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september 2007

September 2nd,
I have some pictures to show. First the big spider located at our front door. The body of the spider is about the size of a dime and it is ever so quick because Roy touched its web and it sprang into action.

Here are the beads I bought from the Kim Fields course that I took in Edmonton at the end of August. I bought 2 because I really liked them both and I plan on wearing the leaf bead to justify the purchase. This is her site address northfiredesigns

The Kim Field class was only 2 days and I did learn so much. I really suck at bicone or tube beads and I keep taking classes to see how differently everyone does them and maybe some of it will help me.

September 3rd
My father in laws birthday was yesterday and our wedding anniversary is on the 4th and Quinton's birthday is the 10th. So it looks to be a busy beginning of the month with special days.
I am playing with new colors I bought and my husband just asked if I could make donkey heads for a guy he works with. How do I get myself into these things?
Roy let me torch an extra 1.5 hours more after Quinton woke up, usually I can only torch as long as Quinton is sleeping which is about 2-3 hours during the day. But I feel link I have not gotten enough done anyways.

Sept 4th our wedding anniversary
Well Roy is working nights so there is nothing special planned. But we did get good news: The conditions of our house have been removed so our house is unofficially SOLD. It is said to sell it because we like Olds but it will be nice to not have to pay two mortgages.

Took Quinton for a walk today for some fresh fruit and the walk wasn't bad until just a couple blocks from home because our house is on a hill. So I was tired after that but I am proud that I did it. I have not been overly active since the move, so I have started pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone.

Sept 7th.
My brother-in-law thinks that big spider we have at our front door is a rhino spider. If I have time to look it up, I will have to check to see if that is true.
With the house selling and the sale being very close, we are getting 4-6 phone calls a day from lawyers and so forth. Who would have thought, that one home could cause so much upheaval again.
Yesterday I took Quinton to the park early in the morning, and I am glad I did because it rained "cats and dogs" the rest of the day. He even helped me clear out some of the rhubarb that was over grown.
I have not made any beads this week because I have been doing other things, like making muffins, I tried beet leave rolls(like cabbage rolls), this weekend I hope to make pickled beets.

Sept 9th
So we ran to Olds to drop off the washer and dryer at the old house to go with the sale that should be finalized on the 14th. It is a 5-6 hour trip one way so we stayed over night and then came back on Saturday. We got to see some of our old friends there and that was really nice because we both missed seeing them all.

Tomorrow is Quinton’s SECOND birthday and so we broke down and bought him some new toys and then we re-wrapped some older toys that his has not seen for awhile. Hey there is nothing wrong with this because he will definitely like the mega blocks now more then he did at the beginning of the year.

I removed the top 25 vote site from my page because it has not been working for me at all. Everyone was voting but it was not registering the votes so I got fed up with it and maybe at a way later date, I will try it again.

Sept 13th.
Well the kids birthday went off quiet again which is fine by us because he is only 2 and does not need a big party. And the day will come soon enough when he will need the big party to get lots of presents.
I did take pictures, just have to download them and then crop them to put here.
Roy has been driving me crazy lately, it is that whole being a man thing and picking up your own dirty socks. And Quinton doesn't help because he is only 2 and I am just working on getting him to pick up his toys.

Filling some orders right now so that I can mail them soon and I did have a request for more necklaces with pendants, so I have started making more pendants which I will then make complementary necklaces.

Mowed the lawn today with our lawnmower and I missed it because our yard is landscaped so that there are 2 different levels and so I have to carry the lawn mower down the steps. Our lawnmower is way lighter then the in-laws which we have been using.
Yeah it has been a boring time at the moment but it keeps me busy with all the other little things that happen in-between.

Sept 14th
This is the day that the sale of the house goes through.
I can't wait to get it all done with.
The grandparents watched Quinton for a couple of hours so that I could torch a little.

I did add two new necklaces for you to see.

Sept 15-16th
On the 14th my husband got his head shaved and when he came home,Quinton squealed at him touched his head and moved on. Here we thought that the kid would look at dad funny for awhile but that has not been the case.

I finally pickled my beets, I only made 10 small jars but I also tried beet jelly with the left over juice. I know you are saying beet jelly? Well you use the beet juice and add grape kool-aid to make a jelly that is suppose to taste like grapes. I have never done it so who knows what mine will taste like. And I will test it on Sunday morning with my toast.

The weather has been nice here and Quinton has been taking me to the park everyday. I say this because he will go and put his rubber boots on and his jacket and then comes for me. Yeah he is 2 and on a good day he gets everything on right and not upside down or backwards. He even wants to pick his own cloths in the morning, is that normal?

Sept 17th
Today the guys came in to install a rinnai water system, which is the water on demand box so that you will not have a water tank. And hopefully this week they will come and replace the furnace, put a heater in the garage and install my vent for torching.
I am really excited about the stuff they will be doing in the garage because that means in winter time, I will not be freezing my butt off.
Tomorrow Quinton has his first dentist appointment. And I know nothing big will happen, but I just want him to go and have a visit with the dentist so he will not be scared for future torture (hey most kids get cavities).

I add a new set of beads on ebay. Go check it out.

sept 19th
I feel sorry for the furnace guys, they spent most of the day yesterday installing the new furnace to find out they put in the wrong one. So they ordered us a new one and are leaving this one in until it can be changed.

Sept 23rd

Some days I wish I had a laptop because then where ever I am I can add things to the site and not have to wait until Quinton goes to bed.
Do you believe in ghosts? I use to work with a friend and his aunt was a ghost hunter so he would tell me ways that she would try get pictures of ghosts. When we lived in Sherwood Park, I took pictures of our house just before we moved and in one of them, there is a light(orb). Now I know what you are thinking but I had taken the picture in the basement where there was not very good lighting(the house was built in the 60's). Cam said that it was probably a ghost letting me know that it was there.
In this house now, I have pictures that I have taken of the rooms and of Quinton and there are orbs in some. I wonder if it is just how the light is at that moment but one set of pictures I took are in a corner I usually get Quinton in and it doesn't seem like I reflection of something. I know halloween is coming so you think more about the bumps in the night and I definitely am.
I don't plan on talking to the ghost because that may provoke it and I can't mind it beginning here because it was here before us. I have to admit that when I am in the basement at night, I can hear foots steps around the house sometimes. Know that is freaky because I have gone upstairs thinking it was Quinton and the kid is passed out on his bed and I have even gone outside to see if there is anyone around the house. It scares me because one day it may be someone in the house.

I have been working on pendants for necklaces lately but I am starting to do other beads because you can only do so many and it is a little depressing when you only make 3 beads in 2 hours. I like have at least a set of beads done before Quinton gets up from his morning nap.

Sept 24th.premieres
This is the week of premiere shows, and I can't wait. Yeah.

Sept 25th
Okay I watched the new show "chuck" and it was really funny. I probably should have taped it for the husband.
I wanted to show you this play set we saw a couple of weeks back as we were going to Olds. I just about caused an accident when I saw them and I am only showing a picture of the one Roy wants but there was a 4x4, tractor, castle and a smaller ship.

The play sets are made in the states but there is a guy that is bringing them up Canada. Good time to do it with our Canadian dollar being so high. There is a website for them (click the word ) Playsets

Sept 28th
Okay so this is my problem for the day. There is new shows on tonight but our girlfriend calls and says lets go see resident evil. How to juggle it all?
Ended up not torching today just in case we do go see the movie because I don't want to leave my kiln unattended for that long.

Stupid facebook totally distracted me from working here. BAD, bad facebook.

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