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August 2007

August 3rd
The kid woke up at 4:30am this morning ready to go for the day, just mom and dad weren't. How come the husband got to stay in bed until 7:30 and I had to get up?
Printing business cards today and doing some running around. Hope to actually do some work on the business today.

August 4th
Added some new bracelets for sale but I am not going to list them until after interplay. But if you are interested in them you have to email me before tuesday the 7th because that is when I am leaving.

August 5th
Well I worked until midnight on the 4th and I really don't know why because the last 2 days Quinton has been awake at 5am and I really don't except this morning to be in any different.
Nothing like thinking about all the jewelry I could be making for the show that I have not done yet. At least I have alot of product already.

August 7th
Well I am off to interPlAY in Fort McMurray. If you live there, I hope to see you soon and I have many new pieces to show off.

August 15th
No one bought my bracelet( pictured below) which is funny because a lot of people liked it.

Well so much as happened this past weekend and I hope I can remember half of it.
I am so happy that I got to see some old friends from Fort Mac.
And I would like to tell you about some of them:

I stayed at our friends Michelle’s’ house, and she is moving so I came up the weekend that the moving company was packing her house and moving her out. I basically slept on the floor which was fine with me. But she remodeled her house before she knew she was moving and the flooring she put in looks great. She tiled her kitchen and front porch and put cork lament in her living room, hallway and stairs. She got her family to help and they did a great job because it looks like a professional did it, actually even a little better. And let me tell you I have gone looking at houses with her that she was looking to buy and the job she and her family did is so good. After you see what other people have done when they put their own floors in, I would totally hire her family (even though they don’t do it) to put in any floors we need done. Actually we joked with her that if we plan on doing any of our floors, she is being volunteered to help us.

Unfortunately on Monday when I was leaving her house, I slipped down her stairs (only 6 thank God). But I have a BIG bruise on my thigh and on my elbow. Needless to say driving home was eventful because the bruise is the size of my open hand.

But all in all, Fort McMurray was a success. When I do a show, I never except to make a lot of money, I just want to see friends and teach people about what I do. And I did get to see most of my friends and I got to wow people with the fact that I actually make the beads. Some people think I get my beads from China so it is a treat to teach them that I make the beads from glass rods and a torch and that the patterns are free form and there are a couple of shapes I make that are pressed but I have to make the patterns inside them first. And my beads are kiln annealed and most are kid tested (when Quinton throws them on the floor during a tantrum). And while you wait, I can make them into a pendant so that you can put them on a necklace or if there are matching, I can make earrings and so on and so on.

What other things, I took the picture of Quinton with the ears on his head and it was a crowd pleaser. I had people come into my booth just to look at him.

August 17th,cucumbers

Today is colder; you can feel the weather changing from just a couple of weeks ago.

Leaving Fort McMurray, the trees had not started changing into a lot of color but some of the trees are slowly turning. And even on the way seeing the crops that are a golden yellow and soon to be ready to harvested makes one realize that fall is fast approaching.

Since coming home, I have not torched but I have been busy. Just yesterday, I mowed the in-laws lawn and I made pickled eggs and bread and butter pickles. It is the first time making bread and butter pickles, so I am not sure if they worked out but we picked two grocery bags of cucumbers at my parents place and I had to use most of them before they spoiled.

I am going to a bead making course at the end of the month and will take a small jar for mom to sample. Then she can tell me how to improve them the next time I make them.

Quinton has some new words lately “blue” and “get out”. He has been practicing putting his rubber boots on and it is going really well for him; I am impressed that he is putting them on the right feet. Which I have problems with because I usually mix up the shoes when I am putting them on his feet.

August 18th, more friends from fort mac

Added some new items for sale and some items in the gallery also. Let me know what you think of any of them.

I am so happy that I got to see some old friends from Fort Mac and I would like to tell you about some of them:Part 2

Julie Funk of she is a yoga instructor. I know the people that see her all the time may not see the changes, but because I only get the chance to see her once a year, I see the changes. I have to say she looks great and she normally always does but she is improving every time I see her and truth be told all I want to do is hug her. She has this energy about her that you are naturally drawn to and I love being with her. I really miss her classes. I have not done yoga in 2 years (only once in awhile when Quinton lets me). One of the girls that use to teach with her is now teaching here in Cold Lake so I can’t wait to find a babysitter so that I can start going to classes again.

Margie Cunningham is originally known for her stain glass well now she is painting. I am normally drawn to landscapes and she does that but also people. Margie your people paintings are so good but I LOVE your landscapes. She started painting the year I left and in 2 1/2 years her work so improved so much that it makes me all excited. She is doing a showing in Fort Mac but she hopes to get into a gallery in Calgary and I think her work is good enough now to do it. On my last day in Fort Mac, I stopped at her house because I wanted to purchase some of her stain glass business card holders that I later add my beads to and she showed me her painting and her house. Well she has a large collection of paintings that boggle the mind and I can see why because of how their house is designed.

They have been remodeling their house room by room and the things they did totally made me get like an “energy high”. The best example is their kitchen, they took one of their kitchen cupboards that sat on the floor and flipped it up side down and mounted it on the wall. Then they finished the top with a trim that goes around all the cupboards.

Now you may think it would look weird but it really doesn’t, it is like it was meant to be on the wall and who would have thought of just flipping an old cupboard upside down.

All through their house they did things that were crafty but look so expensive. And they plan on retiring around Nova Scotia and the plans to move things and so forth, like I said just looking around her house makes me want to copy some of her ideas for our house

August 19th,
Making a quick trip tomorrow but I did take the long awaited plunge and listed a set of beads on ebay. Ebay has not been doing well for many beadmakers so they have been going to different places to sell their beads and I know the time is fast approaching when I must start selling more through auction houses. It is just to find the time to do it.

August 20th at 10pm
Well I ran to Edmonton today to the wholesale show.
I left just before 8am(because I had to make the kid pancakes, Roy couldn't). And I got home at 7:15pm. Now that may not seem like to bad because you get a day shopping but it is at least 2 1/2 hours one way to drive to the city. But I did get some new toggles and swarovski crystals. I tried very hard not to go too crazy, I actually had a list that I pretty well stuck too, I only bought a couple of extra sterling silver beads. But now I have to wait for them to come in the mail because a person cannot take any of the items they buy out of the show.
My drive up to Edmonton was eventful because there was one truck ahead of me with a trailer and a plastic thing in it and as I was just picking up speed to pass him, the plastic thing blew out of the truck on to the highway. Well I really swerved to miss the flying missile and thought I was going to loss control of the car but I didn't. And I am such a DA(dumbass) because I did not stop and get the license plate of the truck to call the cops. I think I was too shocked and happy to not have crashed.
Roy had Quinton all day and I got home after Roy changed the poopy diaper. HEE HEE. But the house looked like a train wreck and it instantly made me tired to even look at it. So hopefully Roy realizes why the house looks the way it does when I am home with Quinton all day. It seems like every once in awhile, I have to do this to Roy so that he appreciates what I do and don't do at home.

August 24th
Roy sent me a disturbing email that I friend sent. It show a little boy with 4 dots on his nose and then the picture below shows him at the hospital with the fork stuck in his nose. Thanks sweety.
Quinton is being a little holy terror. I think he knows we will be going on another trip soon and that I will be leaving him with someone else. Roy I promise not to shove him in the garberator.(I was telling Roy late in the evening that I was thinking about it or just shipping him air mail somewhere). Good thing he is cute because he is trying my patience.
Been trying to make a set of beads for Flarance to match this bracelet.

But I have not been able to get these colors again and I have just about used up all my glass. So far I have made about 15 of these beads and they have all been coming out in blues and even rainbow colors.
I hope before I do use up all this particular glass, I can make more of these because I really liked this particular effect.

August 26th,
Off to the city to take my course fror Monday and tuesday hope you have a great week, just in case I end up staying longer at my parents to help remove some of their garden.  My parents garden is the size of some city homes backyards.

August 31st.
Well we made it home finally on Thursday.  I took a bead making course with KIm Fields on Monday and Tuesday.  I liked her class because there are have techniques that I have been trying with no luck and she teaches them a little differently then any of the other instructors so I am hoping with practice, it may help.  I bought some of her beads and I  only came home with 2 of the beads I made, the rest will have to come in the mail.
Quinton was a little angel with my parents , and then I am there for a full day and he has issues with me.  Why are kids better behaved with other people?
The AB fireflies are doing a studio sale in October and I am planning to see if I could get tables for that time.
I will try to check what pictures worked and hopefully find time to show you all that happened.

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