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October 2007

october 3rd,
Well my family is supposedly coming Sunday to celebrate Thanksgiving at our house. So far only one family member has seen our house so we are trying to get everyone to see it before me move(ha, ha). Thursday I plan on make perogies and I have not done them in a long time so they will be interesting and the family will have to choke them down.
I have not torched in a couple of days because the guys are setting up a vent and furnace in our garage and it happens to be over my work bench.
And I have not made any jewelry or been on the computer because they were also working on replacing our furnace and water tank which is located in a room right off my office. So needless to say there has been boxes and stuff all over my office.

Can you see the ladder on my desk? Good thing it can hold the weight.

October 9th, ordinary day's back again
Well thanksgiving is over and it was a success.  The weather was really nice too for October.  Only half my family came but it all worked out, we even talked about doing this again or even showing up at my sister Karen's house for either Easter or Thanksgiving (the roads would be better to go up north).

My dad really liked this house; he spent most of the time outside smoking and watching the view.  Our house is on a hill and behind us is a playground so there will never been any houses blocking us and you can see forever.  I think the thought of coming this way to go fishing on Cold Lake sounded appealling to him too.

Quinton was excited to see new people in the house but it took him a little while to realize who everyone was.  It is different to see family in their own homes and it is like an invasion for him when they come here.  But he was well behaved for everyone,like always (heaven forbid he does that for me) and he kept my nephew Brandon busy by playing.  I put poor Brandon in the position of playing with the kid most of the time but he was good humored about it all.

I torched yesterday but not today and I will clean them and show them later.

Everything is going to be at the Edmonton sale on the 20th so hope to see you there.
 One Day Studio Sale
October 20th, 2007

AT Strathcona Centre Community league, 10139-87 Ave,Edmonton, Alberta
From 10 am-4pm

October 17th
Tomorrow I leave for Edmonton so I am scrambling to get everything finished and packed. 
I will need to sneak out of the house without Quinton realizing I am leaving him for more then a couple of hours.
October 12th, jewel
How many ways are there to spell Jewelry.  This is the way I spell it because I use an old Canadian Webster dictionary.
Jewellery I have seen one way
Any others?  Let me know.
Today the morning was very cold and then we had a nice spell from about 1-5pm.  I went out with Quinton is just a light sweater. 
 We did go down to the park but I did not stay long because I did not bring any garbage bags with me to pick up the garbage and broken beer bottles.  I plan on going to the county in the next 2 weeks(Monday is election day) to see what the chances are of getting garbage cans near the main play ground.  Right now they are only in the entrances and that is a good walk to get to so I can see how the kids don't want to run do it.Not that I except them to do it anyways but maybe if they were a little closer the garbage would not seem so bad.
October 25th
Since coming back from Edmonton I have decided to do some studio clean up with a sale.   All the bracelets  that  I will be listing are pieces that need to find a new home or I will have to make changes to them.
The course was great and I found out the one bag I travel with is created by Jennifer Geldard.  Which is so cool because I bought this bag on the internet years ago and people ask me about it all the time.  I can never remember where I got it so when I had it at the course she says " nice bag, that is from my store."  I will share this site with you and not be to upset when I see you with it.
This image is from her site also and my bag looks just like this but dirtier.
October 27th
This morning we got a dusting of snow.  Quinton was excited about it but did not like how it made his socks wet.
I bought some new colours of glass and have been making samples of beads to see what they will look like.  Some are nice but some I may have to work miracles with.
October 28th
I added some images to Quinton's page and to the gallery pages.  I like adding pictures but it is time consuming to size the pictures for the website.
There are some craft shows happening around town this weekend and I find it funny that I did not see any ads in the newspaper, so if you do not drive around town you would never know what is happening.
October 29th
This year I DID NOT register for the craft show in Fort McMurray and I wonder if I am going to regret it.  I have not been very product with my pieces and I know I really need to start again so that I have more to do then I am doing now.  I think what I need to do is a big clean out of my pieces that I do have so that I can start fresh.  So I am going to have to brain storm for some ideas to release pieces to the wild.
  Can  you see the ghost in the thumbnail picture?

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