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july 2007

July 4th, sunny
Well the weather is very nice right now and I have most of the boxes unpacked. The husband tells me that hopefully next week, he will build me a bench so that I can start torching again.
Still waiting for Telus to get back to us to let us now if they can set up our phone and internet before August 17th.

July 13th, unbearable
as in it is unbearably hot here and we do not have air conditioning.
YEAH we have internet finally, it only took calling everyday and then a little whinning. But it is here and I can get back to some business.
I am doing InterPLAY again this year in Fort McMurray and so I actually set up my torch on thursday to start torching again and I guess the rest of the organization of the new house will just have to wait.
Quinton is sick right now and so I am only functioning on 3 hours of sleep right now and in the next 2 weeks we will have a have continuous gathering of friends.
So I am going to help the husband now to string phone and cable lines through the basement so that he can have internet on his computer and we are getting TV on Monday.

July 16th, measles
Quinton has the baby measles right now. After 3 days of fever, he woke up polka dotted. So I am still not getting alot done because he is a little cling on.
We have one guest here now and tomorrow 3 more arrive for a couple of days. And then next weekend my best friends are coming up.
Our house is hot and we have a company, hope they can handle it. Maybe we will go to the beach and try out the cold water.

July 19th, balmy
the weather is hot and humid and it sucks the life out a person.
The last of our guests have left for now and so I hope to be able to get some stuff done.

july 20th, propagate
I think it is time to try and start some new plants(propagate) or better yet get mom to do it(she has the green thumb). After the move the plants are doing not bad but the spider plant is on its last legs.
Made some different beads today, unfortunately they did not work out the way I was hopping so I will try again tomorrow.

July 23, heatwave toboot
Well today was a hot day again. They were saying that it was to be 33 Celius but the gauge outside our window said 38 Celius and it was 30 Celius in our house. So we spent most of the time in the basement. We are to be getting 2 days of not bad weather but it is to be going up again after that and we have guests coming this weekend.

I spent today pricing jewelry I made today and then taking pictures. I did add 2 new sets of beads for sale and tomorrow I hope to torch again and pick beads to give away for june, july and august.

Got the Harry Potter book on Saturday and it has been very hard to put it down. Quinton comes and puts his hands on the book when I am reading and then puts his face between the book and me to remind me that he is here.
I feel sorry for him because it has been so hot but he is a little super tropper and making the best of it. His new word it "spoon" lately, and he draws out the word "spooooon".

July 25th
I posted the beads that I will be giving away on the main page and hope to get quinton to draw a name in the next couple of days. I decided to put both months of names in one bowl and do the draw.
Today was cooler then the last couple of days and we actually hung out upstairs and even outside to enjoy the weather.
I even got the chance to make beads today.
And I finished the Harry Potter book so that Roy could now read it. We fought over who was going to read the last book first and ended up that I read it when he was working and then he read it on days off. This time, because I am a faster reader, I read it and then he can read it whenever he gets the chance.

July 27th, dragonfly
don't know if this is true or not but I was comenting on how many dragonflies there are here and was told that they grow them here and then drop them by planes to control the misquitoes. And let me tell you some of the dragonflies are really big here so they must be eating well.
I had one trapped in the garage that was quite large and I opened the door just so that he could get out.
Waiting for our friends to arrive today for the weekend.
So I will probably be spending alot of time at the beach.
Tomorrow it is suspose to be 33 Celius.
Oh and just in case you did not check, I did add 2 new pictures of the kid.

July 30th, thunderstorms
We have thunderstorms tonight and the sky has been very pretty with hues of pinks, reds and purples.
Today I sewed bags to put my products in because I have been doing that for a very long time and now that I want to change my packaging, I have to use up my fabric first.
Quinton told me "more" today for raspberries, unfortunitly we have picked all the fresh ones so I had to give him frozen which he had no problem with.

interPLAYis fast approaching and I planned on going to my parents place for 2 or 3 days before going to the show, so I need to really make the husband watch Quinton on his days off to get everything I want done.

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