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november 2007

November 2nd.
Okay so on October 31st we had way more kids then we were prepared for.   I was over 250 kids, I spoke with some of the people in the area and they said that it is usually 250-300 kids.  WOW.
Quinton did dress up and we did do a whole 2 blocks before we had to go home to give candies.  Roy was working nights so he started with the candy giving and we finished it.  Quinton even gave candy to the kids that came to the door.  And he had so much candy, I thought he was going to be sick.
Tonight I am getting ready to go to the christmas craft show in Bonnyville this weekend.

November 6th
This weekend was a busy weekend with the craft show at Bonnyville.  Sunday the hall was cool because the wind outside was so strong and it cooled the building alot.  But I had a jacket to keep me warm and I survived.
Yesterday all I made were ladybugs and today I hope to have time to make snowmen.
I started adding new pieces to the site.
Nov 7th
Tomorrow we are off again.  I hope Quinton will turn into a seasoned traveller but it has not happened yet.
I made snowman today and while making them, I have decided that any sales of have this month each shipment will be a snowman.  I am feeling like I have to make alot for the shows so a couple extra won't kill me.  They may not look like these but will be very close.
 November 11th
We came home to snow on Friday from Edmonton, the roads were really good until Bonnyville.
Saturday Quinton and I shovelled the driveway and sidewalk.  Quinton found the snow interesting until he fell in it then he wanted nothing to do with it unless I was holding his hand.
Saturday I watched Freedom Writers on TV until just about midnight.  And I had noticed that it has started to snow again.  So it may be a cold day for Remembrance Day.  The neighbourhood kids will probably enjoy it because there will be new snow to go sledding on in the playground.

It is just after midnight and I should be going to bed.  Is there an internal clock kids have..... when you need to get up and going Early in the morning, they sleep in and when you want to sleep in (because you have been working until 1 or 2 am) they get up at 6:30am?
November 15th
I am busy trying to make set of jewelry for a special order to go to Fort McMurray.
I even made an earring stand to be able to take pictures of my earrings.
Quinton has been busy lately (like always), our friend gave us a mini fridge for my office and Quinton has been hiding my tools in there.  Dumping beads on me because I am ignoring him and wanting to sit in my lap while I am trying to make pieces.  Oh and he popped out two new teeth the beginning of this week, so I have to forgive the "cling on".
November 16th
The weather has been cold lately and my body is not ready for it.  Went shopping for groceries today and I am in my winter jacket and everyone else is in sweaters.   I guess it does not help to have a cold.
Tomorrow I am going to take Quinton to the small mall here to see if we can find a toboggan to go done the hill in the playground.  Everyday the kids are going down and I think Quinton would enjoy it even if I have to pull him up hill afterwards.  Maybe I will find a 2 man sled.
November 17th
Went shopping for some Xmas presents today with Quinton.  He had alot of fun going through the toy section.
Lately the beads I have been making are ugly to my standards.  I am in a purple phase right now and am trying to make brown beads, do you know what happens when you force another colour to work with?  A bunch of beads that you want to bury.
I did list some beads on Eba.  The beads are very pretty and made a set for myself so that I can have a new bracelet.
November 19th
My nephew's birthday was on Sunday and I actually found the present that I bought him on Sunday.  So I will have to mail it to him when I mail all my other parcels.
Today it snowed, surprise,surprise.  I took Quinton out to shovel the driveway and while I was doing that, he pulled out his sled.  I took him around the block and then I took him sledding on the hill in our yard.  Our house has a walk- out basement so there is a steep hill and at the end of the hill is a BIG spruce tree.  I keep telling Roy that we should build a hill in front of the spruce tree so that Quinton will not crash into it, and it would be really cool to curve it like a luge(not sure how to spell that) race track.  That way Quinton will just go around to the back of the house.
We are doing dog sitting until later today.  I am not a big indoor pet person but Sheila is a little black Scottish terrier and is trained very well.
But she can get very jealous of Quinton and nips him every once in awhile.  Most of the time it does not phase the kid only when he is cranky.

November 20th
So I decided not to torch while Quinton was having a nap.  Instead I decided to finish pricing my pieces and make some more inexpensive pieces.  Well it has been 2 hours and I just finished doing the pricing of just 12 pieces and have not made any jewelry.  I can see why some beadmakers only make beads because doing the jewelry is pleasing, the pricing of the finished piece and then taking pictures of it and cropping the pictures is time consuming.
So I hope that I will be more productive this evening.
More snow the night before which made us have to shovel the driveway yesterday morning.  We did get alot of snow and when I called my parents this evening, they did not get any(wanna trade?)
I worked on pricing my pieces late last night to send off some pieces to Fort McMurray by the middle of this week.
Quinton is working on becoming sneaky...  He will come up to me with his hand behind his back and then he will turn around to show me what item he is hiding back there.  Usually it is gum or something he knows I normally will not let him have.  It is hard to be upset with him when he does this because he looks so cute but I usually do and then he does his 'belly flop' tantrum for me.
November 26th

I have become a recycler and with every move, I recycle a little more.

With this house, I see how much I could have been recycling more because I am trying to recycle every scrap of plastic, paper, glass and cardboard.  But I wonder with this town where this recycling goes.  I have heard stories of people that have gone to the dump and have seen the blue bags there with the rest to the garbage at certain times...  I keep thinking that the week that the recycling truck comes that I want to go to the dump to see if that is true but I have yet to do so.  It would suck that we are paying recycling fees and every time they pick it up, it may end up back in the landfill.

And I don’t know what your bottle depots are like but several times that I have gone; I have gotten the lecture to sort out my bottles before coming in and remove the lids.   Well buddy when I bring in my bottles I help to sort it out and I will remove my lids then too.  Nothing is worse then to see a mouse in the bottle and I have seen that happen.  So this time I am trying to keep most of our bottles separated but if they get mixed up, I will help sort, I don’t mind getting dirty.

  And that is my rant for the day.

November 28th
Added some beads to ebay.
After living in 3 different houses, we have decided with this house that we will try park our car in the garage.   Our car is from ’96-’97 so she is getting old and does not necessarily want to start in the winters so I made a point to clean the garage and make room for the old girl.  And surprise, surprise there is room even for my torching area.  There probably was room in the other houses but that would mean having to keep the garage clean.  I think Quinton will be disappointed though because there was room before to push his tricycle around with Murphy.



Quinton likes pomegranate and today will I was getting the seeds he was waiting with impatience. I had one bowl with enough for him and another bowl to finish peeling the fruit.  Quinton had a death grip on the one that was full and one hand on the bowl on the counter that I was filling.  And as soon as it was a little full he would take the bowl off the counter and fill the one he was holding.  I have to say he did share with me (a whole Quinton handful).  The Pooper
November 30th
Getting ready to do the show in St. Paul on Saturday. 
I did add some new earrings and bracelets for sale.

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