought himself a very large IMAC. So we are both excited, the thought of not having to worry so much about viruses and we use our ipods alot and mac has some cool things it can do for itunes.
But... because I am looking to transfer pc files (that will work on mac) that means I have to do work on the website. All those images I have to reload on the website, I think. And mac does not have publisher, they have something close but I will probably have to rewrite any publisher pages I use all the time. I am trying to put off most of this until January. I want to focus on how to crop photos on the mac for the website, I must be crazy some days and this is the time I usually do inventory.

December 20
So this evening I ended up taking Quinton to the hospital because he had an eye that was bothering him. Well it ended up he has an eye infection and we had to get drops for it. It took Roy and I holding him down to put the drops in and we have to do this every 4 hours that he is awake for 5 days. Yeah I look forward to that.
Playing with the mac to figure out how to crop pictures and I have not been successful so far.

December 21st
We went to visit Michelle today and I have to say that she gives Quinton the coolest gifts.
She gave him an aquadoodle which is a pad that you just need a pen that has water in it and cool Spiderman pjs and a t-shirt she got from a zoo in the states. It has a gorilla face on it and he is going to wear it at the farm tomorrow for Christmas supper.
Roy is getting a little antsy about opening presents because he starts nights on the 24th so he would like to open presents early and normally we do but I am trying to not open them until we get closer to Christmas. So far we are saying the 23rd, that way Roy gets to play with his presents and he will be awake to see Quinton open his. I am not worried about my present because I have the laptop now.

December 24th
We came home yesterday from the farm and the christmas dinner with the family. It was good to see everyone and everyone got to see Quinton.
My oldest nephew lives in Grimshaw and the last time he and his girlfriend saw Quinton was at 4 months old. That is a big change from 4 months to 2 years.
It is good to see everyone but I really like it more if you get to spend time with just each family member, as a big group it is busy.

Every year we say no gifts and then we blow that out of the water. Roy I don't think got pictures but there was an ocean of presents around the tree. We had taken most of Quintons presents home last week so he only had a couple to open. But he was helpful and as I was giving the gifts out he was busy opening the ones behind me I had not given yet.

After the presents were open, we did some trades. Quinton was given a horse and rooster flashlight and he already has the rooster at home so we gave it to our niece.
The loudest most annoying present to Quinton was from my mom. MY MOM. I would have excepted from the sisters as revenge but no, my mom got this loud robot that rolls on the floor and says "fire,fire" as it shots plus some other things. MY MOM!

December 25th
No more turkey please. I have eaten so much turkey, I don't want to see anymore.
We opened our presents at home a couple of days ago, Quinton got a black and decker tool bench with plastic tools. Well he loved the hammer so much that he had to hammer all his presents before opening them.
It is just about midnight and I need to go to bed now and hopefully dream about someone else cleaning my house.

December 27th
We got the dog for a couple of days and Quinton is a little excited about having her because they do chase each other.
I bought some journals on etsy a couple of weeks ago and I just picked them up today.
This is the link to the store front for them. I think it a really cute idea and can't wait to use them.

December 29th
So today I dressed the kid up to go outside for a whole 15min to hang up all the bird feeders we got for Christmas.
Quinton gets all excited to get dressed to go outside but when we do that, he doesn't want to go into the snow. I have to carry him to his destination, which is in the deepest part of the yard.
I have put off trying to figure out the photo cropping thing on the computer. I know I have to do it but I get frustrated trying to figure the mac out. I know it is here but I just have to be patient and figure it out.

I have been working of counting all my supplies, did I tell you I am a bead junkie. Pre-Quinton, I could do the counts in about 5 days on and off. Well post-Quinton I started mid December and I finished 75% of it. All I have left, is to count the beads I made and the glass rods I have in the garage.

Decmember 31st
Well after alot of swearing and tantrums, I think I figured out how to put images on the website with the mac. Nothing like finally giving up to have the answer come to you in a round about way.
So my plans are to post some new beads that I have made. I don't want to give anything away but they are cute.
I hope you all have a happy New Year and don't party to hard.

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